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July 29, 2008

Time to act

Just recently my husband and my brother in-law were discussing about getting health insurance for my sister, especially now that she is officially pregnant. They will surely need additional insurance because of the new addition to the family.

So anyway this afternoon while I was doing my research I came across this website where you can get life insurance quote for all members of your family. I thought it might be a great idea if I check out to see what the prices on their policies. I also think that its about time for my husband to check on policies for us, because we don’t have any either.

July 27, 2008

eca stack

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July 24, 2008

Gold Anklet

Last night I was browsing at and I found this 14 Karat gold anklet that really catches my eyes. I want to buy it online because all my cash has dried up. Hmm well, I know I really don’t need it but just in case in the future we can pound it lols. I just want to buy something from my own earnings as a remembrance.

July 19, 2008

Wine Refrierator

My mom’s husband love’s to collect different kinds of wine. My mom said some of them are still in the boxes. She doesn’t have any idea on where store them because they don’t have enough space in their wine bar. I think it would be a great idea if they would get a bigger size of a wine refrigerator. It wont only give them more space but it will keeps their wine cool when they need them. And beside a refrigerated wine improves the taste and flavor.

July 17, 2008

What a boring day

Today is really a boring day for me, I want to do something else beside setting all day long here in the computer. My husband has been asking for some of my attention lately. I know that he is not completely recover and he really needs a lot of tender loving care. I know that he needs me more than anything else but I am trying my best here to earn extra bucks since he can no longer work anymore.

Anyway to those who have been struggling to lose weight safely, quickly, and surely for a very affordable price. I suggest you to try Phentermine because it would surely help you to suppress hunger and lose weight.

July 14, 2008

He dont have a good appetite

Since my husband had his surgery he had to stop his smoking. I think that is also the reason why he doesn't eat good as he use too,because he don't have a good appetite at all. Every food I served he wont eat it. The doctor also told him that he needs some more Iron so I started feeding him veggies that has iron on it. I also start serving him pasta salad which he really loves. I am glad and happy to see that he finally like the food I served him now I can spend more time in my computer because I don't have to cook all the time lols!

Anyway guys I have to get going now cause my sister was asking me to help her find the best child insurance cause they have to get one for my nephew before they will fly to New York next month. Since they got here in the US last year they haven't got him an insurance yet cause they are having trouble finding the right one. So I better stop tapping my computer now, see ya all later!

July 10, 2008

Hot deals

Yay! Right now I am browsing my favorite online store and I found so many items that are on sale. Since I cannot go out to shop I will just have to do my shopping online. Oh well its more convenient to do shopping only anyway because I don’t have to walk around the mall and find the items that I want.

Looking for Mp3 player

A year ago my husband bought me a Samsung MP3 player but my sister keeps on borrowing it and she accidentally broke it. So now I am looking for a new MP3 player that has at least a 2GB and cost about 60$. I tried to look at Wal-Mart but I really didn’t find exactly what I want. So I search it on and I am quite surprised for having so many different style colors of MP3 players that is also affordable.