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September 22, 2010

she always care for me

Mom bought me a big bottle of woman's multivitamin over the weekend and I have not touch it since. I told her that I really don't need it. She nag me to hell because she thinks I'm crazy Lol! She keeps reminding me to take it, especially now that I get so stress at work and have to get up super early because my work schedule has changed since I got promoted. She said I could use a good vitamins to keep me energize. She's right though! Ah! My mom really loves me so much, even though we often argue. She always think of me before herself which I am so grateful. So with that being said, I need to stop being hard headed and probably start listening to her and take the vitamins that she bought for me, so that she will know that I really appreciate her effort.


Hey guys! Do you know any about best weight loss supplements? If you you care to share it to me? I am just so desperate lately that I couldn't really find the right one online. Or let say I'm afraid to trust those diet weight loss product that I seen on TV and online. It could make a big difference when someone that you know suggested it to you because we can really sure that it will really work and it is not just a waste of money.

I look like a fidodido

I think I worry too much about gaining weight because I becoming so obsess of looking online for a weight loss program that can help me to get a flat stomach that I have been dying to have. But I wonder why all the people that I encounter everyday, including my parents thinks that I look just fine. I couldn't agree with them because every time I look at myself in the mirror I always see myself with a bulging belly . I also have been having a problems fitting my shorts and jeans, plus I weight myself lately in the nurse station at work and I awfully gained 8 pounds. They see me so skinny possibly because I have a long but skinny arms and legs that looks like fidodio Lol!

September 21, 2010

she thinks I look so skinny

At work earlier during lunch time one of the residence told me that I look like I have been losing weight. She said I look too skinny compared the last time that she saw me and that was before I left for my vacation to the Philippines. I answered her that I don't agree with her because I weigh myself previously and I gained 8 pounds In the last 3 weeks which is a lot. I even told her that I could use any best weight loss product to help me lose the pounds that I gained. She burst out to laugh, she thinks I'm crazy Lol. I told her that It might be because I am wearing a scrub, and that could really make a big difference. But She really insist that I really look so skinny, so to end the conversation...I just agree with her;)

I'm just lazy, I know!

Here I am again reading reviews for slimming tablets that really work for me. I know that I have been saying it a million times how badly I need to lose weight. Actually, mom don't agree with me that I should focus on looking for diet pills. She believes all i need is a time and motivation to do some work out. She said taking a diet pill is okay but not for me since I don't really look that big.

Well, i don't like seeing myself in the mirror anymore, even though lots of people keeps telling that I look sexy Lol! My arms and legs are tiny while my stomach is really out of the zone. I look like a pregnant woman honestly. I just thought that the best diet pill could really help me to get back my flat tummy with out doing any exercise. I am just too lazy to go to the gym as of the moment cause still don't get my normal sleeping hours and I get so tired after work. But in a month or so I promised myself to do my zumba class again, but for the meantime I need to find a slimming tablets to take.

September 20, 2010

I believe he needs a new car

2 weeks ago my boyfriend emailed me and telling how pissed he was. Someone hit his car while it was parked outside his place. The hit did some pretty bad damage to his car rear end. The guy just took off with out saying any words, good thing he got the guys plate numbers so my boyfriend called a police and reported what had happened. On the same day he filed an auto insurance claim so that he can fix his car cause it sure cost him a fortune to have it fix.But when I saw his car Last Wednesday, I told him that I think he needs a new car.

September 11, 2010

Job for You

Seeking a job right at this moment can be very hard due to competition among applicants. Most of them would want to get an administration job because of the great opportunity in handling the company or the employees. Whatever problems that may arise can give them a chance to figure out to solve the problem since them are in the position to control it. If you are one of them who aspire to get the position, good luck to you!

September 9, 2010

Personalized Gifts

When we opened the balikbayan box that we sent here in PI I thought the hand painted ceramic that I ordered online will not make it here in the Philippines because it's very fragile. Though I make sure that I wrap it well so that it wont break, thank GOD! It don't have even a single crack.

My Aunt Helen is very happy to receive all the personalized gifts that we gave to her. It is a portrait of her and my uncle with their kids painted on the ceramic platters. She love it so much. She said it's a unique gifts that she receives in her whole life. She keep saying that she never see like one before.