The Designers Chic

November 28, 2006


1. Do you ever feel that people can take things too seriously?
* Like what? Day today small stuff.

2. Do you ever have a day where it seems like nothing will go right? have you get past that?
*Wait for nightfall and go to bed and forget it!

3. Whar is the most frustrating thing that has happend you this week?
*Our internet connection has gone for 10 days.

4. What is one thing that is quaranteed to frustrate you every time?
*Tangled string or yarn.

November 23, 2006

What a blust

Hey guys! How was your thanx giving? me i enjoyed and so happy to see again my all my hubby's family, it is really nice seing them loughing, eating and watching tv together. wheew yesterday was a blust. I am looking forward for the next thanx giving,and surely by that time my sister and my nephew would be here in the US.

November 22, 2006

Happy thanx giving

Today Hubby and I will go to his parents to celebrate this special occasion, "Thanx Giving". and this will be my first time celebrating this occasion with my inlaws. I am so excited to see again all my hubby's family because they so nice to me, and that is one thing that i need to be thankful because GOD giving me a second family that is very nice and kind to me, even though i am far away from my family back home at least i have a second family here also that loves me too.