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May 31, 2010

Moen Kitchen Faucet

I'm just going to brag the shoes that I bought yesterday from a garage sale. You wont believe it how much I paid for this shoes. It's still new and still has the tag on it, never been use too and I only paid for 2 dollars. See great bargain isn't it? I hope I can also get a good bargain one of those Moen kitchen faucet that I found online. we definitely needs one our faucets are very outdated but papa Kevin has no budget for it. I hope I can find a good bargain cause I'm getting tired of how our faucets look like.

May 28, 2010

Can't sleep!

OMG! I think I need the most powerful sleeping pills tonight!!! Goodness! I have been tossing all over my bed for about an hour now and I still couldn't sleep. My body is so tired but my eyes are still so alive. Its already 11:27 at night and yet I'm still wide awake. Dang! I have to get up early tomorrow to go to work. Oh well, I guess I'll have to come in late. It's weekend anyway and I'll be assign in different field that has no bosses will monitor me. Though I will let them know that I will be late. Ha! I'll worry about it tomorrow. For now I should think some ways to make myself sleepy.

Us in Chicago

The picture attach was taken at the Bottom Rock Brewery in Chicago. It was the first place we visited when we arrived in Chicago. It was a very convenient place beacuase its just right across from the Hilton Hotel were we stayed. Anyway, my boyfriends keeps telling me to stop taking pictures because he doesn't like to look himself. He said that he just feel bad to see himself that his losing so much hair. He thinks that it makes him look a lot older, I told him that his wrong because the first he told me how old he was I couldn't even believe it. He looks a lot younger than his age even though his head is almost bald. I told him that if he feel embarrass for almost being bald he should start searching online about hair loss for men that will give him information...I know and believe that there are a lot of hair loss supplements that will help him prevent from keep lossing his hair.

Multi tasking is what I do best

I was about to go to bed since its past 8:00 pm but I felt hungry. All of a sudden I remember that I haven't eaten my dinner yet. So I went downstairs and look for something to it. Too bad mom eat all the vegetables that she cook and left me only the fried fish. Well, it was not too bad at least she left me something.

So for the meantime while I still have a full stomach I decide to go online and read something about a scanning software that really confuses me and at the same time watching Daybreakers. I'm happy that I found a free movie online because was so upset when me and my boyfriend missed to watched this movie. It was too late when we went to the theater and the movie was not showing anymore.

Two weeks ago my boyfriend told me that the movie is now on DVD. He then said to me that we can rent or buy a DVD of this movie and watch it together. Tonight I remembered that there is a websites who downloaded free movies and my brother has still have the link of the said website. I IM my brother and thankfully he still been using the website. So now here I am multi tasking, While watching Daybreaker I'm also composing this entry through my phone. I know that I should be in bed right now, but I hate going to bed with full stomach. Every time I do that I always experience nightmares lol! Okay I gotta finish my reading and the movie before it gets too late.

I think she break my ear drum lol!

On our way home all I hear from mom is complain. She keeps telling us how ugly she looks. She told me and papa Kevin that I'm wasting my money for buying those skin care products that I gave her for mothers day. OMG! I feel upset cause I thought I made her happy. Ha! I should have given her the money so that she can choose and buy what she like. I just thought she would appreciate and be happy for those skin care products. I was just thinking it was a great idea to give her the best wrinkle cream since she really needs it because she was looking so tired from working too much and for having more lines under her eyes. I just thought that when she start using those product it would make her stop from criticizing herself because its really effective. I have proven it to myself cause I have been using it too. Oh well, I'll just tell her to give me those and I'll use it so that the money wont go waste. It will prevent me from buying a new one when I run out of it.

eyes hurts

As soon as we got home I quickly installed my computer so that I can do my task online, now I'm still working. I can't stop myself even though my brain is tired and empty now, plus my eyes are hurting too from staring too much on my screen monitor. I just want to finish all my task here since tomorrow is going to be a long day for me at work. After at work we are going to attend a birthday party. Probably we wont be home till 9:00 pm. I'll be working straight start tomorrow till Friday and by that time all those task that has been assign to me will be expired and I don't want to do that. So here I am doing the best I can do my duty right. I am so thankful that I have been blessed with so many opportunity to have extra income, in able for me to pay my monthly phone bill with out taking money from my paycheck. I wish I can still think and right appropriate so that I will be able to finish those task before the due date. But for the meantime I should check the kitchen to see if Mom's already finish cooking our dinner. Ha! the worms in my stomach has been kicking me cause they are hungry Lol!

May 26, 2010

This is what he needs

I still remember how frustrated I was when I cooked for my boyfriend. I wanted to impress and show him that I can cook. But I failed because I choose to cook one of my favorite Filipino dish the "ESCABECHE" (SWEET AND SOUR FISH) that requires frying, Because it didn't turned out the way I wanted I end up crying in front of him. It was also his frying pan's fault Lol! because his pan is not a non stick pan. If he only have the all clad copper core cookware that will make things to move fast in the kitchen with out any headache and hassle, it would turn out good. My boyfriend really needs a cookware that also move quickly with him when he is cooking. This is the type of cookware that my boyfriend needs to have in his kitchen. Because All-Clad Copper Core cookware responds to your instruction like no other cookware, turn up the heat or turn it down quickly to avoid burning the Copper Core line of cookware is on the pulse of the kitchen. The collection of Copper Core Cookware was created from more than four decades of artisanship and culinary precision. Copper-Core combines the benefits of copper heat conduction with the cleaning ease of stainless steel, no other cookware in the world can compare. Copper Core for maximum and even heat conductivity, Long stay-cool handles, Lifetime limited warranty from All Clad, Low maintainece Polished Stainless steel exterior. Ha! now I have an idea what to give him on his birthday. For sure when I use this cookware the next time I cook for him I will be happy and proud of my cooking skills hehe.

May 20, 2010

i wanna be a sailor

Yes! I wanna be a sailor. When I visited one of my favorite website that also sales so many nice items Including very sexy costumes for the coming Halloween. And guess what? I already found the costume that I really really like. I wanted to buy it right away but I think its too early for that. Haha! I guess I'm too excited! Oh well, time flies anyway before we know it Halloween will be here. But once I get extra Money on my next paycheck I will definitely going to purchase it. It's not going to get bad anyway and I can keep it in my closet anytime.

nice warm weather

This afternoon when we got home from worked I hurriedly change clothes. I want to spend time outside since it was very nice out, warm and sunny which I prefer to be like that in the Philippines. Well, I grow up in a tropical weather. So anyway after I changed clothes I went outside and carried my PCA books, pillow, and blanket. Wow it was wonderful. Its a very good feeling to feel some fresh air, its healthy for the lungs too. Though! Ived check the weather for Saturday since its my day of but its going to be sucks! Oh well I still have Tomorrow to be able to enjoy the weather.

May 14, 2010

Smells good

Yay! I'm smelling the good food from the kitchen that Mom cook. Now I'm getting hungry. Ha! is this mean that I am going to dig in the Phentermine 37.5 that I found in one of my step sisters drawer. I guess It still good for me to use in case I'll be gaining weight? Opps! I think I'm just over thinking? Well, I know that I really never gain too much weight, not yet I guess??? Oh well if ever I think I can manage it. But right now all I can think of is eat those foods that I am smelling from the Kitchen. My Gosh! It's making me starve.

Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a great day and today is another wonderful day. Ha! even though I'm working the whole day but I'm loving the weather. Ohh! what a beautiful Day! I might going out and take Lily for a walk after reading about this apidexin scam. I also needs to finish my online task before the moon shows. Geez! I hate it when the weather gets so nice and I'm working. Nah! I shouldn't complain though and just enjoy it. I can't do anything about how the weather changes quickly anyway. Ah! I better start doing my task now so that I can get and enjoy this beautiful weather!!!

May 12, 2010

Arguments again!

I had a short arguments with my mother dear earlier at work! She keep asking me where I spend my money. Gosh! I don't think she needs to know everything. She knows that I am also paying my school every month plus I am also trying to save some for myself. Even though I have been working for almost a year now I still don't have enough savings. Especially that I only work part time with no benefits. That is why I have been thinking that I should start getting those things that I really need, like for example disability insurance. We never know what will going to happen in the future...its better to be prepared than to be sorry:)