The Designers Chic

November 30, 2009

im so upset

Hello Bellas! How you all doing today? As for me here, well, today is the last day of the month but today is not really a good day for me at work. Dang1 it makes me so mad that I heard some not good words about me from a co-worker just because she is upset that she will be working for only 4 days now and the manager give me her hours. Well its not really my fault because I didn’t ask for it and she always absent. She really ruin my day today, good thing that our manager talks to me and give me more hours which is soooo great. So anyway before I ruin my day again thinking about the woman at work I better start my search about this fulfillment center. I think this needs more of my attention than thinking about what happened at work.

November 23, 2009

oh so sleepy!

Dang! I’m so sleepy right now but I trying my best not to go to sleep yet, its too early, plus I wanted to do all my expiring task. I am still glad that even I am working everyday I can still have sometime to write my online task especially when I don’t have overtime and can be home early. So today here I am while watching my Filipino show I am doing some blogging. I wish though that I will have more offers to write especially that Christmas is in just a few weeks. My savings on my papal is almost gone. I am so very thankful with my blogging because I am able to pay my phone bill every month.

November 22, 2009

can't sleep!

Okay I went to bed at around 9:00pm I tried my best to be in bed early cause I have to get up so early tomorrow for work. But dang! every time I do that I always get trouble in sleeping. All I did was tossing around the bed. It irritates me so much because every time I wanted to get some rest its just stressing me out. So here I am right now surfing the net and trying to find some 115334 vacuum motor. Seems like their vacum here in the house needs some replacement. I’ve tried to use it this morning when I was doing a litle cleaning it, just suddenly died. So instead of being in bed right now I entertain myself looking and choosing for new vacuums until I’ll feel sleepy.

mental block

Dang! I suddenly get mental block, which is not good cause I end up just facing in my monitor and not able to finish anything. And that is what happen to me right now. I really hate it there are times that I really want to blog, but then when I start typing I just when I’m in the mood to blog. I wanted to do all my expiring task tonight cause I’ll be so busy this week.

But anyway I gotta start searching for Outer Banks rentals for our next weekend get away with sweetness. I asked him that we should go somewhere nice after the holidays.

November 16, 2009


Yesterday while getting ready for church I took a picture of myself wearing bra and panty only. Then I am really surprised how much weight I really loose cause my legs are getting so skinny and I also can see my ribs. Dang! if before I keep complaining that I need to gain weight I guess now I really don’t need anymore of these phentermine diet pills. What I need right now is a lot of sleep and vitamins. Hmm before I keep telling that I wanted to lose weight but now that Im loosing weight I wanted to gain it back, I guess sometimes humans are hard to understand because there’s no satisfaction lol.

November 8, 2009


Okay, I think I should go down now and fix soemthing to eat cause I feel a little weaker now since it's already 9:03 in the morning and I haven't eaten anything yet...not good! If mom is here i would hear screaming at me and nagging cause I look so skinny already and yet I am not eating good lol! She keeps telling me that I really need to eat a lot cause I look like a "tikling" already hahaha. Even though my weight is still the same as before. Ok guys I really have to get going now and fix some breakfast. See ya'll later!

loose diamonds

When I heard from my friend talking about that she is so sad that she lost the diamond in her engagement ring. I never thought that you could actually buy a loose diamonds all I know was that every diamond always comes with the jewelry. Oh well, at least I know now and I learn something new lol! Now in case I’ll lost a diamond I will know what to do and where to go because she ask me to book the website where you can always find different types and shape of diamonds you need.

Orlando Vacations

I just woke up and haven’t eaten anything yet, now I heard my stomach making some weird noise. But I feel so lazy right now, especially that I don’t feel so well. In times like this all I want is to go online and book myself with one of these orlando vacations. My baby and I can go there and all we can do is relax. Gosh! I also miss my bf, when moments like this its so nice to have him in my side. The last time I got sick he was there and he really take good care of me. But I think it would be for a while before we can get together again because we both so busy in our work plus he has some personal problems that needs to deal first.