The Designers Chic

April 30, 2010


Oh! Feeling so fresh! I just had a very relaxing hot shower! Now I can go to bed peacefully. Opps! Wait a minute kapeng ma init, I almost forget that I have to do some shopping for life insurance quotes before I put myself in the shop ( bed ) for repairs ( sleep ). I'm sure if I won't do it tonight I will not be able to do it at all since I will be out of town next week. I have been meaning to do it last weekend but I just let it slipped it in my mind. I was too occupied with all those DVD's I borrowed from work. Gosh what an irresponsible person I am. I know that this is a very important thing and I just ignore it. Oh well I should do it now. So guys I'll see you all in my next post. Thank you all for the fun tonight and I hope I will be fully functional tomorrow since its going to be another long day for me at work.

Inspired and Flattered!

Even though I don't get paid enough to the place where I work, I always look forward going to work. All the people there are so nice to me, especially with the residence. One time after lunch break my manager inform me that he heard so many compliments about me. I was shocked and didn't know how to response to him. I feel so flattered that the people there told him how good worker I am and how they like to see me everyday. They told my manager that I brightens up their day. Wow! I could not really express how happy I am upon hearing those nice words. It really made my liver expand lol!

April 25, 2010

i got her offended:(

I messaged my sister earlier to find out if she's still upset of me. The other day when I talked to her on the phone to greet her happy birthday she quoted that she is really getting old. So I jokingly answered her that she is old and she looks a lot older than me that's why people often thinks that she is my ate (an older sister), then all of a sudden she just logged off without telling me. I IM her to see if she is only disconnected but she never replied. I called her on their home phone too but only her husband who answered the phone cause she doesn't want to talk to to me. Ohh poor sissy I got her offended with my stupid joke. Don't worry sis I ordered you your favorite eye cream product, the prototype 37c as my peace offering. I know you run out of it and is not able to buy another one right now. It should come in mail tomorrow. Hopefully it will make you feel better. Mwaaah!

feeling weak

Gosh! I am so bored right now. When I woke up this morning I feel motivated, but later after few hours of chit chatting with friends I feel sluggard. Though I am able to load my dirty jeans in the washing machine. I would say that I think I prefer to be working when I am not out of town. Usually when I’m off from work I will go to the city and see my boyfriend or he will come up here with me. But he is busy with work, they are having towns event, so here I am stuck in the house. Oh well few more hours to wait and I’m back to work. I know for sure that I will complain again how tired I am especially I don’t have day off this coming week. What a life!

Meanwhile my attention is caught by hgh at www.besthghsupplements. I’ve read few of the reviews and that they carry the best high supplements on the market. Though I really need to read further to see if I am applicable to try on this product.

April 24, 2010

Very happy...

...with the result of the acne treatment that I bought from my beauty consultant months ago. I should say that after using that product it really stop my acne. Honestly before when I was only a stay home wife I rarely experience dealing with acne problem. But now I often have it this very annoying and ugly looking acne. Though I'm very much happy and satisfied to see my clear skin now. And for that matter I am also requesting my beauty consultant to find me the best adult acne treatments that I could give my mother on mothers day. She really needs it since she always have breakouts and experiencing having all those big pimples all over her face. So hoping that she would find the right one for ma.

Day Off

Oh I love it when it's my day off because I can stay in bed as long as I want, or go back to bed any time when I feel want to. But dang! I had a very wonderful sleep when my alarm clock wakes me up. Huh1 my bad though because I forgot to turn it off before I went to bed last night. Now it's only 7:40 in the morning I'm already wide awake. I wanted to get more sleep because I didn't able to sleep till after 1:26am. Hmmm! I hate it when I am so awake during my day off, though I can just be lazy the whole day and just be in bed. That is what I'm going to do later after I write all my online task

April 20, 2010

Designer Dresses

While I was in class my Mom texted me that she went to shopping early this afternoon and she bought me lots of Designer Dresses that was on sale. I was very excited to go home. This is what i love about mom, she always spoils me, Although sometimes she will ask me for a refund Lol! I just love it how she remembers me and my sister every time she go outs for shopping. After school I hurried home but to my disappointed because my mom hide the clothes in their bedroom that she was talking about and she is already sleeping. Duh I wanted to see them and fit them even though its late here already. Oh well I just have to wait till Thursday to see those things that she bought for me because tomorrow I'll be working till 10:00om and I will not be home till 11:00pm. Ha! I cant wait to those dresses and be able to wear them:)

April 15, 2010

Safe diet pills

I ask my friend why she never upload any pictures of her self on her face book. I only saw some pictures of her kids and husband. She confess to me that she is a bit embarrass because she gained so much weight after she gave birth to her youngest. She told me also that she really miss her skinny body before she gave birth. She wanted to go to the gym but she have no much time and patience for that. I advised her to just go online and search for the safe diet pills in the market that will really work best for her. I told her that she don’t need to be upset or feel depress because there are lots of solutions for her problem she just not to motivate herself and of course extend her patience.

April 14, 2010

Felty Bathroom

I have two hands the left and the right, so clean and bright. Yesterday on our way to school we got a flat tire. I was riding with my co-worker who goes to school with me every Tuesday. We stopped at by the gas station 5 miles a way from school. While Shakira was calling for her Boyfriend to help her change the spare tire I went inside to the gas stations bathroom. Gosh! I regret upon going to their bathroom because it was the filthiest bathroom I've seen in all the gas station here in Poughkeepsie. Hmmm! A facility like that should provide a clean bathroom for their costumers. Imagine they don't even have any kind of hand dryers or even just a towel that you can use to dry your hands. Mind you they did not also have any soap and hand sanitizer. Gladly I always carry a hand sanitizer on my bag. I will never go to that bathroom again.

Is not feeling

I'm home today, yes I decided to call in to work today. Since the other night I was not feeling right. I thought I will not be able to go to work yesterday but I did anyway. At night on my way to school I started feeling worse. The headache was not tolerable it feels like my skul is going to explode lol! I can't seems to understand why I always experience having frequent headache lately. Then It comes to my conclusions that the reasons behind all of this is because of my eyesight, I think I need to set an appoint and have my eyes check again. Its been long since I had it. And seems like my eye glasses is too strong for me as well cause everytime I wear it, it seems not right. It always gives me headache and blurry visions. Oh well, I will find out all of this once I see an eyes doctor.

My Hip Hop BOyfriend

Last weekend my boyfriend was not able to come up here in Staatsburg because his sister and nieces came from MS to visit him. They went to NYC to hang out together with their kids. At the end of the day he sent me bunch of pictures that he took from his phone on that day and one of those pictures is this one. I was not able to stop my self from laughing when I saw this picture because he look so different though he look a lot younger lol! He told me that his youngest bought a lot of hip hop clothes in NYC including this hat he wore in the picture. He told me that Mac stuck this in his head on their way home and he kinda like it. I told him that I like it better compared to the hat that he was going to buy when him and I went to Macy's 2 months ago, coz he looks like an elf lol! He agreed on me though;)

April 9, 2010

I dont understand

Why the computer I bought in the Philippines is always broke.My borther messaged me last night asking for money to buy a new computer memory. 3 weeks ago he was asking money for a new mother board. Hmm seems like we have been sending him too much money for that computer and it only gets broke. I think we should get him a Laptop. It seems to me that we are spending too much money to fix that computer than just buying him a new laptop.Gosh I don't want to spend too much money for that computer when it never gets fix.

April 8, 2010

trying to figure out

How I can upload pictures from my phone through here on blogger. Idk if I can do it or maybe I just have to wait later when I can use my computer when I get home. I wish that Blackberry have apps for blogger so that it is more convinient for me to maintain my blogging even I'm at work. Like this I am able to update this blog while I'm at the car going to work. Isn't it so nice when you get to do that? I've tried to search for apps for blogger but they didn't have. Oh well at least I can still update this blog when I'm away from my computer, though I just can't find a way how to copy and paste a url websites when I need to do that or when I need to submit my task.

April 2, 2010

Being a good girl lol!

While I was writing this entry I was in the kitchen cooking lunch. I'm being a good girl and I'm in the mood to prepare our lunch, so that the mother can't complain when she gets home from work coz her meal is prepared by me;). Since its my day off and it was lunch time and I haven't put anything on my stomach I decide to cook bisteak tagalog, so that I can have something delicious to feed to my growling stomach.


Okay after a half day of not doing anything I finally decide to make myself useful. I went downstairs and prepared something for lunch. After eating my lunch I went back here in my bedroom and do some cleaning and dusting. I also change my window curtains, and wipe my ceiling fan that look so outdated. I dusted it and is still so ugly. Ha! how I wish I can magically turn it like the Murray Feiss lightening that I saw online when I was surfing the net earlier. Though I know that I can really make this ceiling fan to look nicer but dang! before I can do that I have to spend a dime to make it to look nicer and modern looking. Well, I think the best thing that I should do is to let the parents know that there are some of the things in house that really needs some attention and upgrade.