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February 28, 2009

Smokey Eye Tutorial Video

Another video tutorial that I want to share all of you. Me and my friend Rea was crazy about on how to have a smokey eyes. So of course I go to you tube again and search for the tutorial video.


Have you guys heard about Mesothelioma? It is an asbestos-caused cancer of the membranes that surround many of the body’s vital organs. This membrane, known as mesothelium, secretes a lubricating fluid that provides easy movement of the organs within the body. This type of disease is like a parasite that is slowly eating our body. My husband was died because of cancer also and until now I can‘t face the truth that his finally gone. It is the most difficult and really heartbreaking for me to think that his living me and I will not be able to feel his touch anymore. So those of you

Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial

It is one of my daily routine to always peek YOU TUBE side. Its good to know that I can always find and watch anything I want. When i need a tutorial how to use my Photoshop I always go to you tube. Recently also I wanted to learn how to apply make up properly and so I run to YOU TUBE for tutorial. The video attach is what the one I found and she has so many video that teaches us how to apply make up. So enjoy viewing everyone!

February 27, 2009

Storing his memories through digital frame

Yesterday, when I was with my parent in-laws they were asking me if I could give them some pictures of my husband because they don’t have any recent pictures of him. And they want his memories fresh. I know it is so hard for them to accept that they loose their only son and so do I. This is really the most difficult time in our lives. So when I get a chance to go back to our place I have to make a copy some of my husband recent pictures. I was also thinking to get them a digital frame cause it would be easier and nicer to stored all his pictures. For sure they will be happy about it.

February 20, 2009

Having Fun With My Dear Friend Rea

Earlier when I got home from the hospital My dear friend Rea called me, I think we spend talking on the phone for almost 2 hours. If my husband is here he will be complaining for I spend too long on the Phone. I am very glad that even though I am lonesome here at the house Rea is always here to accompany me by talking on the Phone. Actually we were not only talking on the Phone we are also chatting, oh diva bongacious lols! We had a great time playing with our webcams, we both decided to take a snapshot of our self through webcams cause she wanted to post it to her friendster. I am so happy to have a wonderful friend like Rea, I know I can always count on her in so many ways. I just hope that we live closer to each other. Well, who knows one day they will move here in Louisiana. So hear me GOD wink!

So Anyway I have to get going now. I have to find out more about this Westgate website that my mother sent me the other day. Mom and papa Kevin were planning for a relaxing vacation on their first wedding anniversary. So I better check on the website now before I forget it. Hmmmp its already 5:00 pm and yet I didn’t accomplish much today. I must say I have been really lazy this past few days.

Have it finally

Last weekend when sis and I went to the Asian market we found a whole of ripe jackfruit. We then smiled at each other, we were so excited to purchase it but when we asked the price we both disappointed for it was very expensive and we can’t afford it lols. So we just purchase the already sliced one which cost us $10 but we still decide to have it cause it has been a long time since we have it. Sissy and I really miss this kind of fruit, I then mesmerize the moments when we were in the Philippines. My grandparents have so many jackfruit tree in their backyard. I recall those days when we don’t have any fish or meats for meals we will just have jackfruit as a vegetable and mix it with coconut milk and dried fish.

Since I bought a can of jackfruit, today I decided to have a ginatang langka for my supper since I am alone here I might be the only one will be eating it. So I got to go now cause I still have to call my sister if she’s home already from her furniture‘s shopping.

Mini Crystal Flower Headband

Headbands are a must-have accessory for the season. Bold colors, beautiful adornment and sparkling crystals finish any look. Try on a satin covered headband that blooms with a crystal encrusted flower. Each pedal unfolds with another layer of shining texture. Once in a while I love to wear headbands but sometimes I cant stand it for long cause I will surely get headache, but it really depends of the headbands style. Recently I was browsing one of my fave online store, and I found this elegant headband. Does it looks so pretty? hmmp I really love the color and style of this headband but I am kinda dissapointed because its $49 and I can't afford that, I am a cheap shopper you know. But anyway to those headband lovers you can find this one at BEBE.COM.

February 7, 2009

We Are Still Not Talking

I saw mom online earlier but I didn’t attempt to message her. Until now my mom and I are still not talking. I know our arguments is still fresh on her mind and if I will try to talk to her she will surely get back the topic we had the last time we talked. She is the type of person that never stop until you will agree with her. That’s my mom she is really one of a kind, that’s why I love her so much, even though there are so many times that we have arguments. But anyway she will be here on February 27 so for sure we still going to talk and I will just ask sorry to her when she gets here even its not my fault.

Right now I am chatting with my brother he ask me why I haven’t talk to mom yet, so I told him my reasons, then he said that my mom wants me to search for European cruises. I don’t why she wants me to search it but one thing I know that she is not mad to me anymore. She is just waiting for me to talk to her first.

February 6, 2009

Beautiful Julie

Angelina Jolie may soon have another piece of eye candy to her arm: another Academy Award. The Changeling star opts for a more carefree red carpet look with her hair down, but also does the updo like no one else. Her makeup is understated, which draws attention to her pillowy lips and cat shaped eyes. I really love her she is so beautiful, and a good actress. I really like her style and everything she does.

For me she is really unique and strong inspiration. She also works hard and help other in any way she can. Her charity, adoption and all her UN work, most of what she does goes unnoticed, she’s a great person, a caring mother, loving partner and a one of a kind actress. She is given to much heat for some of her antics, It makes me see her as human that has a real beauty inside and out.

Cute yet sexy

Since I got a pair of jeans last weekend I am also thinking of getting few tops for spring. I think this black jeweled halter tube top will perfectly match to my skinny jeans . As I was browsing to my favorite online store I felt in love with this very cute yet sexy top. Whew! But it’s a little bit pricey thought so I guess I will just wait till the mark down the price. As you know I am a cheap person. Well its good to buy some expensive stuff sometimes but the problem is the budget is a bit tight. So I better watch out my spending lols. But I will surely going to buy this blouse I will just wait few more days whew!

I am so ready for the spring, and I am so excited to be able to wear this sexy blouse with my skinny jeans.

Anyway if you are looking for affordable and high quality linear motion visit the today because they have more than what you think.

February 5, 2009

Organic Olive Oil

This is one of the things that I cannot live without. I started using it since last month and it has done very good for my hair. Tell you what since I got her int he US my hair has become extremely dry and I keep losing a lot of hair every day, especially when I take a shower. But not anymore since I am using this organic olive oil leave in shampoo. Then last Friday I decided to cut the bad parts of my hair and I am very happy and satisfied with the result. I can say that I really did good cutting my own hair but I didn't expect that it would turn our this good though lols! I told myself that I am not going to the saloon which will cost me 40 bucks. So cutting my own hair is really a good idea not to mention I will save money.

Getting rid of it

This is our 10 year old 43 inch. television, My husband owned this for a very long time and it was working really good. He doesn’t want to replace it , he says that we couldn’t find a tv like this anymore, but three weeks ago the TV finally decided to retired. That’s when the time that my husband decided to replace it. What makes me happier is that we will be able to have the TV that I really wanted and I don’t have to worry about getting us a new tv stand, because the one that we bought when we move to this place really fits well with our new HDTV, which really save us a lot of money.

Now my problem is how to get rid of our old TV that is no longer working anymore. I can’t find a person who can carry it, its really heavy and I wanted to get rid of it cause it takes a lot of space in our dining area.