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April 29, 2011

Don't Eat And You'll Loss Weight LOL!

My friend was looking for a weight loss pill that works fast.I suggested to her that she should stop eating and sleeping and she will definitely going to lose a lot of pounds Lol! I'm just kidding I advised her to visit and she will surely find what she's looking for because I don't have any knowledge about weight loss pills. I'm not taken one so I can't really tell her which weight is the best weight loss pills. To those of you out there who were also struggling to shed some of the pounds that you've put on during the winter may want to visit the link I provide above and you'll surely find good reviews about weight loss pills that might work for you. Enjoy!

April 27, 2011

led outdoor lighting

Papa Kevin has been looking online for an affordable patio furniture and a frame pool set for us to use this summer. He wanted to spend more time outdoor when he is not in his laboratory working.. I also suggested to him that we should also put some led outdoor lighting especially in our walkway and in mom's garden.It would look so awesome during the night especially with mom's very colorful tulips. A led outdoor lighting will certainly add a nice touch to the outdoor and it will also provide a unique attractive look.

April 21, 2011

Will try for shorts

When I went to Boston with my Boyfriend he wanted to take me to shopping but I refused. He encourage me to wear shorts for this summer, but I said NO because I'm embarrass to show off my legs because there are so many scratch. That is why you'll hardly see any shorts in my closet. He said my legs are beautiful and I don't need to be embarrass. Honestly, after he said that it made me think to really give it a try, I saw many other woman out there who don't have that flawless legs but confidently wearing shorts. Well, I believe, it is how you carry the clothes your wearing anyway.

April 14, 2011

Quite and peaceful day off

Okay so today is my day off and I haven't really accomplish anything except taking a shower Lol! Although I am happy that I never had any trouble staying in bed a little bit longer during on my day off. As much as possible I am really trying so hard to get a longer sleep when I don't work. Luckily my mother is not bugging me since she also staying home today. Usually when were both home she will never stop bugging me to do some house chores Lol!

Anyways, I need to get ready soon. My mom has a doctor's appoint at 4:00 pm and I told them yesterday that I want to be drop off at the mall so that I can purchase the air purifier that I saw 2 weeks ago. Hopefully it's still available. I wasn't able to buy it the first time I saw it because I had no enough money with me. My uncle really badly needs it and I promised him to buy it for him and include it to the balikbayan box that we are going to ship at the end of this month.

April 12, 2011

Latest Of Me

Just wanted to share a latest picture of myself. This photo was taken in the bathroom of our hotel room in Boston. I got bored waiting for my boyfriend to wake up from his nap. So i decided to get ready and dress for our dinner date while he was still asleep, so that when his up he don't need to wait long for me.

5th Wheel Warranty

Before I got here in America, I didn't have any idea of an RV. When Joe told me that he owns one I got so curious and excited to see it in real. He was telling me that he decided to buy the RV so that he will have some place to stay when he goes to fishing. I was still ignorant back then because I didn't really expected to see a home that has wheels. I was very happy that we own one at that time. But then when my sister was about to come here in America Joe decided to buy a bigger place for us to stay when we go to fishing and sell the Mobile home. It was so hard for him to let go of it because his RV insurance was getting expensive and he couldn't afford to have two types of insurance since he was buying a bigger trailer home.

In the other hand Are you guys are looking for a cheaper 5th wheel warranty for your travel trailers? If you own one then its a must to get a mechanical insurance to your investment. We all know that an unexpected mechanical breakdown of your RV can really be a pain. So protect yourself against any unexpected mechanical breakdown now. Visit now for an Extended Warranty and Service Contract.

April 8, 2011

Second day in Boston MA

Today my boyfriend and I will be doing more walking around down town Boston. He said we will go to the Freedom of Trail, then check some of the shopping stores here. He wanted to go to Victoria Secret also so that he can buy me this very sexy miraculous push halter top and very sexy low rise bottom swim wear, for me wear when we go swimming to the pool here in the Hotel. He thinks It will look good on me since I loose 3 pounds 2 months ago and I lost another 5 pounds when i weight myself recently. Thats 8 pounds all and that is a lot to lose. Some of my co-worker wondered how I lose pounds that quick. They were also asking me if I am taking the adapexin-p because i look so skinny Minnie as what they called me Lol! Well, I was really not that big but when I'm wearing my scrub uniforms I look a little bit bigger and my belly was bulging Lol! But since i just lose 8 pounds, everything in me shrinks too Lol! including my chest and butt which I really hate when i Lost pounds. This is why I am really trying hard to do more exercise.

March 30, 2011

I Thought Spring Is In The Air

Oh the weather today is just delightful outside! I’m loving it! It’s so nice to hear the birds chirping outside my window when I woke up this morning. It really made me smile even though I was still very sleepy. I just hope that it gets more warmer, though I heard on the radio that were on a winter-spring storm this weekend...I so hate it and I feel so disappointed when I heard it on the radio this morning. Ah! I just hope that the weather forecast is wrong. I really couldn't believe how crazy the weather this year. I am really looking forward to wear a short and a flip-flops next week when we drive to Boston, but I guess that will not happen.

March 28, 2011

strength and endurance are the key

Now that the weather is getting warmer ( keeping my fingers and toes crossed ) hopefully I’ll be able to do a lot of outdoors activity. I really planned to do a lot of work out too. Not only because I wanted to look sexy but of course to keep a healthy younger looking body. Although I know this is going to be difficult for me to maintain this plan, especially with my crazy schedule at work, but I will do my very best to fulfill my goal. I know that it really needs a lot of work and I would probably need the best creatine powder too to be able to get a healthier and slimmer body. But I don’t mind to sacrifice myself cause I know in the end I will be a better person.

March 24, 2011

I Love My Samsung LCD

I believe we bought our samsung lcd last 2008 when Joe was still in this world. It’s been 3 years and I’m still enjoying it. I never had to deal with any kind of problem since we got this TV.

I told my parents that they should also upgrade their old big bulky television in the TV room, when they were complaining to me about not spending time with them during family time Lol! I stated to them that I always like to watch movie and my TV shows here in my bedroom with my samsung LCD because it is much clearer and nicer.

Though recently I become so fascinated with the 3D and I was thinking maybe I can give this one I have now to my parents and I’ll bought myself a new 3D HD TV or maybe I‘ll just keep it, so when I‘m ready to get my own place I‘ll have two television.