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October 27, 2010

Beautiful Prada Shoes

I know that I just posted a blog post to my other blog about the shoes that I wanted to add to my shoes collection. But I tell you what, when I found this Prada shoes my eyes couldn’t take away from it. I send the website link to my boyfriend and told him that I really like it so much. The is a bit heavy for my pocket, So I hope he will get my hint and buy it for me, wink! The is a bit heavy for my pocket Lol!

how to treat eczema

Eczema is a common skin disease that can occur in infants, children and adults. The skin frequently has a scaly and inflamed appearance, and there may also be skin flaking, blisters which leak and then crust over, and extreme itchiness.

At work there are two residence who have this kind of skin problem. And since I am the medtech I am responsible to apply all those creams into their skin. Sometimes I am scared cause I don’t want to get those kind of skin disease, though of course I always make sure that I wear a gloves and wash my hands after I touch the residents skin.

But sometimes I freak out thinking about it so here I am searching and reading some articles on how to treat eczema. At least in this way I’ll learn something.

October 26, 2010

Putting Our Christmas Tree Up

Mom starts digging our 6 feet artificial christmas tree in the attic and papa Kevin complains about it because it’s too early to put the Christmas tree up. Well, in the Philippines the people there starts putting all the Christmas decoration when the BER months starts. So this is not really too early at least for me and mama. Soon when our Christmas is already up, I will need to start buying Christmas gifts to put under the Christmas tree.

diet pills that are safe

With the holidays coming in I’m sure there will be lots of family gathering. Now I'm wondering and thinking which diet pills that are safe to take. I’m sure there are many of you out there who has the same questions like me when it comes to diet pills.

I honestly tried so many diet tea and diet pills before. Though I really did not maintain them seriously cause I think I really don’t need a pill coz I am not really that overweight but there are some few fats on my body that I need to get rid of.

October 19, 2010

sister's through thick and thin

I’m very thankful for having an awesome sister. Even though often times we argued but were still very opened and will always be there for each others. Last week I had problem with money because I had to pay for my car insurance. I was really broke. I was going to ask for a cash advance at work but I feel so embarrass. So I turned to my dear sister instead, I’m so glad that she didn’t hesitate for letting me borrow her money. I’m very thankful that despite of our differences she’s always be there for me.

No More Ugly Looking Zits

The day I start working my face never stop from having huge zits that really looks so ugly. Probably because of stress and not getting enough of sleep. It made me so upset and disgusted every time I looked at myself on the mirror. Thank Heavens! I finally found the best acne treatment that helps me from having them again. I usually gets a small bumps on my face when it’s time of the month but now since I start using these acne treatment , I should say my face is looking so nice and smooth now.

October 16, 2010

eager to get back her normal size

Mom is controlling herself for not eating too much. Sometimes she is also skipping meals, especially dinner. I told her that it’s not really a good idea and that is not the right way to loose weight. I told her that she really don’t need to starve herself. I believed that even she’s on diet she still can eat the foods that she like but just limit it. I know that to get a quick weight loss isn’t easy but we just have to be patient and do it slow and steady. I think we really don’t need to get it all off tomorrow, we just need to be motivated and get it off. You may think it’s so easy for me to say, but I honestly admit that I am also having hard time applying it to myself, though I am keeping myself to think positive cause I believed there’s no pain no beauty Lol!

day off

I and mom’s day off today, but instead of just staying in the house resting she prefer to go to the mall. I refuse to go with her because I know it will only going to give a big hole to my pocket and I really couldn’t afford that right now since I only have few dollars left and I hate using credit cards.

Wrap Your Way To Weight Loss

Mom wants me to search about this slimming body wraps she got so excited about this thing. I have no idea also where she get this information. She told me that it can give you a fit, trimmed, and toned body in every area, helping you to burn over 1200 calories in one 50 minute session, reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation, relieve pain and muscle stiffness, and eliminate acne and psoriasis in all one. In short, it is mainly meant to promote weight loss, but has various other additional benefits. I’m sure those woman out there (including me) wants to try on this product. It sounds very promising.

October 15, 2010

digital camera is number one on my wish list

I’m looking at these digital cameras on Amazon right now cause I think I badly need a camera Lol! My sister dropped my camera when we went to Lake Ontario. I was really upset when she broke my camera by dropping it, But I know she didn't do it in purpose so I tried to forget it. Though I bought a new one and my dear sister likes it. I couldn’t say no to so I just gave it to her.

I know that I still have few months to go before Christmas but I can’t stop thinking about it I tell you what, I already made a wish list, and one thing in my list is a digital camera. Actually A digital Camera is number one on my list. I really hope that I will be able to buy the camera that I have been eying to have.

webcam picture

Yeah, I know this is not the most flattering picture ever. It’s too bright and a little bit blurry too. This picture was taken from my webcam the other day before we go out to dinner on my mom’s birthday. The batteries of my mom’s camera was dying so I charged it.

Today I’m smiling because it’s the end of the week and I can stay up late and watched movie, or play games online because I don’t have to worry of getting up early tomorrow morning. If I am still living with my sister in Louisiana I bet me and my brother in-law will be playing his xbox 360. My brother in-law has so many collections of xbox 360 games because every time there is a new xbox 360 new release games he always buy it, the reason why I become so addicted to playing xbox because he has different types of games that suits for me.

So tomorrow, probably I'm going to download some free arcades game online while I will be doing my laundry at the same time.

October 14, 2010

wireless cctv cameras is what they need

I really get annoyed every morning when I heard complains from the PCA’S at work. They seems like stabbing each others. Maybe the management really needs to add some more wireless cctv cameras to monitor each workers, especially those ones who worked at night. They seems like not really doing their job and yet complains a lot with their other co-worker. In that case they will know how’s really not doing their job during their duties.

October 4, 2010

I don't know what to give her

Wow! I only have 8 days to prepare for mom’s birthday gift, and I‘m starting to panic. I still couldn’t think what to give her. However, I am thinking that It maybe a good idea to give her some kind of beauty products specifically for wrinkles. I heard her complaining at her self in the mirror the other day that she needs some kind of injection to straighten those lines on her chin and forehead., but it will cost her a fortune. I am not also quite sure which would be best for her, especially what I’ve heard and read online. They say that some of these products can really cause irritation, damage and rushes to the skin, and that is the last thing I would want to happen to my mom’s skin. So I guess I better read further and learn more about these product that in thing to purchase.