The Designers Chic

September 10, 2009

weight loss pills

Yesterday I heard my mother murmuring in front of the mirror and complaining about herself. She thinks that she really gain so much weight and really needs to buy some kind of weight loss pills to control and help her lose all those excess fats that she think she has. I really don’t think that she is fat, although she has some kind of saggy belly. I don’t know why she thinks that taking some weight loss pills and not doing some exercise could help her solve her problems but she has no limit to her diet. Imagine almost weekend they always go to a party and when all the Filipino’s gathered together oh gosh there is always so many kinds of food that you can’t resist. So meaning you will forget your diet.

Lady GaGa Poker Face Tutorial

My gosh I really adore Michelle Phan for she can always do all kinds of make up tutorial. Recently I have been watching her video tutorial for lady gaga look a like. Gosh she really did it well, she really have a talent to help those who don't know much about putting make up.

September 9, 2009


Winter is almost here and I’m not really looking forward to it. I’m actually afraid of the cold lols! I just don’t understand my body temperature, every morning when I go to work gosh I can’t go out with out if I don’t wear any jacket cause I will be shaking from cold. Papa Kevin said that it’s not even winter yet, and I have to wait till the winter is here. But I have no choice I live now in a place that will be going to have lots and lots of snow. So I guess I have to prepare for it. I also need to start buying for some winter clothes. When we went to a garage sale last Sunday I found a very beautiful Ugg it was still new and still has a tag on it, although it didn’t fit me. I was very disappointed because it really looks good on me. So I am looking online and planning to get me one soon cause when I tried it on it it is very comfy I’m looking forward to be wearing like that kind of boots.

September 1, 2009

A Busy Day!

Life is awesome when you don’t have so much things to worry about. Today was really a great day, although it was a busy day for me. I start my day by doing all the house hold chores then took a shower and prepare myself to go to the clinic for my ppd test reading. As I’ve mentioned to my other blog before that I may be start working soon to the nursing home where my mom is working, but they ask me to get a ppd shot so that I am ready when they call me. We spend like about 30 mins there at the clinic then after papa Kevin mom and I at Marshall we were planning to buy papa Kevin’s birthday gift and also to get an application forms, but when we get there there’s a huge sale going on, so of course mom and is attempted to look around and to get some items for us. Mom and I decided to just let papa Kevin go home and will only pick us up on his way to karate. It was really a great time shopping with mom and I really get to enjoy my day today. We just got home a min. ago and now I’m here on my computer chatting and also searching about the Blue Advantage. I was meaning to do it this morning but I was really busy.