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April 29, 2011

Don't Eat And You'll Loss Weight LOL!

My friend was looking for a weight loss pill that works fast.I suggested to her that she should stop eating and sleeping and she will definitely going to lose a lot of pounds Lol! I'm just kidding I advised her to visit and she will surely find what she's looking for because I don't have any knowledge about weight loss pills. I'm not taken one so I can't really tell her which weight is the best weight loss pills. To those of you out there who were also struggling to shed some of the pounds that you've put on during the winter may want to visit the link I provide above and you'll surely find good reviews about weight loss pills that might work for you. Enjoy!

April 27, 2011

led outdoor lighting

Papa Kevin has been looking online for an affordable patio furniture and a frame pool set for us to use this summer. He wanted to spend more time outdoor when he is not in his laboratory working.. I also suggested to him that we should also put some led outdoor lighting especially in our walkway and in mom's garden.It would look so awesome during the night especially with mom's very colorful tulips. A led outdoor lighting will certainly add a nice touch to the outdoor and it will also provide a unique attractive look.

April 21, 2011

Will try for shorts

When I went to Boston with my Boyfriend he wanted to take me to shopping but I refused. He encourage me to wear shorts for this summer, but I said NO because I'm embarrass to show off my legs because there are so many scratch. That is why you'll hardly see any shorts in my closet. He said my legs are beautiful and I don't need to be embarrass. Honestly, after he said that it made me think to really give it a try, I saw many other woman out there who don't have that flawless legs but confidently wearing shorts. Well, I believe, it is how you carry the clothes your wearing anyway.

April 14, 2011

Quite and peaceful day off

Okay so today is my day off and I haven't really accomplish anything except taking a shower Lol! Although I am happy that I never had any trouble staying in bed a little bit longer during on my day off. As much as possible I am really trying so hard to get a longer sleep when I don't work. Luckily my mother is not bugging me since she also staying home today. Usually when were both home she will never stop bugging me to do some house chores Lol!

Anyways, I need to get ready soon. My mom has a doctor's appoint at 4:00 pm and I told them yesterday that I want to be drop off at the mall so that I can purchase the air purifier that I saw 2 weeks ago. Hopefully it's still available. I wasn't able to buy it the first time I saw it because I had no enough money with me. My uncle really badly needs it and I promised him to buy it for him and include it to the balikbayan box that we are going to ship at the end of this month.

April 12, 2011

Latest Of Me

Just wanted to share a latest picture of myself. This photo was taken in the bathroom of our hotel room in Boston. I got bored waiting for my boyfriend to wake up from his nap. So i decided to get ready and dress for our dinner date while he was still asleep, so that when his up he don't need to wait long for me.

5th Wheel Warranty

Before I got here in America, I didn't have any idea of an RV. When Joe told me that he owns one I got so curious and excited to see it in real. He was telling me that he decided to buy the RV so that he will have some place to stay when he goes to fishing. I was still ignorant back then because I didn't really expected to see a home that has wheels. I was very happy that we own one at that time. But then when my sister was about to come here in America Joe decided to buy a bigger place for us to stay when we go to fishing and sell the Mobile home. It was so hard for him to let go of it because his RV insurance was getting expensive and he couldn't afford to have two types of insurance since he was buying a bigger trailer home.

In the other hand Are you guys are looking for a cheaper 5th wheel warranty for your travel trailers? If you own one then its a must to get a mechanical insurance to your investment. We all know that an unexpected mechanical breakdown of your RV can really be a pain. So protect yourself against any unexpected mechanical breakdown now. Visit now for an Extended Warranty and Service Contract.

April 8, 2011

Second day in Boston MA

Today my boyfriend and I will be doing more walking around down town Boston. He said we will go to the Freedom of Trail, then check some of the shopping stores here. He wanted to go to Victoria Secret also so that he can buy me this very sexy miraculous push halter top and very sexy low rise bottom swim wear, for me wear when we go swimming to the pool here in the Hotel. He thinks It will look good on me since I loose 3 pounds 2 months ago and I lost another 5 pounds when i weight myself recently. Thats 8 pounds all and that is a lot to lose. Some of my co-worker wondered how I lose pounds that quick. They were also asking me if I am taking the adapexin-p because i look so skinny Minnie as what they called me Lol! Well, I was really not that big but when I'm wearing my scrub uniforms I look a little bit bigger and my belly was bulging Lol! But since i just lose 8 pounds, everything in me shrinks too Lol! including my chest and butt which I really hate when i Lost pounds. This is why I am really trying hard to do more exercise.

March 30, 2011

I Thought Spring Is In The Air

Oh the weather today is just delightful outside! I’m loving it! It’s so nice to hear the birds chirping outside my window when I woke up this morning. It really made me smile even though I was still very sleepy. I just hope that it gets more warmer, though I heard on the radio that were on a winter-spring storm this weekend...I so hate it and I feel so disappointed when I heard it on the radio this morning. Ah! I just hope that the weather forecast is wrong. I really couldn't believe how crazy the weather this year. I am really looking forward to wear a short and a flip-flops next week when we drive to Boston, but I guess that will not happen.

March 28, 2011

strength and endurance are the key

Now that the weather is getting warmer ( keeping my fingers and toes crossed ) hopefully I’ll be able to do a lot of outdoors activity. I really planned to do a lot of work out too. Not only because I wanted to look sexy but of course to keep a healthy younger looking body. Although I know this is going to be difficult for me to maintain this plan, especially with my crazy schedule at work, but I will do my very best to fulfill my goal. I know that it really needs a lot of work and I would probably need the best creatine powder too to be able to get a healthier and slimmer body. But I don’t mind to sacrifice myself cause I know in the end I will be a better person.

March 24, 2011

I Love My Samsung LCD

I believe we bought our samsung lcd last 2008 when Joe was still in this world. It’s been 3 years and I’m still enjoying it. I never had to deal with any kind of problem since we got this TV.

I told my parents that they should also upgrade their old big bulky television in the TV room, when they were complaining to me about not spending time with them during family time Lol! I stated to them that I always like to watch movie and my TV shows here in my bedroom with my samsung LCD because it is much clearer and nicer.

Though recently I become so fascinated with the 3D and I was thinking maybe I can give this one I have now to my parents and I’ll bought myself a new 3D HD TV or maybe I‘ll just keep it, so when I‘m ready to get my own place I‘ll have two television.

March 22, 2011

Digging an old files

I was digging my old files and I found a bunch of old pictures of myself. One of those pictures is the one that you see above on this post. This picture was taken two years ago here in papa Kevin’s house. As you see in the background pictures there’s a lot of trophies and awards that he receives from his martial arts. Actually these are only some of the bunch that is being displayed all over in our TV room, downstairs. When I arrived here in NY and saw those trophies I was awed in surprise, so I asked mom to take a picture of myself with all these things as a background.

As what you also see in the picture is that I was very simple. My hair was still black and very long. I don’t also really wear a lot of make up. But now that I’m working I’ve change a little (only the outside though). Now my hair is reddish brown and a shorter length, but I am still me:).

March 12, 2011

I Badly Need a Vacation!

Yes, I really don't feel like coming in to work today. I usually don't feel this way. In fact I always look forward going to work. But this weekend it just too much! I am working in an Assisted Living Home Facilities but it feels like I'm working in a Psychiatric Unit. The residents are just becoming so annoying but I really couldn't get away from them since I'm the Med-Tech and I have to deal each one of them everyday for their daily medications.

Gosh! I couldn't wait for the 1st week of April to come. I really need to take a 5 days vacation to freshen up my mind. I should say that I really badly needs it so that I'll be able to enjoy my work again. I'm just so thankful that God gave me a lot of patient and understanding coz if not, probably I am going nuts and I will not be able to handle the annoying old folks. Most of them are nice though, but there are some new residents that seems like are loosing their minds (I'm sorry if I may sounds so mean).

I always tell myself to always wear a smile on my face no matter how bad the day is. For me, smiling is the best social weapon and the best make up for our face because it can really ease the tiredness. And also it can Lifts the Face and Makes us Look Younger,,,and BYOTIPOL Lol! Putting a smile to our face can also brightens up other people's face. Well, as what you see on the attache picture above...I look so tired but of course I am still smiling..

scary subject

My Grandparents are getting so old and recently they're also in and out in the hospital. Both grandparents are having health problems. Mom is so worried about them especially that they live by themselves and mom's siblings couldn't really take care of them daily.

Recently I heard mom talking to my Aunt via long distance that they need to have a funeral planning for them even though there still alive because it would be really difficult if they will plan later when there is something is going to happen to my old folks. This thing really scares me and I don't even wanna think about it, but they said that we need to do this to avoid dealing the financial problem during a period of great stress and grief.

March 5, 2011

The Power Of Facebook

After ten years of not having communications to my 3 aunts in Australia we were finally able to track them down in Facebook. Mom and I were so very happy to be able to find them in Facebook the other night. We forgot their last name since they're all married to a foreigner so it took us a while finding them.

I should say that Facebook is really powerful for giving us opportunity to connect and communicate to our long lost friends, family and relatives. I'm so thankful to this networking site. Although most of the time Facebook is the cause why I'm always exhausted in the next morning when going to work, because it prevented me from going to bed early, even though sometimes there's really no reasons to stay online on Facebook till dawn Lol!

Like tonight...I should be snoring by now but I'm still Facebooking...reading some shoutout and viewing some pictures of my Aunts in Aussie. Ha! I better put myself to bed now, or else I'm gonna be very tired giving medecines to the old folks at work tomorrow...and I can't let that happen. Okay, guys I should sleep now. Ciao!

March 3, 2011


I had an arguments with my sister. I don't know what is going on with her but I'm mad at her right now for saying such a nonsense things that only hurt my feelings. A month ago she told me that she wanted to spend a week vacation to one of our friends in the TX. She asked me if I also would want to go. I told her that I am not really sure, and it depends on my work schedule and of course if I have money to buy an airline ticket.

Last week I figured out that I have been so stressed from work and going on a vacation would probably help me to freshen up my mind. With the line of job I have I really need to be physically and mentally motivated, but lately I am not enjoying my work as much as I used to.

Last Monday I posted to my Facebook about looking for cheap airfares going to TX, but the dear sister reacted and privately messaged me about it. She was telling me how come I wanted to spend my time to a friend and not with my family and blaah blaah. I was shocked! I thought she would be happy because I decided to come to TX so to be with them and at the same time to be with our friends as well, since that was the plan.

I burst out on fire because I did not expect she will react like that and it made me mad until we exchange hurtful words to each others. Now, I'm avoiding talking to her because I'm still upset. I couldn't understand why she reacted that way when all this things is her plan.


I think the last time I had a very good long sleep was when me and Marvin spend the night in the Grand Hotel after the weeding of our friend. I was exhausted then because I had too much alcohol on my body that night. From then on, I've been having trouble getting a good night sleep.I'm not sure if its really necessary but maybe I need to change the look and feel of my bed. Maybe getting a comfortable and luxury bed sheets would help me get a good night sleep that I deserve.

Although when were in the Grand Hotel 2 weeks ago, I had a good night sleep not because I feel so comfortable with their bed.. There bed wasn't so comfortable actually. In my opinion, their hotel rooms are very expensive but the things inside in the hotel looked so cheap. Their TV was very old and the bed sheets was disappointing. I was expecting that an expensive hotel like the Grand Hotel should provide and supply their guest a good and high quality bedsheets like a Sferra kind. For me lying in a comfortable and smooth bed in the hotel that you just check in is one of the most important things. Of course I would want to be comfortable for the amount i paid to stay there.

February 27, 2011

I Almost Get It!

Last night when we got back home from the Asian Market I told the parents that I found a cheapest way to get a life insurance. I also told them both that its been a while that had been looking for cheapest way to get a life insurance. So on our way home yesterday I discussed to papa Kevin what I thought about a term life insurance. I was very interested to get it, almost have it actually. But Papa Kevin wanted me to show him the website for a better understanding. He wanted me not to rush into things because it wont do me any good for regretting later on. The insurance company pledges to pay a certain sum (death benefit) if you expire during the period agreed upon in your contract. Though papa Kevin is right I have to really think if this is the kind of insurance I would want to buy. I just need to keep reading and I'm sure I'll find what suits my needs.

February 26, 2011

Self Portrait @ Work

I just want to share a latest picture of myself at work. In this picture you'll see the 3 large medical carts behind me. I have to push them to the TV room across the nurses station every morning before handling the medications and push them back inside the nurses station after lunch time. I find this routine very tiring and hassle because all the 3 carts are loaded with so much medicine and are pretty heavy. We do this routine every day and we have no choice because the nurses station has no enough space with all this huge med carts.

I just wished that they are going to give us a bigger space station so that we can just all do our job in the nurses station. Oh well, sometimes it's ok especially when I'm by myself I have some privacy and there's no phone bugging me all the time when I'm doing my work outside the station and I can break some rules which it makes my job a lot easier Lol!

Which to buy

I know and I understand that there are so many people are looking for an easy way to lose weight. And its really becoming so difficult for us to decide which is the right diet pills to take. Especially that every single brand out there claims to be the best one. When I read the good review of one of the diet pills last night I was about to to buy it but I changed my mind in the last minute.

It was a great timing when a friend of mind called me and I discuss with her about buying a diet pills for my sister. She told me that she buy phenphedrine last week and started taking it. She also asked if my sister is really serious to shed some weight fast, she should go for phenphedrine.

I will see, and i really have to read more about this product. I want my sister to lose some weight fast but of course I want her to be safe. I hope I'll be able to find one soon.

Don't Have Enough Of Sleep

It's Saturday!!! Yay! it's my day off but I'm so tired. I forgot to turned off my alarm clock before I went to bed last night. I woke up at 5am and struggling myself back to sleep. Though, I'm able to force my sleep to get more sleep after an hour of struggling myself to get some more sleep.

Lately, I have problem getting a good night sleep. My friend advised me to take a sleeping pills but that is the last thing I want to do. As much as possible I would like to avoid taking sleeping pills.

I really want to get a good sleep and good exercise because I wanted more hgh to grow on. They said that the best releaser of growth hormone is strong exercise and secondly a good night sleep. Maybe it's about time for me to look for help to be able to get a good sleep during bedtime.

February 25, 2011

TGIF Everyone!

Thank God I'm home now. When I was at work I was tempted to go to sleep in one of our residents room. The bosses were leaving work at noon time so I was really not going to be in trouble in case if I get caught sleeping Lol! Though it wouldn't bee good and it will surely ruin my reputation.

Mom, was fussing at me too because she's not feeling well and wanted to go home sooner, but she couldn't. She has to wait me till i get off from work. She finish working at 2:30 and she is very inpatient woman when it comes to waiting. Today, I understand her because She was not feeling well. She feel nausea and dizziness around noon time. She didn't even eat lunch.

Instead of waiting for me an hour I asked her and papa Kevin to just go to the store and find the best multivitamin for men to send to the Philippines for my Lolo ( granfather ) and also the birthday cards for my nephews, so that we can save the time.

Anyhow, inspire of having this bad weather, I would like to say TGIF everyone! Have a good one.

Everything works out good today ( except, were having a bad weather ) and we were able to send the birthday cards for the nephews. Though I felt so bad because I forgot to write something inside the card and in fact I forgot to even write our names Lol! ain't that funny?Oh well, that's when happen when your mind is occupied with lots of things.

Sore Throat

Looks like I'm getting sick. When I woke up this morning to get ready for work, I feel crappy. I didn't feel like going to work, really. Then I had no choice because I really couldn't afford to miss going to work since I already miss one day of work last weekend. We had to attend a wedding and my co-worker doesn't want to switch schedule with me so I had to give up my one day schedule.

So anyway, today at work I manage to perform my job well even though I don't feel right. I was dealing a terrible headache and an itchy throat the day though at least, I'm able yo manage it and here I'm home.

Gosh! it's good to be home and I'm thankful because it's also my day off tomorrow. Though I planned to watch a movie tomorrow but I might change my mind since were also having a crappy weather today. Ugh! I so hate it were having rain and snow again. It's so depressing and it worsen my feelings.

February 19, 2011

Grouchy Mother That Is

About to go to NYC but the father is still asleep, he has to drive me going to the train station today. I hope he gets up soon before I become deaf from my moms annoying nag. Yup! you read it right, at this early she's down there in the kitchen nagging me. The reason why I have to run back here in my room to avoid her. Who would want to hear her nag at this early, anyway. Perhaps I should buy her those anti aging products that being advertised on the TV last night. With all her grouchiness and nag it wouldn't be too long shes going to really have a lot of lines on her face, that won't look so pleasant.

February 17, 2011

wanted to learn how to ski

On the 2nd weekend of march we were planning to go back to Hunter Mountain with some of our Filipino Friends. I told mama that she needs not to miss the fun of experiencing the snow tubing cause she will definitely love it. I also really want to enroll myself to a ski class. My boyfriend didn’t want me to try it before because I did not have the proper equipments and we don’t have so much time. Right now I am shopping online for some ski gear. The boyfriend told me to buy a Zeal Goggles for woman with a full vision, and a helmet compatible. Ah! I couldn’t wait, I’m very excited.

February 16, 2011

Working Girl

Since I become a medtech I have been working really hard day and night, and some double shift in between. Sometimes I don’t get a day off. Which it made me think sometimes if I might be killing myself for doing too much work or I just love my work right now compared the last one I had 5 months ago. Though I am very blessed because God gave me this opportunity.

It also made me think why money is such a problem and I think majority of people all over the world is dealing with financial problems. Well in my case, which I think most of you already know how my situation is.

Some of my friends also asked me why I have to work too much when I don’t have someone depending on me. They always teased me that I probably want to get rich quicker Lol! What they don’t know is that I am really saving for myself, for my future and of course to be able to get the things I like. To be able to afford buying one of those best laptop computers. It would be so nice to be able to afford and get those gadgets that I dream of having.

Honestly, I am really saving because I feel ashamed to myself that at age 29 I am still depending to my parents. I get so frustrated about myself because it feels like I have no accomplishments in life, in short I have no life. I wanted to have those simple things without depending anyone.

I am really praying for the day when I can afford and have the guts to get my own place. I know that it maybe not going to happen now but it will come. I just need to extend my patience.

February 4, 2011

Silver Coins

I have a friend who has a wealthy brother-in-law. The in-law has no work but he got coins as his assets. Coins that includes gold and silver. Believe it or not he's a millionaire! He could visit anywhere in the world for leisure and find coins with value. You could also find him browsing online for great deals on coins. He also manage to see his stocks very often to make sure how much is the value of his assets so far. If you want to be that in-law, why don't you buy silver coins as well and enjoy your time with family without worrying to work no more.

The story of my friend was very up-lifting but I know that kind of financial strategy is not for everyone. Lucky are you if you have the passion in collecting valuable coins. And lucky are we who have invested in our own way. Good luck to all who care about their financial status.

Feel at Home

When I'm at my friends' houses or wherever place I visit into, one thing that I'm fascinated to notice is the interior designs of such place. I like to get an actual idea that I could apply to my own place someday. I'm pretty much picky to which design I would put together. I make sure that things are matching to one another not a missed-match. Every detail is so important to me. I like glamorous and cozy-comfy place. It doesn't matter how simple it is as as long as I'm comfortable with it. Lighting is very important as well. I don't want dark places so, chandeliers should be in every part of the house. I'm also considering a solar system to conserve energy. See how my imagination works sometimes? Oh well, to dream is free so why not thinking about it now.

January 30, 2011

Home now and tired

How you all guys doing today? As for me here well I’m exhausted. I just got home from work. Supposed to be I’m off today but they need me to come in to work today. I had a tedious job by sorting through our residents case files at work. As a medtech, we are also obligated to do this. If only they have a document management software it wouldn’t be to much for us. It going to be a whole lot easier to organize those freaking documents papers into a digital archives. Oh well, they may realize one day that this is what we need to have at work. I probably need to suggest this to our management so that I will have an easier job wink! But right now I gotta find something to eat so that I can relax and take a nap. Have a good rest of the weekend guys!

January 12, 2011

Isn’t that bad

I’m talking about the snow storm last night. I heard the parents arguing that were going to have a 12 to 16 inches of snow. They said that the snow storm is until tomorrow morning, but it turn out it’s not really that bad. Though I’m very happy that I’m off today because I don’t have to deal the freezing weather outside.

However this coming Sunday we were planning to go to Hunter mountain for skiing and snow tubing. It would be my first adventure on the snow and I can’t wait despite of the freezing thoughts Lol!

My ski outfit is prepared and ready. I’m sure it would protect me a lot from the freezing temperature. But papa Kevin said as long it’s not windy then it wouldn’t be so bad. Hunter Mountain is an open area, he said so if it is sunny on Sunday then it will be warm.

Yay! I’m imagining myself now being on the snow tube and ski, but for the meantime I have to cut my excitement and start looking for colon cleanse product.I am thinking to take some kind of colon cleansing. I don’t want to wait the time that my cleansing system will grow week.

Actually I'm reading an article right now and they said that saunas and spas are another effective colon cleansing method because they have been in existence for centuries and are perhaps the oldest methods of detoxification.??? Wow! this is good and a a great timing.

Babe and I wanted to try the Sauna and Spa when we get to hunter mountain. to help us relax after we will be playing in the snow. Well, I guess I don’t need to take any cleaning products after all. I’ll just go to sauna which I would prefer because it would also help me to relax from bing so stressed out at work.

Up Coming Vacation

My boyfriend and I has so much plans stored. We both like to travel. I honestly agree that if its not because of him I wouldn’t be able to visit and see some of the beautiful state here in the US.

We were planning to go on cruise to Bahamas in mid March. Hopefully he’ll be able to find a cheaper price for a 5 days cruise. However, his also been searching for an affordable Outer Banks rentals in Carolina.

He wanted us to stay there for 3 days before we go to cruise. But I don’t agree with it because its going to be a very expensive and a long trip. I’d rather stay the 3 days in Miami Florida since we start the cruise in Florida so it wouldn’t be too far away.

But what ever he likes to do I shouldn’t complain as long as I’m not the one will be paying Lol! Anyhow, I’m very excited for this coming vacation. It would be very exciting and memorable. Can’t really wait, honestly!

I miss cooking.

Yes you heard it right, ever since I live here in NY with my parents, I gotten so spoiled Lol! I never cook even for my own meal. When I get hungry I just go downstairs and eat the foods that my mother prepared.

However today, I’m digging some of my recipes that I learnt from Joe because I planned to cook a big meal this coming Saturday. I am off from work so I wanted to spend my day off in the kitchen. I have been bragging to papa Kevin that my meatloaf is a lot better than mom’s meatloaf Lol! So I’ll be cooking meatloaf and some other dish.

Hmmm! They will definitely be needing the best diet pills because I’m sure they will forget about their diets once they taste how good cook I am Lol!

Dog Training

We have a very adorable black shih tzu mix Yorkshire dog. We named her Lily and she will be 2 years old on September. A co-worker of mine breaded this dog. She has like 5 of them in her house. She couldn’t afford to have all of them so she’s giving them away. Since pepper died last summer of 2009 mom and I been wanting to get a furry puppy. Gladly my co-worker decided to gave lily to us.

However I really need some dog training tips because I make her so spoiled that sometimes she never listen to us anymore. Training a man’s best friend is extremely challenging and frustrating. You really need a lot of patience. Dog training can also be a whole lot of fun if you are patience enough. As what they say patience is a virtue. Right? Anyway I really like to learn a few tricks cause I know it is very rewarding at the end.

January 11, 2011

Out with the old in with the new

I'm due to upgrade my phone and I'm torn between blackberry bold and HTC EVO 4G. Although I know that the HTC EVO 4G has a lot of advantage. I understand that it's more advance (Evo) and has way more to offer in the quality of apps but there's a big difference in pricing and I am just so use of using Blackberry. Nah! I’m so confuse right now. I really can’t choose which one to choose.

Memory Lose

I think I have to start taking a vitamin B. Lately I become so forgetful. I am only 29 years old and I start forgetting a lot of things. I feel so sad because until now I still couldn’t remember where I had put my old SD card. That SD card is memorable to me because It has a bunch of old pictures since when I was still in Louisiana. Some of the pictures in it are not save in my computer so I’m really hoping to find it. I am crossing my fingers that I will not totally lose the SD card or else I’ll be really sad.