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November 27, 2010

the worst experience is having a numorous acne

Two weeks ago I really freak out every time I look myself in the mirror. I feel so upset that my face had so much pimples. I didn’t know what to do and decided to stop all the treatments that I have been using for months because of the thought that it was cause. Our RN advised me to see a dermatologist and ask for a body acne treatment because I don’t only have the acne on my face but it’s all over my head and back. She thinks I am allergic to something that really causes of getting bad acne. Though its healing up now and the scars are starting to fade…Thank God!

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanks giving to all!

Do you have your Turkey day Menu yet? Us here we are going to celebrate the Thanksgiving day to papa Kevin's brother. And this will be my second time Celebrating the Thanksgiving with his family. Mom didn't want to have the feast here in the house because she do not like any of the stress or rush of doing it all, since were both working.

Actually I'm about to go to work but I thought of going online first and find the best free seo tools while I'm waiting for them to be ready. I'm sure we will be going home late tonight so I will not be able to search it and I just need need it. I'm sure there are a great number of SEO tools designed to serve every purpose of website optimization.

Okay, I better finish this entry now so that I can do what I need to do before going to work. Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful family & friends I'm praying for more blessings of health and happiness will be yours this Thanksgiving Day and the whole year through! Me, I am incredibly happy for all the things that God bestowed upon me.

November 20, 2010

One of the item in my Christmas Wishlist

Last Christmas my parents was giving me a comforter sets. This coming Christmas I am adding the Luxury bed linens to my wish list. I want a new bed linens this year and Hopefully I’ll get one this Christmas. And this is the only way for me of owning a luxury bed linens. I have been thinking of buying one but I realize it’s almost Christmas so I’ll just wait.

For me owning a luxury bed linens is an investment that will not only make my bedroom look more elegant and inviting but, it will also help me to improve the quality of my sleep at night, which I really need. I have been working double shift lately and been getting less sleep. So of course I really want to be more comfortable and relaxing when going to bed and having a comfortable linen is a big help.

Working On Black Friday

The parents planned to go to Connecticut on Black Friday. I feel so upset because I couldn’t go with them since I am working, but in the other hand I am a little bit relieve since I don’t have that much money to spend on black Friday. I’ll probably have to wait on my next paycheck before I can start my Christmas shopping. And maybe I’ll shop in NYC when I come down there on the first week of December to see my baby. I know that I still have time to shop, but I will definitely not going to wait for the last minute Christmas shopping cause it is so much of a hassle.

November 19, 2010

No Day Off Again

Gosh! Why can’t I say no to our management whenever he ask me to work on my day off. I have been working 7 days straight for a month now and been doing double as well. I couldn’t believe how my body is able to handle all the stress. I just hope that I wont get sick cause I’m sure my paycheck wont be enough to pay for the bills of hospitalization ( knock on wood ) God forbid! That will be the last thing I want to happen.

Ha! I should stop worrying and better yet start getting ready for bed. But before that I have to search for a nba style promotional headband before I go to bed for I know It will slip on my mind if I’ll wait to do it later. Okay guys, I better dig this headband now or else, I’ll get a kick on my behind from my cousin if I will forget it.

November 15, 2010

did another purchase

OMG1 it looks like I’m going to make a big hole to my wallet again! I just finish browsing online for cell phone accessories and I couldn’t resist. I have been thinking of getting a car charger for my phone and a new headphone because the free one I had when I bought my phone is no where to be found. Even though those phone accessories are not that pricey it still a bit heavy to spend but I badly needs to have them so I have no choice but to release some bucks from my wallet Lol!

i wish I have the power to rewind the past

Long time ago when I was only teenager I was so eager to gain weight. I ate everything that mom feeds me, but still never gained weight I guess my metabolism was very slow. Though not anymore and I wish I can rewind the past. But if I will given a chance to go back to the past, I will definitely not to wish to gain weight because its so freaking hard to lose weight. Well, finding fat burning supplements that work is easy, but finding ones that do the job without annoying side effects is the challenge. It could also cause a big whole to your pocket. Huh! with the holidays coming I am aware that I'll be gaining few more pounds Lol! So I really need some good plans and motivation here

November 12, 2010

are you ready for the winter?

Ready or not, chilly days are here and nothing can stop that! That also means its time for layers and bundle up our self with so many clothes to protect us from the freezing weather, brrr!

Yesterday I was very happy that we went to the warehouse after work. Even though I got scolded by my mother…I didn’t stop myself from buying a lot of winter stuff.

Mom gave me an evil look when she saw my cart that full of women's apparel. Though I really didn’t spend that much even though I bought a lot of winter clothes and accessories because they are very cheap. I purchase a lot of scarves too.

Oh! I so loves scarves cause I can do a lot of things with them...there are so many ways to tie them that will make you look sophisticated even though you are so bundle up. It also helps me keep the brr away.