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January 31, 2010

Tired Working

Good Sunday everyone! How you all been doing lately? As for me here I’m really so busy. Supposed to be I am going to have 3 days off this weekend but then someone called out at work and they asked me if I can work instead. Since I need some extra money I didn’t refuse. At least I still have a day off.

Anyway, while I was at work last Friday I heard some co-workers talking about being so tired working. One of them is planning to retired and will just start build a franchise business. She knows that there are lots of franchise opportunities out their that only waiting for her, although she really don’t have any idea how to start and where to look. Oh well I just wish her luck and hoping that she will do well with her plan.

January 28, 2010

picture picture

I just wanted to share a recent picture of myself. Its been a while now since I took a picture of myself. When I get bored I usually get my camera and just click it. Last weekend I was very happy that I finally able to moved in here in the bigger bedroom. I so love this room because I got a bigger space closet. Unlike to the old bedroom where I stayed before, its too small for me. No wonder why I always feel suffocated every time I get home from work because there's no so much space for me to move. Anyway, after I moved all my stuff and arrange my room. I decided to have fun with my camera.

January 18, 2010

I forgot

My sister is a little upset of me because I was not able to buy the cream that she wants. She told me last Friday when I talked to her to buy her a lot of stretch marks creams. So that I can send them when mama is going to Louisiana next week, but I forgot all about it. I was very occupied with al the things that we did in the city when I was with sweetness. Oh well, I guess I will be able to go back there before mama’s flight so I’ll just have to make sure that I’ll get it for her this time.

January 16, 2010

fat burners

I am the type of person that no matter how much I eat, I don’t gain weight, meaning I also don’t need to take any one of those fat burners that I saw on TV. When I was in the Philippines people used to call me toothpick because I was really skinny even though they always see me eating. I guess my metabolism is higher compared to others who gain so much weight no matter how much diet they do. I think being skinny also makes you a lot younger. At work the people there were shocked when they find out that I’m already 28. I just smiled at them and thanking them for the compliment. When you hear things like that its like a music to your ear.

January 15, 2010


…I gotta get some rest now. When we get home from NJ to pick up my boxes I went straight here in my computer to start doing all my online task. Until now I haven’t gotten any rest yet, plus I still have to pack some of my clothes for this weekend get away with my baby. I still don’t know what clothes I’m going to wear tomorrow. Oh well, I know it really doesn’t matter what clothes I’m going to wear…sweetness always appreciate what I wear when were together anyway, no matter what type.


…have you visited the skin id website yet? If not then you have to visit their website today because you will able to learn a lot of important things when it comes to skin care products, so that next time you will not be wasting your money and time looking everywhere and trying any types of product for your skin. I’m very happy that I am able to visit their website too and thanks to a friend who recommend this website to me, so that’s why I would love to share this one to all of my readers and bloggers friends too.

I need a massage so bad!

Yesterday at work one of my favorite residents was asking me to take her to her room. Then after she asked me if I could help her to let her set down on her recliner. She was a bit heavy and bigger compared to me lol! My gosh I use all up of my energy and now I’m having joint pain because of it. But it makes me happy and felt good that I get to help all those old folks that needs me. I know that it was not my job to do it since I am assigned to work in the Kitchen but there’s no PCA available because they are all busy doing their duties. So I decided not to call any help and just do it by myself. I thought I can manage doing it alone. Good thing that our manager saw me having hard time assisting the old woman. So he run to help me.

I'm so happy

...because I finally get all my things back. I never thought that I had so much things left in NJ, until I got all my boxes. This morning after taking mom to work we went straight to NJ to get all my boxes. Although I don't know where I'm going to put all these stuff for now. I think I will just leave it on the box for now until I can move to the other big room. Gosh1 I don't know how long its going to take me to clean the room since there are so much junk in it. Oh well, I just have to take it slowly until that room will be ready for me.

January 14, 2010

I beat it

Since Joe died, I have been experiencing having depressions. There are times that I don’t like to stay in my bedroom because It feels like I’m on a very dark small cave with lots of bats. Then all of a sudden I feel so nervous and experiencing of difficulty in breathing. Crying with no reasons.

I don’t like this kind of feeling cause its really weird. Good thing I am able to get over it little by little with the help of website. This website can really give you a lot of information on how to beat your depressions. So guys if you are experiencing depressions like me, then you should visit this website and you will surely be thanking me later on.

its hard to gain weight

Why most of the people around me are trying to lose weight while me is struggling to gain weight? Isn’t it funny? Just recently mama and papa Kevin enrolled their self’s to a weight loss programs, while me is having trouble gaining weight lol! Oh well, I don’t need to worry that. I will just mind my own business. But if you guys are looking for the quickest and affordable way to lose weight then you should click here I bet you will be surprise what they can offer you.

enrolling their selves to a weight loss programs

Last Tuesday when I got home from work, I was so surprised of the big box with full of diet foods in it in our kitchen. I thought it’s a balikbayan box that mom is planning to send to the Philippines next month. I was too curious why mom is putting a bunch of junk foods to the box. Bbecause of my curiosity I look the box closer. When I saw whats inside the box I realize that mom and Papa Kevin finally decides to enroll their self to one of the best weight loss programs that we saw on TV. I have been convincing them to really join such since they both don’t have time to really do exercise and they are really tremendously gaining weight. Phew! I can’t wait to witness their progress into losing weight.

January 13, 2010

5 hour course

I just got home from my 5 hour driving course. Gosh today was a long day for me. After work I went straight to the place so that I wont be late. Although I feel so relieve that I finally done taking that one. Now my next worry is to really concentrate and do good for my driving lessons that will starts on the 19th of February. After that I will surely be ready to take the road test. I hope that I wont feel nervous like what happen to mama. But my senses really tells me that I will do good with my driving lessons and will be able to get my drivers license soon. Oh well I just hope for the best.

And oh by the way this morning when I was surfing the internet while doing my online task, I was able to read this auto insurance reviews. Im glad that I stumble on to this website because it gives me a heads up, since I know soon I will be needing a lot of guidance and information about getting an auto insurance. Of course we all know that getting a drivers license doesn’t only stop that. We need to get a car and definitely will be needed a car insurance as well. So this is really a good timing for me.


Okay, I'm so tired right now cause I really had a long day at work, but I just have to stay awake for a while since I ate too much tonight. I can't resist the good food that my mom cooked earlier. So i have to let it digest first before going to sleep, cause I don't want to have a nightmare lol! Oh well I just hope that I wont feel so sleepy tomorrow at work...dang! I have to wake up super early tomorrow. I'm just so glad that I will be having a 3 days off this week. But I don't think that would be enough though, Oh well at least I will be seeing him this weekend which is making me so excited. Gonna be with sweetness again!!! yay!

January 8, 2010

Yay! Its my day off!!

Thank God I had a goodnight sleep! The vitamins really helped me to relax and it could also because my boyfriend surprised me by calling me before going to bed. He usually don’t call me during Thursday unless I ask him, but last night he did and I’m happy because it help me to settle my mind about something. So anyway as I mentioned to my other blog that today is my day off but then I am still going be very busy today. Have a lot of things that I need to do. So I guess I better get ready now since I heard papa Kevin calling at me and telling me to be ready before 11:00 cause he also needs to go to the store to buy a water softener. My mom saw a water softener at Silver’s house and they suggested to mama that we should get one. So guys I’ll better go now…ciao everyone!

January 4, 2010

Light Fixtures

Yay! Its 2010 already, time really flies. I’m hoping though that this year would be a better year for me. I also hope that I will accomplish all my dreams this year. So anyway do you guys have a new years resolution for this year? Well, I tried not to make a new years resolution for this year cause I often failed to do it anyway.

Oh by the way, do you guys are having a hard time choosing the perfect light fixtures for your home? When it comes to this I always get confuse. Last Wednesday I went to the mall after my work to find one for my bedroom because I really wanted to change the one I have, its kind of old eh! I really want a more modern style, but I can’t find the one that I saw at maybe I’ll just get one from them.

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January 3, 2010

Main Goal

I can’t believe how time flies. It’s 2010 finally! I’m hoping that this year would be a better year for me. I have been trough a lot last year and thank God that I am able to pass it. So I’m praying that this year 2010 I will fulfill my dreams. But my main goal for this year is to really find and get myself an individual health insurance. I know I would be better if I have one that can help especially we never know what may happen. So I better check to see what they can offer me.