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March 31, 2010

I missed the group study

Shakira and Chelsea texted me earlier for a possible group study tonight. I replied and refuse because I’m not in the mood to go anywhere. I feel so sluggish and lazy. This morning I didn’t want to go to work, but I had to force myself because I don’t want to loose any money on my next paycheck. My throat was really bothering me I thought I was having tonsillitis but its gone now, though I’m having a terrible headache again. I guess just my monthly visitors is going to visit soon. At any rate to when I visited my sister in Louisiana I overheard my BIL and his friend talking about how much headache that his insurance policy for his trailer gave him. I was not going to interrupt but when I her talking about it I can’t stop myself interrupting them and suggest the guy to try the good sam extended service plan because they can put everything for them in under one umbrella. Good Sam is a manufacturer’s warranty that offers coverage for many different components which each with varying expiration dates and terms. This makes it extremely difficult for owners to stay on top of what’s covered and for how long. So that was it my BIL’s friend hurriedly go inside his house to go online and check about all the things I’ve told him. I bet I solve his problem then.


Phew! I’m glad that I am finally able to blog today. I was also trying to finish all my task last weekend but I got busy studying for our dental quiz last night. So today I hope I will be able to do all of them since I will also be working this weekend. So anyway I gotta statrt doing all my online assignments.

March 26, 2010

Yes I'm still awake

Its 11:19pm here already and yes I’m still awake. The parents are probably in dreamland already cause I don’t hear any noise except the noise I‘m making right now from tapping on my keyboard.. I’m still too full from our buffet dinner earlier. Gosh! I think eating too much is not really a good thing cause it does makes you feel weird. I was in bed like a half hour and really couldn’t shut my eyes so I was thinking I better do something useful. I don’t really need to wake up early tomorrow since I am off from work. So I’m here online enjoying my search for some new digital cameras because I feel in love on Hazel Holbrook’s digital touch screen camera. Gosh she really have a nice camera compared to what I have now, and her camera really takes good pictures. Now I’m so eager to really save some money so that I can update my old canon camera. Though my digi cam can really take good picture but the thing I don’t like about it is that it’s a little heavy and bulky. Plus it is uses double-A sized batteries.

I Ate Too Much!!

I just had a wonderful dinner with parents at a Chinese Buffet tonight and I think I ate too much cause my stomach feels like is going to explode and my head hurts. This week my mom didn’t feel like cooking dinner for the 3 of us, so we have been going out to eat for the last 4 days. Now I am thinking am I really going to gain few more pounds because I have been eating a lot lately since the past two weeks? Hmm I doubt it! Though I know that I really need to do lots of crunches. I may not going to be fat but my tummy will surely look like I’m pregnant and that is the thing that I don’t want to happen. Most especially I can see summer is already peeking. That will ruin my plan of wearing bikini in our Florida escapade with my boyfriend

In the other hand I should not be on this computer and should be studying my dental assisting notes so that I can get perfect score for our quiz next week. But guess what? As soon as I entered the house I run up here in my bed room and turned on my computer and got hooked with Austin job search website that I found in my inbox. I see so many dental assisting job offers from this website and it makes me want to try it. Our teacher told us that we can now start applying for dental assisting even though we are not finish. Hmmm! I told my parents about it but papa Kevin suggested that I should wait a little bit longer like maybe after two months cause I just started the class. Well his right though! But I know there's no harm if I'm going to try and apply one of those they advertise in this website. Who knows I get lucky! We will see!

March 25, 2010

More Power to you!

I’m so overwhelmed today cause sheriff is so kind to me and showered me more blessings. For that I should do my very best to really do good on all my postings. Though sometimes I feel frustrated when I get mentally blocked and my brain is going somewhere and couldn’t think straight. Thank you so much sheriff and more power to you. I’m so thankful and blessed!

The long hard winter is over

I must say that I’m very happy that the snow has stop covering our driveway and any other places outside our house. Finally the temperature has gotten better. Oh I love it! I must say that the long hard winter is over! And the temperature today is in the high sixties and it makes me so alive. I am planning to get my bike in our basement later today and go biking nearby. I think it would be a great exercise to do before the day gets end. Oh I wish the weather here in NY is always nice like this because we can do a lot of outdoor activities. Too bad it don’t work that way, I know before we know it the next winter will be peeking into our door. With that being said I should tell papa Kevin to really work on our fireplace in the living room downstairs since its not really working right. I was looking online for electric fireplaces the other night and I found some great deals. I also found so many different styles that is not too heavy in his pocket. So I must suggest to him to better get an electric one. I think it’s a great way for us to add some warmth in the house since we are living in the middle of no where lol1 I mean in the country with so many tress in the surroundings that it makes the temperature cooler.

March 23, 2010

she needs to

When I visited my sister last weekend I take her to shopping. She was so frustrated every time she tried to fit the clothes that she likes because she is really gaining weight. Seems like no matter how stressful her daily life. She always wakes up early every since she is now a working mom. Well, she cooks all the time and she really cooks good too which is one of the reason why she and her husband can’t stop from gaining weight cause they moth love to eat even late at night. I suggested to her to get some kind of diet supplements to help her and her husband to control their food intake and of course to get back her normal size before she gave birth. I don’t know if she is taking my advice seriously but I’m crossing my fingers cross that she listen to me cause, she really need to take stop gaining weight.

March 17, 2010

why oh why?

I just cant seem to understand why my brain get so active tonight when my body is so tired already. I’ve tried hard to get a good night sleep tonight, but its not really working. The more I force myself to sleep the active my brain gets. Do you think this is the atro phex side effects? or its just me? Or maybe it’s the daylight saving time? Ugh! I relly hate this situation that we always have to adjust our clocks. I’m sure that by the time I get use to this new time it would be about time to change the clock back. Its really frustrating. Well, my main concern right now is that I hope I will get a good sleep tonight. So after this entry I will go back to bed and start counting the sheep, maybe that would help me. I gotta need to get sleep cause its already 11:00pm and I still have to wake up early tomorrow for work, gosh!

Busy! busy! busy!

Oh yes its really a busy week for me. I already mentioned it to my other blog how my life become so hectic lately. Last Monday since I didn’t go home. I don’t want to be sleeping alone in this house since its like this is located in middle of no where lol! I say middle of no where its because the only thing you see around here are trees. You can’t hardly see neighbors unless you will walk few miles. Sounds scary right? So anyway I decided to stay our Filipino friends who happens to live closer to my work. I am very fortunate that they let me stay in their house and take me to work as well.

So On Monday afternoon after I get out from work my friends and I went to the store for grocery shopping and buy food for the whole week, after we pick up some of my clothes that I need on the next day. We went back to the store again before heading to their house because she forgot to buy her prenatal vitamins. I believe we get to their place like around 6:30pm. Imagine I get out at work at about 2:30 pm. Gosh I was very exhausted and from that day till up to now I still didn’t get enough of rest and guess what? I’m still wide awake. After talking to my boyfriend on the phone earlier I went to bed but I struggled myself to get some sleep. So I decide to just turn on my computer and do my online thing, this way it would help me to feel sleepy. I hope! Cause I really need to get a good rest since on Friday 2am in the morning will be traveling and I don’t want to feel so lousy on that day.


I must say that shopping and finding for the right car insurance is really a burden. This past few weeks every time I get on my computer I never failed to visit carinsurancelist Just to see some option that I can choose when I’m ready to get one cause my hopes was so high that I will pass the road test. Of course I wanted everything to be ready when I get my “DL”. Too bad I didn’t pass though, but at least now I already have some ideas what or where I can get my car insurance in the future because at has listed some of the most affordable price of car insurance with out any hassle. But first I should focus my driving and pass my road test.

March 7, 2010

Ugh! I hate it!

I think I’m allergic to our new laundry detergent bar. I washed my clothes yesterday and I wear my tees today and all I do is scratching here and there. I believe it could be the laundry detergent bar that I used to wash my clothes. Actually mom just bought it last weekend, and this is not really the kind of brand that we have been using and I don’t understand why she suddenly switched to a different brand. I guess she is just trying to get the cheapest one to save some money. But now that I find this brand not so good, I will have to tell her that we need to switch back to the brand that we have been using for years. Ohh I just hate it when I wear my clothes and feel so uncomfortable because I feel so itched and I have to scratch here and there.

My favorite clothing online store.

Once in a while when I feel like I need to relax, all I DO is browse their website and check for clearance. They usually listed so many good items everyday. It’s one of the reason why I become so addicted buying clothes and shoes from them. Not only because they look good, but also because for the price that I find very reasonable, and most especially for the free shipping when you purchase more than 50 dollar. Oh where can you beat that? The most important thing is that I will hear from my boyfriend how good those clothes in me and I look sexy lol!

Anyway earlier while I was at the mall, I can't stop myself to visit one of my favorite clothing store, since its been months I went out to shop because I shop most of the time online. So I bought me another summer dress that really made my day. but for the main time to those who owned a retailer store you might probably want to own once of this Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner that has a wealth of usability features and a durable scan engine to create a truly reliable, yet affordable handheld laser barcode scanner for retail, healthcare, education, and light industrial applications. So what are you waiting for? try to visit their website at

March 5, 2010

northeast philly jobs

Early this afternoon mom fly to Louisiana to visit my sister and my nephews. So our manager asked me to work today for mom’s hours since we are working in the same place. Supposed to be it’s my day off, but our manager told me that I can only work until 12:30 in the afternoon since I9 am also having a driving lessons at 1:00pm. I must say that I really like the place where I work right cause my schedule is very flexible and every time I need to take an off when I need to they always let me with out any problem. But I am not really so satisfied with the salary. It is not really enough for all of my expenses since I a, trying to save for a and I am also paying for my dental class tuition fee. This is all the reason why I am really so eager to find a better job. I just wish that northeast philly jobs has a good paying job listed that is close where I live now, but I am happy to Know that they can connect me with some employer from NJ which is I planned to move in. I think A year from now when I have enough savings and I can manage to live by myself I really like to move to NJ.

I’ve learned from my friend that she got her job from their website and she is really happy and satisfied with her paycheck every 2 weeks. The northweast philly jobs online can connect with the top local employer from Center City to Main Line,