The Designers Chic

August 30, 2010

online auction

I promised my cousin that I'd give her the set of make up tools that I won from an online auction couple weeks ago. I was gonna keep it for myself especially that its in pink colors, my ultimate favorite color. But I guess I can bid another one when I get back from the Philippines. When I showed this things to her on the web-cam during our chats she never stops bugging me Lol! I'm sure she will be happier to receive all these gifts that I'm giving her. Ah! I was so lucky to be able to win these make up tools for a very reasonable price and guess what? I am starting to get so addicted bidding stuff at have so many nice stuff

August 26, 2010

My Pink Snow Boots

I got my very first snow boots last summer when mom was looking on a garage sale. When we found my pink snow boots I really didn't hesitate to get it. Oh I so love it because pink is my most favorite color. The snow boots was still very new and in good shape, actually it don't look like it has been used. It also matches my pink snow suit which makes it extra special. Honestly even though I don't like winter but I am looking forward to it, because my boyfriend promised to take me to Bear mountain. He likes to ski and snowboard, and he wanted me to try them since I told him I never done it before. I don't know if I can really do it though because just by looking some of the videos in You scares the hell out of me, but we will see maybe I will be brave enough to do it. Besides I know babe will be with me.

Oh by the way, the picture that you see above is me and Silver having fun playing the snow in our backyard. Gosh we had so much fun that day, though I had a terrible headache after, but it was all worth it.

August 8, 2010

New Hairstyle

I decided to get a haircut last week and its a shorter length. I was hesitant at first because its been a long time I had a very short hair and I'm not so use of having a shorter length hair. Plus my boyfriend ask me to really not cut my hair too short. Though before I decide to have my hair cut I showed him a picture of the hairstyle that I planned for my hair, he liked it so I go for it. I also decided to have a bangs this time but not too short. While I was at the salon I was very scared of the result but it came out really good. I was very happy and satisfied, so I gave the hairstylist a big tip that also make her happy. The people at work didn't recognize me when they saw me. They wonder who I was Lol! I heard so many compliment about my hair and they all love it too, they said it really look good on me and I'm glad.

Dying to have a Hunter ceiling fan

I just got home from work and oh so hot here in my bedroom. I forgot to turn on the window AC when I left to work this morning. Now both of my air-con and ceiling fan are running, though the ceiling fan isn't much of a help. it doesn't really blow much air. I guess its because it is very old and it needs to be upgraded. I really have been planning to upgrade it though I just couldn't afford it at the moment. On the 3rd week of September I heard that I will get a salary raise..Upgrading everything here in my bedroom specifically my ceiling fan would be my first project.

Oh I'm so dying to have one of these Hunter ceiling fans here in my bedroom. I'm sure it will look great. Ha! I can't wait, but time flies so fast I'll just need to keep my fingers cross that I will have other expences coming so that I can really do what I have been planning to do here in my bedroom. Oh1 I want my room to be so comfortable cause this is the only room here in the house where I can relax after work