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April 29, 2009

I can make it, hopefully!

Good day everyone! How are you all doing today? As for me here even though my body is really painful, I am still very happy. These past few days there are so many things in my mind that really bothers me. But step by step I got them solved. Now I really don’t need to worry to much about all those stuff cause I know that everything will be ok.

But right now I am really eager to take the written exam which I have been mentioning it here. I hope that I will get it finish soon so that I can start working with my other papers. I know that there are a lot of things I really need to focus to, especially learning how to drive, then I have to find my own car and of course I also need to find the best car insurance that will fit my budget. Grrr all these things is not so easy for me since I really never done it before, but I know that I can make it. Aja! Aja!

April 27, 2009

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April 19, 2009

The Skinny Jeans

When we went to the mall yesterday I found so many clearance and many items that I would like to buy. Good thing though that I had some cash with me, since mom did not told me that we were go shopping.

So anyway when we went there I found this very pretty skinny jeans. I then told my mom that I wanted to buy another skinny jeans cause it was last January when I bought some new ones. Jeans is my most favorite to wear and I only have 3 pair that will fit me well, I did not buy too many when I was in Louisiana cause I really never go out and now that I am here in NY we go out a lot and I don’t have that much clothes since I gave away some of them too.

Anyhow, when mom see the jeans that I tried to fit on she admire it and wanted to try one too. It was so funny because she also wants to try the same jeans that I like but she couldn’t find her size, but she still tried it anyway and she was really happy that the size 3 jeans fits on her, but then when I realize she was fitting my old jeans that I wore going to the mall she was so disappointed, she thought she was trying on the same jeans that I like. I then told her maybe its time for her to cut back her eating habit and consider taking some weight loss pill so that next time she can find her size easily. No wonder she gain a lot of weight because every minute what you hear from her mouth is that she is hungry. I don’t kno where she put all those foods that she ate.


Early morning yesterday mom woke me up cause she wants me to get ready quick cause we are going to the mall. My gosh it was like 6:00 in the morning. At first I thought that we are going to NJ which we have been planning last Wednesday to go to the Asian market. So I hurriedly get up from bed even though I was still very sleepy. It was my fault though cause I went to bed I think it was 2:00 in the morning. So anyway when we are in the car mom called her friend to meet as at the gasoline stations then and headed to the mall. I was wondering were will be going, When she told me that the Jersey trip was cancelled I was a little bit disappointed. But she was not in the mood to go such a long trip since NJ from here in Staatsburg will take us 2 and half hours to get there. Oh well there is always a next time anyway. So better luck next time na lang.

Super Busy Nowadays

Gosh I’m so really tired right now. Mom and I went to the disco place last night with her friends. It was my first time to experience to go to the dance place here in America, however I really enjoyed it. When I was in the Philippines I used to go to a dancing place with friends. I love to dance you know and last night experience was great, we were planning to do it again next time but to the other dancing place. I must say my life here in NY city is really busy lols. In fact this afternoon mom and I will attend a Filipino mass and after there will be a”PAKAL”. There will be so many Filipinos that will brings food to share after the mass. I hope that mom will not carry me anywhere tomorrow cause I need to review my drivers manual, so that I can take the written exam this coming Tuesday. I really need to prioritize this things first. Well I think I am ready though I have been studying my drivers manual since last week, but I just have to review it again just to make sure I wont forget anything and I will pass the test. Although there’s really nothing to worry about cause I can take the written test again if ever I will failed, but who does want to get failed?

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April 17, 2009

very upset

I am supposed to be going with my mom right now to her work, but then on our way to the place we got a fight in the car over something that I can’t share here. She really upsets me because she is like controlling everything what I am going to do, the worst part is that she keeps repeating all the things in my past that I don’t want to hear because it only hurts me. I am already 27 years old you know and I know what I am doing. I know that she only wish what’s best for me, Bur in my own opinion she is like controlling me, she demands things that I don’t even want to do. She exactly wants me to do what she demand. Uh this is really the hardest part for me, I know from the start that every time we are closer to each others there’s no way that we will not fight, so ridiculous.

So instead of helping her with her work I decided to go back home with papa Kevin and do my task instead. I’m sorry peeps I just want to voice out what I feel right at this moment. Now I need to calm down and research about the arrowwood viburnum. I think this would be a good remedy to divert my attention from being so upset lols.

April 15, 2009

Lots of party to attend

Geeez! im so sleepy right now, but i couldn't take a nap though cause we are here at friends house having another "pakal". I think since the day I arrived here in NY all i did is going to a party and eat. Now I will surely need the best appetite suppressants. I told my mom that it would be really great to always go out with friends but all i am going to gain is a big belly, because there is always eating going on. Mom's friends told me that I am really going to get fat here cause the eating is non stop. In fact this Saturday we are going to a party again and on Sunday there will be a Filipino mass and there will be another "pakal: after the church. Now tell me who's not going to turn to a jumbo? lols!