The Designers Chic

October 31, 2008

Appetite Suppressant

Since I started taking appetite suppressant about a month ago I have noticed that I am gradually losing those extra pounds because my clothes that were getting too small are starting to fit me again. And I thought I was going to have to buy a new wardrobe, but thank goodness I don’t. Now my husband never complains about me eating in the middle of the night and thanks to this appetite suppressant.

Birthday Surprised

Yesterday we went to my parent's in-law for my father in-law's surprised birthday. Its was really fun because he didn't have any idea that it was his birthday. When we started singing a happy birthday to him and handed his birthday present he was really surprised. So I must say that the birthday surprised was really a success. I am also glad to see that my husband ate a lot and thats really a good thing for me since he don't really eat that much lately. I know that he is really trying to eat a lot cause he wants to gain back his weight, but no matter how he tries he cannot eat like it used to.

October 19, 2008

Baby Bedding

My sister was starting to look for baby bedding but since the doctor said that there is still a possibility that her baby’s gender will change, so she is still waiting to find out for sure. That’s why she can’t really decide and start buying things for her baby. She really still hopping that she will have a baby girl this time. We keep telling her not to expect too much because it will only lead her to disappointments and no matter what her baby’s gender is, it doesn’t matter as long as they are healthy. That’s the most important thing of all.

Thingking of changing the tittle of this blog

Now I know what color and design I want for this blog, I am now confused what would be a good tittle for this. Since I already decided that I am going to post all my scrapping on this blog, I really wanted to change the tittle from La Cusina to something more reliable. Yesterday I spent the whole day thinking about what design I could do for this blog. I am really trying my best to update more on this blog so that my visitors won't get bored here. Well anyways, got to keep going for now I still have more opportunity need to do. Happy Sunday ya'll

October 18, 2008

Auto Insurance

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Blog Make Over

When I started blogging a year ago I also learned how to do scrapping, But I was not totally good at it yet. Now since I have multiple blogs and I cannot post recipe all the time for this blog, I decided to change this blog into a scrapping blog, cause I want to post all the scrapping that I am going to make in her. But first I really wanted to do a complete make over for this blog, but since I am not really good on scrapping yet, I am so confused on how to design the header that will look good. I think I will jsut have to purchase a header for this blog. What do you think guys?

October 11, 2008

Spending time looking at pictures in friendster

Do you know long I have been awake? Well I woke up at 6:30 in the morning and went directly to my friendster account and didn’t realize that it was close to 8:00AM . I was just enjoying viewing my friends pictures during their Vegas vacations. I think its their 3rd time visiting Vegas for a vacation and I am wishing to really be able to visit Las Vegas one day because there are so many beautiful places you can see and lots of activities that you can do. For sure having a vacation there its really worth the money. Well I know one day my friends will be looking at my pictures of Las Vegas vacation. I hope it will happen soon.

The cucumber made my eyes worse

We all know that they say that cucumber is a natural remedy to help relax your eyes after a very tiring day. So the other night before going to bed I put cucumber on my eyes to help relax them, but instead of helping my eyes it seems to have made them worse. I woke up yesterday morning with teary and red eyes. I was in shock and scared when I look in the mirror and seen my eyes . I was very sensitive to lights as well, so I have to wear sunglasses inside the house. Its weird isn’t it? Lols! Good thing I always have eye drops in my medicine cabinets and it really helps a lot. Now the redness of my eyes is almost gone, thankfully. I can really tell the difference between yesterday and today.

So today I can sit here on my computer without bothering my eyes so much. I can now also take my time to learn more about cpm. I was going to investigate it more yesterday but my eyes were so blurry and I couldn’t see very well. Thank God I can do it now. So guys I have to get going now and start doing my task. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

October 4, 2008

I miss hanging out with her

My husband and I are not going grocery shopping today, since we went last week and decided to shop for two weeks, so I am free today. I guess I can call my sister in-law this afternoon to let her know that I can go with her to shop for dog supplies. She ask me the other day that she is going to take me if I have time this weekend. So I guess today is the best day to go. Since I have nothing to do anyway.

I am glad that she ask me to go with her since I miss hanging out with her. The last time that we hangout together was when my husband was still in the hospital. I hope we are going to enjoy our shopping trip later.