The Designers Chic

February 26, 2010

Shimmer eyeshadows

Last Tuesday I went online shopping and I find this make u8p from coastal scents. I decide to buy this one since I was really planning to get another shimmer shadows. And I've learn that this is really good product I;m very excited to receieve my package , so that I can try it. Many people says that this the colors stay all day, You can even sleep with it on and it will stay.

February 19, 2010

Bob stroller

Wow time really flies. My nephews birthdays is coming. I guess its about time for me to start thinking what gifts to give to my two adorable nephews. But I was thinking that since baby Matt is turning 1 year old and his really gotten so big maybe the Bob stroller that I found online would be a perfect gift for him. I think I’m not going to give him toys this time cause he already have so many toys from mamita and I don’t think clothes would be a good idea as well since he grow so fast. By giving him a stroller my sister would be grateful as well cause she will have something to use to put him on when they will go for a walk. Now that its almost summer I’m sure my sister would love to do her routine every afternoon. She loves to go for a walk in their neighborhood with her kids during afternoon.

February 18, 2010

severe acne

Having severe acne can really affect to a person personality. I have a cousin who is experiencing this kind of problem. She doesn’t like to go out much and mingle with other people because she feel so embarrass about her appearance. She feel so uncomfortable when other people will look at her. In fact she doesn’t have so much friends at school because she tries to avoid them. I don’t even think that she has a social life because after school she will go straight home and go to her room and just open her books. I feel pity for her cause she has a boring life just because of her problem with acne. I really want to help her. I am thinking maybe I will look for the right acne product for her and buy her one. In this way I can make her happy and make her feel special, so I guess I better start looking now.


I’m home again today because I still don’t have much energy to go to work. Although since I don’t get paid for my two days absent I’m really trying to write all these blessings that sheriff showered me. I hope I will be able to write them all before Saturday comes.

Another boring day here at home…

…yes I’m home again today. I told my mom yesterday to tell our manager that I cant work today since I’m still sick. I want to be really well before I go back to work cause its fun being sick and working at the same time. It would only make my sickness even worse. Although I’m feeling a little better today, my body is not that too heavy anymore, and my sneezing is not too bad anymore and I can breath now. Last night I slept well and thanks to the night quill that I took, it really helps a lot. In fact I just woke up 20 minutes ago and decided to log on here on my computer and start doing my online task and submit my websites to a free directories to drive more traffic since I have been neglecting to do my EC dropping. I know that by doing this I can drive more traffic to my website without any hassle. So to those of you who like to drive more traffics to your website then you better click here to learn more. They can surely help you gain more visitors because they really works! So what are you waiting for?

February 17, 2010

I will never complain again

Every Wednesday mom and I work together as a partner at the nursing home where we both employed. As a matter of fact I am supposed to be working with her today but since I am sick I have to call out. I hate to be not working today because it will be less money for the next paycheck but my body is too heavy and I really don’t feel good. I don’t want to jeopardize my health, especially since I start working I also start losing weight now I know that I don’t need any kind of slimming pills. It makes me so worry though why I have been losing so much weight lately even though I’m a big eater. I really want to get back my weight before when I just moved in here in NYC from Louisiana and I promise I will never complain about how much weight I gained.

her secret

As you all know mom and I work at the same place every Wednesday we work together as a partner. When I first started working there mom and I always heard some comments that we look the same, some are asking us if we are related to each others. So mom and I told them that we are mother and daughter lol! The residents at my work place couldn’t believe that because they said my mom looks really young and we just look like sisters. That comment really give my mom a big smile. I then whispered to her that, that is the secret of the anti wrinkle cream that she always apply to her face everyday. It makes me proud too every time I heard such compliments like that.

February 15, 2010

My first time

To receive a diamond jewelry on hearts day. I usually always receive flowers, cards, and chocolate or teddy bears on Valentines day. But this year I am very surprised and I honestly didn't expect it. My boyfriend got me a heart shape white gold diamond necklace. Although for me it really didn't matter what he gave me, but I am so overwhelmed when he surprised me with this very beautiful gift.In the picture attach I am wearing the necklace and the blouse he gave me for Valentines day. The picture was taken when I had dinner with the parents yesterday when I came home from spending 4 days in Jersey with my baby. Wasn't able to go with me here in Staatsburg since its a long way for him to drive back and fort. All in all I still had a very awesome Valentines day!

I feel so upset

That I get too many acne lately. Gladly my close friend at work promised me last week that she is going to give me something for my acne. She wondered how I get too many acne lately. She said it could because of the make up I was using. She also advice me to get a hypo allergenic make and stop using the make up that only make my face ugly lol! So when she came in to work this morning she handed me a bottle of acne lotion. Seems like this is a good acne solution and the best thing to it is that it has a natural ingredients that will really treat the acne well. Actually I just applied some on my face. I cant wait to see the result of it.

February 14, 2010

I want my 20 pounds back:)

No matter how many foods I ate lately I never gain weight, now I realize that I‘d rather want to weight 120 pounds than weighing only 100 pounds. Before I wanted to lose some few pounds since I gained a lot. But now I don’t think that a best weight loss pills is needed since I already look skinny. every time I look my naked body in the mirror I feel so ugly because it makes me feel I am anorexics. My boyfriend keeps telling e that he loves my body and I don’t need to worry about. But I miss having my meaty butt lol! seems like its all gone when I lose few pounds. Ugh1 why cant I just be happy and satisfied with the way I look? Hmm I guess its just a human nature lol!

February 5, 2010

mortgage refinancing

When I was with my boyfriend last weekend we talked about his plan of retiring and live in Florida and to buy a house there cause he is tired of the colds here in NY lol. I told him that it is a big plan but he has a lot of time to get it started. I guess it wont be hard if he is going to start planning by getting a house there first, and most especially to start shopping for mortgage refinancing since I know for sure that he will really need it. We all know that Mortgages are a necessary part of home buying. And finding the right one is can be so difficult. I just wish him luck and hoping that he all his plan will come soon.

February 4, 2010

SSo Ugyly and Big

Ewww! this pimple is so annoying. I don't know why i got this once a month in the same spot. This actually healed but it came back again. For me this is so annoying cause I hardly get a pimple on my check. I usually have it on my forehead or beside the nose, and its not so big like this one. This was I'm talking about that it could be the brand of the make up that Im suing now is the cause of it. Well, since I have been getting this kind of pimple I stop using the make up. I switch to the brand that I I used to have. I hope this freaking pimple will gone soon before my trip to Chicago. Ugh1 I really hate it!!! and who does like to have pimples anyway?

I have to keep this in mind for him

My boyfriend has been telling me that he just got a membership in the gym close by in his place, but he still not able to visit the place yet because of his very hectic schedule. I told him that he really doesn’t need to go to gym since his body is in good shape. But he wants to maintain it plus he thinks that his gaining few pounds because it he never able to take a walk after work, which he usually do during summer time. I suggested to him that he should just get the ultimate body press dip station for a very affordable price. Plus it took only 5 minutes to assemble. It is very easy and simple. Oh well, maybe I could get it for him since valentines day is coming. This would be a very useful gift for him.

February 3, 2010

Just got home from work

Hey guys! How was your day? Mine is fine although I’m super tired right now, but of course I have to go straight here on my computer and start working, while watching my TFC shows plus I still have a lot of notes to study later.

But anyway, yesterday I was surfing online to look for a new computer monitor but t then my mind keep telling me to just buy a laptop since I have been eyeing to get one. I really like the laptops at they are more affordable. I like to get the one that has more laptop memory cause I know that Is one of the most important thing that my computer needs.