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July 30, 2010

I think I need to buy a whistle

I'm here in my bedroom right now feeling annoyed upon hearing my mom's voice. I just can't understand why she has to scream every time papa Kevin is having conversation with her. That is the reason why I'm always avoiding when she wants to have a conversation with me because I know that it will only lead to an argument that sometimes I find very nonsense. They are arguing right now about what size of the whole house water filter they will get. Gosh this is not really a big problem but seems like its really a big deal to my mother. I guess she is just too excited and too happy to see the low price of those water filters from

Planning to get a haircut

My sister and mother had their haircut a 2 weeks ago. I was going to get mine together with them but I was working. I wasn't sure also what hairstyle I wanted. The other day I was browsing online and search for a hairstyle that would really suits me. I don't want really wish to cut my hair really short that I will regret after, plus the boyfriend don't really want me to cut my hair really short. The picture attach is the hairstyle that captured my heart Lol! I showed it to my man and he loves it, so I decided to go for this style...I might color my hair the same in the picture too, not sure though but I will have to think about the color. Oh I can't wait to see what would be the result after I get my haircut. I hope it will really look good on me. Keep my fingers crossed.

July 23, 2010

the costume that I desire

Last Halloween party we were not able to attend, but this year we will definitely. I already know what kind of costumes that I would like to wear. But its because the costume is very sexy I'm getting so conscious about my fat belly if I will be able to lose it by November.

I really need to do my Zumba often so that I will have a flat belly that I desire. I like the Star wars Princess Leia slave costume. Its a rubber molded bra that form in a gold accentuates teal bra top beneath with a matching gold loin piece belt that embellished by a draping eggplant bikini bottom.

This costume is very sassy and I'm so dying to wear it. Do you think I will have the guts to wear it by November? Ha! I better start depriving myself from eating too much rice. But how can I do it? When I know that I really couldn't live with out rice, Plus the fact that I'll be flying to the Philippines soon. I know for sure I will be gaining weight when I get back here in the US. Ohhh! Well, I'll better double my effort of getting the flat belly so that I can have this costume.

Dusting time

Ha! It’s time to dust all these useless things that I have been saving on my computer for years. I realize that I have so much stuff saved on my computer which I really think its useless keeping those stuff that long, they only eats space on my computer which makes my computer slower.

Geez! I have thousands of pictures too that I didn’t bother to look again. I guess it’s really time for me to transfer all those pictures in a a CD and have them printed and put them on an album. I should have not deleted those pictures from my micro sd and just let it stay there since it has has a large capacity to store all my pictures. I know that If I keep downloading pictures from camera to my computer, my computer will definitely crash on me, which I really can’t afford that to happen.

What's really on FB?

This is my question every time I go on my computer and I find out myself already browsing Facebook. Supposedly I will be writing my opps not fb'ing. Hmmm! I should not open the Facebook page unless I'm finish all my assignments cause FB will only eats my time and I will never finish with the important things that I should be working on. Dang FB ur like a drugs that is so addicting LOL!

July 20, 2010


Had my Zumba class again yesterday and I planned to do it hopefully this coming Wednesday. I think its good if I can do this class trice a week. Zumba is also like a natural depression treatment that really helps me to release all those bad tension that I had been feeling lately and all those stressed. This morning I even didn't want to open my eyes when its time for me to get up and get ready for work. Gosh for the long time I'm able to sleep all through the night, which I really need to have.

July 14, 2010

she didn't know

When my sister was pregnant with her eldest child, she didn't know that she really needs to take prenatal vitamins. I think that is on e of the reason why Charles is premature. But with her second child she learns a lot of things. She took care of her self really good, eats lots of healty foods, drink milks for pregnant woman. and of course she started taking the her OGYN's advice to take a prenatal vitamins to make the baby healthy. She has really different experience during her two pregnancies. That also because during her first pregnancy she tried to hide it and no one can really device or help her. She didn't have any idea at first. She was also very stressed because she was working all the time, though now that my nephew is 5 years old, even though he was a preemie he is very active now and healthy.

best weight loss pills

Finding the best weight loss pills pills is really hard especially when there are thousands of diet pills out there. Some may say that their product is so effective though it only lighten your wallet and not your weight. I know its really tough to decide and choose which diet wills will actually work and which one are scams. So guys if you are one of those over weight person out there. You better keep your eye open and really dig deeper before you decide, I know you don't want to make a big hole of your packet.

she is something

I tell you, having acne can really be frustrating especially when you look at yourself in the mirror. But can effectively treated if you have the right treatment and appropriate application of topical treatment. I think I understand my mother now why she is so frustrated every time she look at herself in the mirror. A month ago she was really bothering papa Kevin to make an appointment to a dermatologist cause she really thinks she needs a treatment so bad.

She was happy when she finally got appointment 2 weeks ago, but seems like she is regretting from having it. She kept saying she dont see any result and the woman told her that she can't see the result yet in just one treatment. She has to finish the 10 session of treatment. They also gave her a $700 worth for her adult acne treatments that she can use everyday. She told us that she wanted to stop using it and will return the products cause she is not really satisfied. I kinda know that this will gong to happen cause she really never happy with all those skin care treatments that she used before. But she has no choice she can't get her money back if she will decide to stop with her treatment, so she has to keep having it until the last session. I hope that she will stop complaining thought and be patiently waiting for the result.

July 13, 2010

sat prep

Ugh! I really hate it when I take a nap. In the car, on our way home from work I took a short nap in the car. I couldn't keep my eyes open, I must be sooo tired, so i decided to close my eyes. Now I'm still dealing with this annoying headache. Though I'm very glad because I'm still able to do my work here in the house. Darn I couldn't understand why this is the effect when I take a short nap. Its one of the reason why I avoid taking nap after work cause every time I tried to take short naps, deal with headache. People should feel relax and rested after naps but not me. I don't like taking long naps either cause it prevent me from having a good sleep during the night. Argh! it really aggravates me. Okay I should stop talking about that nap. I'll better finish reading about this sat prep courses online. It sounds really interesting. Now that I'm done with my dental assisting class and only waiting for the certificate I am thinking to start looking for a new job when I get back from the Philippines then go back again to school. But this time I think I will just get a course through online for sure they have lots to offer for me. So who know is the answer.

My New Favorite

We have TFC (The Filipino Channel) here in our house, but I always watched my teleserye online because by the time I get home my show is over. Gladly there are so many websites out there who uploaded the daily episode of Magkaribal. I should say this my new Favorite teleserye now and I always look forward to it everyday.

Magkaribal is a Philippine primetime drama about love, fashion, and family 2010 on ABS-CBN. The series is the story of two women in the fashion world who discover they are sisters.

July 1, 2010

sleep aid?

These past weeks I have been experiencing bad nights. If I can't get a good night sleep I will be having nightmares. Especially during when I get so stress out that will be the time that I hardly get any sleep. I think I really have to seek some kind of sleeping aid. With my very busy schedule and stressful work finding the best sleep aid is the best option to take. I just wish that this would really help my problem and to sleep better every night!

natural vitamins

When I started working I started to lose few pounds and Mom keeps nagging me to take some natural vitamins that can help me and to avoid being so stress. I am glad though that I listen to her because It helps me relieve being so fatigue at the end of the day after working. Now I'm starting gaining back my weight. Though I know I have been complaining that my belly is starting to look soggy, but I'm sure once I started doing my Zumba class I wont be worrying too much about it.But at least the vitamins really helps me with lots of things, most especially getting enough of sleep.

So embarrasing

I am very happy that I am not suffering these embarrassing acne on my face anymore Although I felt bad because I get breakouts once on my head and back. Sometimes it can lose my self esteem especially during the time that I need to wear sexy clothes like back less or swim suit, the worse scenario is that it leaves a scars that is very visible to the people. So to those of you who also suffers from this embarrassing acne you may want to click here and check their websites for useful information that would really answers and help your problems.


Acnepril, Oh acnepril I'm sorry your too late but Im not really going to change my acne solution to you, no matter how effective and powerful acne pills you are. Coz I believe the saying that if I keep changing my skin care product it would only worsen my problem. Though I heard so many good feedback about you but sad to say I am contented and happy to what I have now. But definitely I will keep you in mind and refer you to some of the people I know who suffers really bad on acne.