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October 31, 2009

rop life insurance

Are you looking for some kind of life insurance? Then rop life insurance might be the right one for you. This is what mama and Papa Kevin as been arguing about. My mom doesn’t want to get any some kind of life insurance cause she said its expensive. But with the rop life insurance is an excellent way to protect your loved ones. They guaranteed term period, the life insurance company will refund or return all of the premiums you have paid. This means that at the end of the term period, your net cost will equal zero. So why don’t you check their website today and check what they can offer you?

October 29, 2009

I burnt my tongue..

..this afternoon at our lunch break at work my mom gave me noodle soup (ok for those who doesn’t know mom and I are work both in the same place ) then I directly sip the soup with out cooling it down. Dang it was super hot and it really burnt my tongue, even until now it’s still sore. My mom didn’t tell me that it’s still so hot and I was so clumsy for sipping the soup directly without even thinking that its still very hot.

I blame my mother for not telling me, and she just told me that it’s all my fault cause why wala daw nako gi tayhop usa lol! Oh well it happens what happens so next time I better be careful.

rv insurance

When I was still in the Philippines Joe told me that he owned an rv. I was very curious what an rv was. He send me a picture and also explained me what an rv is. Then I was very excited when he told me that when I will arrive here in America he would always take me to go fishing and we are going to be staying in our rv. The first time I saw our rv gosh I was happy and actually took lots of pictures lol! But then Joe lost his job and we can’t afford for the monthly bill and for the rv insurance, so we had no choice we both agreed that we will just going to sell it so that we will not be having problem where to find money for the bills, since he also doesn’t want me to work. But the couple who bought our rv was very happy that we let them buy the rv, cause they really like it. Gosh I kinda miss our rv now. But at least I take lots of pictures of it when we still had it.

October 28, 2009

online life insurance

My mom has been bugging me to get a life insurance cause we never know what is going to happen in the future. Sometimes I get so irritated at her because all the time our conversation will lead to arguments. With that being said I am force to look for online life insurance that will give me an idea before getting one. I just didn’t think that I really need to get one yet. But I just want my mother to stop bugging me so here I am getting a headache and having a hard time deciding what is the right life insurance for me. Oh gosh1 does anyone care to help me?

The Dress

The image I attach on this post is the image of the dress that I really like to purchase online. I really like it, I could wear it with boots. This would be a perfect attire for me to wear on our Christmas party this coming December 12. Hmm I guess I have to order it soon before they are out of stock.

October 26, 2009

Depress again

Ok I was glad that I already get over from always being depressed, but suddenly today I’m beginning to feel it again. I hate feeling like this cause it makes me feel like my heart is going to explode and I feel like Im in a very small yet dark cave. When I woke up this morning even though I’m having a runny nose and cold I go to the activity room where my mom put her treadmill. I think I just need to exercise and get rid of all the negative thoughts. I really can’t explain why I feel like this sometimes I feel so insecure about myself.

Tucson apartments

When sweetness and I was strolling around downtown Baltimore last Saturday, we were both so amaze of how beautiful the place is. We were also looking some beautiful apartment buildings. Then I told him that if we will be given a chance to move there I would definitely say yes. Especially the over looking beautiful views that you will see everyday. I really like to live the idea that when you get up and look out the glass window you will see the beautiful city of Baltimore. But I I know sweetness doesn’t want to live there because of the weather. He told me many times that if ever he will retire soon he will definitely move to Florida. Oh will where ever he wants to live is fine with me, as long as we are always together, and beside it would be easy for us to find such a beautiful place to live like the apartments we found in Baltimore if we will going to ask help from Gosh they listed to many and affordable apartments for rent from all over America. So guys if you are considering to move to Arizona, please don’t hesitate to check Tucson apartments at cause you will really find what you are looking for with out any hassle.

My order

Before my trip last week I ordered a sweater dress and boots online. I thought I will receive it before my trip to Maryland, but too bad I was not able to have it then. Last night when I arrived home Papa Kevin told me that I have a box in my room and it’s something that I ordered online. I was so very excited and Hurriedly open the box even though I was really exhausted from the trip. Gosh! The items I ordered is really what I expected, it perfectly fit me well. Now I’m looking to shop more from that website cause they really have very nice clothing for a reasonable price.

October 19, 2009

stainless steel tiles

Wohooo! I’m super happy right now because Monday is almost over meaning one day more to go and I’ll be seeing my sweetness soon. I can’t wait to be with him once again and this time we will be spending 5 days to each others, fabulous! Although the week after that I wont be seeing him for two weeks because he will be out of town “sad face” But anyway I wont think about that right now, the important is that we will be able to together for 5 days.

Anyhow! I should start looking for deals for stainless steel tiles that mom ask me to do. They have been planning to upgrade their master’s bathroom. It’s been a month that they were not able to use it. It really getting in bad shape that it needs upgrade before they can use it again. I hope that I will be able to find great deals for the tiles that she wish to have in their bathroom. Wish me luck!

Shopping, shopping!

Gosh I am become addicted to online shopping now. After thef irst purchased I did last week now I'm purchasing a new items again. I just fell in love with the "BLUE DENIM PLAYBOY STRAPLESS BELTED ROMPER OUTFIT" and "BLUE DENIM PLAYBOY STRAPLESS BELTED JUMPER OUTFIT" that you see on the pictures below. Don't they look so cute?although by the time I will receive these items I will not be able to wear them because of the freezing weather here in NY. Mom told me that I should be buying winter clothes not this types of clothes..But what can I do? I feel in love with it and I can't let it go lol!

October 4, 2009


I heard my sister saying that they are now in the process of remodeling their bathroom. She said that she is kinda boring with the old looks of their bathroom and wanted to replace everything from the shower faucets to floor tiles. But she is a little bit confused which design to choose. She doesn’t wants to make sure that she will really like the tiles that they are going to replace with the old one. So I told her that she could go look so many and affordable tiles at cause they have so many style and designs to choose from that she would definitely like.

October 3, 2009

barcode scanner

When I’m working I usually wished that it’s my day off, especially when there are nights that I dont get a good night sleep. But today its my day off till tomorrow but I’m wishing that I work today. I also like it when I’m at work because it speed up the day. Oh well, this is life I can’t always get what I want, so I guess I better start looking for affordable barcode scanner and stop complaining lol!

October 1, 2009

Furnace Filters

I admit I have neglected this blog for a while. Gosh I was so busy this past days and was not able to sit down and do my online task, but its amazing how time flies. It is now October and its really getting cold. I am excited to see snow but im not looking forward for the cold and freezing weather brrrrr! I think I better start shopping for some winter clothes, cause the clothes I have bought before when I was in Louisiana is not enough for me to wear here in NY. But for the meantime I better start searching for furnace filters that papa Kevin ask me to do while he is busy working in his lab, He has been asking me this favor 3 days ago and I was not able to do it since I was in NYC. I better start doing it now or else I will have nothing to show him when he ask me about it.