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December 28, 2010

New Years Resolution.

I promised to myself that on the year 2011 I’ll move out from my parents but I really have to focus my mind first on getting a license. So by February 2011 by hook or by crook I’ll get my DL, then I’ll do my next move. I honestly admit that I feel like I have no life. Well, don’t get me wrong I’m very happy and lucky that I live free here with my parents. But the more I’m depending to them the more I become so irresponsible. I’ll be turning 30 soon and I really want to build myself back.

It’s very nice that my parents are always there for me, but I have to think for my future. I want to be really responsible and stop depending on them. So since my father couldn’t really spend all of his time to teach on driving. My friend at work promised to help me, ( so nice of her). She also told me that she wont stop helping me until I’ll get my DL and I don’t need to pay her. She even told me that she is going to help find a cheap car insurance so that I can have my own and will stop depending to my parents. I’ve told her that my car has been on the road already coz papa Kevin included me to his insurance policy. My friend s=just shake her head because she couldn’t believe how dependent I am to my parents even though I have a good job that can support myself. That’s why I am really focusing myself to have MY own DL so that I can stop depending to my parents.

December 24, 2010

Christmas Tree

This is my recent picture. This was taken Last December 11th after our Fil-Am community party. I proudly say that our Christmas tree is very beautiful. I personally decorated it. I even spend almost $80 for all those Christmas ornaments and decorations. I asked my parents that I will be buying the ornaments and I will be the one to decorate our Christmas tree.

I am glad though that they both liked how I decorated our Christmas tree. I really had so much fun putting all those ornaments to our Christmas tree, I was like a kid.. This year I didn’t like to use all those old Christmas ornaments that my parents already had, that’s why even though my budget was limited I decide to buy new ones. I choose to use gold and red ornaments. I don’t know why I choose gold and red but it just come out with the idea of having a Christmas tree with red and gold ornaments.

They said many people use the decoration of the Christmas Tree as an expression of their own spirit. No one tree is ever decorated the quite the same. So anyway how much did you spend for your ornaments for your christmas tree?

I want A Non Slip Overshoe

Yes its winter is finally here and I’m not so happy about it because I have to deal with the cold weather and the icy road. I honestly was digging my winter wardrobe since November but I didn’t realize that one of the most important thing I should have get is a reusable non slip overshoe. I really would to have a pair, to protect my feet from snow and ice, while taking Lily out ( our dog ). Having a non slip overshoe is a great solution to my problem when I’m taking Lily out because it gets very slippery outside. That’s why I hardly take her out during because I slipped many times out there every time I take her out to do her business.

December 15, 2010

Acne Tips

Besides the obvious of good hygiene and using an acne skin treatment I have been controlling myself from touching and squeezing the acne on my face to avoid spreading the bacteria and to prevent from scarring my skin . I also maintained to drink lots of water everyday. This is just some of the easiest acne tips I learned from reading online.

I’ve learned my mistake before when I tried to squeeze so hard the acne on my face that only made it really worse and irritate the surrounding and become redder. I was so disappointed. But I’m glad that I learned my mistakes and avoid doing it again.

December 13, 2010

rfid blocking wallet as gifts

My boyfriend has an RFID card that grants him to access to doors via an RFID reader and any other important cards that has RFID chips that could be read from a distance. He keep all those things in his RFID wallet. Though his wallet is almost torn apart. I advised him to get a new wallet but he said he loves his wallet because it can protect his credit card and other information from being stolen. Now I am thinking that I should’ve had give him one of those rfid blocking wallets. I think it is very unique and he will definitely will love it.

December 9, 2010

Unfinished Shopping

Dang it! I thought I am finish with my Christmas shopping. I haven’t been able to finish my Christmas wrapping either. And now, I still have to find gifts for Tony and Melissa. Gosh! So many things to do so little time. Oh well, I’ll ask the parents if we could stop by at the mall after my hair appointment cause I‘ll be working the whole week next week and I will have no time to shop. Plus tomorrow after work we have a party to attend to. But if papa Kevin couldn’t take me today to the mall, then I have no choice but to shop online. I’m sure I could find different unique styles of whirlpool faucets. I am thinking to get them a new faucet since they need one anyway, and that will save me time to look gifts fore both of them.

Feeling Irritated

Having a sleepless night is so irritable. And I’m here up at this early because it only makes me frustrated trying so hard to get more hours of sleep. It seems like my brain is running everywhere and getting it to cooperate so that I can get a decent sleep is impossible. So might as well get up and do something useful. So here I am sitting in my computer chair and checking for some cheap industrial bearings that my father asked me to do for weeks now and I have been ignoring it. Well, at least today I am able to do it and who knows this could also help me feel sleepy.

December 2, 2010

Be Successful

Let me share with you one view that fall under the category of opinion, but for others its a fact. This point of view goes this way : If you want to get rich, start your own business. You are the boss, and you'll work under your own pace. There's no one to dictate you what to do but you should work hard in order to reach your goal ( to get wealthy).

There are many successful home businesses now a days that really worked according to the promises of the founder of such networking company. Many are convinced to get involved in this kind of business system. Good for those people who became successful. On the other hand, I pity for those who fell from fraud pyramid networking scheme who easily believed and put their money away for nothing. It is important to know first the backgraound and foundation of the network before entering. Most importantly, don't resign from your job without evidence that the network you want to get involved with is for real.

December 1, 2010


Probably most of us know that Eczema is an inflamed skin, an itchy rashes that can be very difficult to tolerate. It is also a chronic condition that form on any part of the body. For me this is a life threatening disease, it can be very uncomfortable and irritating too. I’m sure those people who are dealing with this type of problems are losing their self esteem. So if you are dealing with this type of problem and want to learn more about eczema do it now I’m sure there are lots of ways there how to get rid of this disease.

November 27, 2010

the worst experience is having a numorous acne

Two weeks ago I really freak out every time I look myself in the mirror. I feel so upset that my face had so much pimples. I didn’t know what to do and decided to stop all the treatments that I have been using for months because of the thought that it was cause. Our RN advised me to see a dermatologist and ask for a body acne treatment because I don’t only have the acne on my face but it’s all over my head and back. She thinks I am allergic to something that really causes of getting bad acne. Though its healing up now and the scars are starting to fade…Thank God!

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanks giving to all!

Do you have your Turkey day Menu yet? Us here we are going to celebrate the Thanksgiving day to papa Kevin's brother. And this will be my second time Celebrating the Thanksgiving with his family. Mom didn't want to have the feast here in the house because she do not like any of the stress or rush of doing it all, since were both working.

Actually I'm about to go to work but I thought of going online first and find the best free seo tools while I'm waiting for them to be ready. I'm sure we will be going home late tonight so I will not be able to search it and I just need need it. I'm sure there are a great number of SEO tools designed to serve every purpose of website optimization.

Okay, I better finish this entry now so that I can do what I need to do before going to work. Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful family & friends I'm praying for more blessings of health and happiness will be yours this Thanksgiving Day and the whole year through! Me, I am incredibly happy for all the things that God bestowed upon me.

November 20, 2010

One of the item in my Christmas Wishlist

Last Christmas my parents was giving me a comforter sets. This coming Christmas I am adding the Luxury bed linens to my wish list. I want a new bed linens this year and Hopefully I’ll get one this Christmas. And this is the only way for me of owning a luxury bed linens. I have been thinking of buying one but I realize it’s almost Christmas so I’ll just wait.

For me owning a luxury bed linens is an investment that will not only make my bedroom look more elegant and inviting but, it will also help me to improve the quality of my sleep at night, which I really need. I have been working double shift lately and been getting less sleep. So of course I really want to be more comfortable and relaxing when going to bed and having a comfortable linen is a big help.

Working On Black Friday

The parents planned to go to Connecticut on Black Friday. I feel so upset because I couldn’t go with them since I am working, but in the other hand I am a little bit relieve since I don’t have that much money to spend on black Friday. I’ll probably have to wait on my next paycheck before I can start my Christmas shopping. And maybe I’ll shop in NYC when I come down there on the first week of December to see my baby. I know that I still have time to shop, but I will definitely not going to wait for the last minute Christmas shopping cause it is so much of a hassle.

November 19, 2010

No Day Off Again

Gosh! Why can’t I say no to our management whenever he ask me to work on my day off. I have been working 7 days straight for a month now and been doing double as well. I couldn’t believe how my body is able to handle all the stress. I just hope that I wont get sick cause I’m sure my paycheck wont be enough to pay for the bills of hospitalization ( knock on wood ) God forbid! That will be the last thing I want to happen.

Ha! I should stop worrying and better yet start getting ready for bed. But before that I have to search for a nba style promotional headband before I go to bed for I know It will slip on my mind if I’ll wait to do it later. Okay guys, I better dig this headband now or else, I’ll get a kick on my behind from my cousin if I will forget it.

November 15, 2010

did another purchase

OMG1 it looks like I’m going to make a big hole to my wallet again! I just finish browsing online for cell phone accessories and I couldn’t resist. I have been thinking of getting a car charger for my phone and a new headphone because the free one I had when I bought my phone is no where to be found. Even though those phone accessories are not that pricey it still a bit heavy to spend but I badly needs to have them so I have no choice but to release some bucks from my wallet Lol!

i wish I have the power to rewind the past

Long time ago when I was only teenager I was so eager to gain weight. I ate everything that mom feeds me, but still never gained weight I guess my metabolism was very slow. Though not anymore and I wish I can rewind the past. But if I will given a chance to go back to the past, I will definitely not to wish to gain weight because its so freaking hard to lose weight. Well, finding fat burning supplements that work is easy, but finding ones that do the job without annoying side effects is the challenge. It could also cause a big whole to your pocket. Huh! with the holidays coming I am aware that I'll be gaining few more pounds Lol! So I really need some good plans and motivation here

November 12, 2010

are you ready for the winter?

Ready or not, chilly days are here and nothing can stop that! That also means its time for layers and bundle up our self with so many clothes to protect us from the freezing weather, brrr!

Yesterday I was very happy that we went to the warehouse after work. Even though I got scolded by my mother…I didn’t stop myself from buying a lot of winter stuff.

Mom gave me an evil look when she saw my cart that full of women's apparel. Though I really didn’t spend that much even though I bought a lot of winter clothes and accessories because they are very cheap. I purchase a lot of scarves too.

Oh! I so loves scarves cause I can do a lot of things with them...there are so many ways to tie them that will make you look sophisticated even though you are so bundle up. It also helps me keep the brr away.

October 27, 2010

Beautiful Prada Shoes

I know that I just posted a blog post to my other blog about the shoes that I wanted to add to my shoes collection. But I tell you what, when I found this Prada shoes my eyes couldn’t take away from it. I send the website link to my boyfriend and told him that I really like it so much. The is a bit heavy for my pocket, So I hope he will get my hint and buy it for me, wink! The is a bit heavy for my pocket Lol!

how to treat eczema

Eczema is a common skin disease that can occur in infants, children and adults. The skin frequently has a scaly and inflamed appearance, and there may also be skin flaking, blisters which leak and then crust over, and extreme itchiness.

At work there are two residence who have this kind of skin problem. And since I am the medtech I am responsible to apply all those creams into their skin. Sometimes I am scared cause I don’t want to get those kind of skin disease, though of course I always make sure that I wear a gloves and wash my hands after I touch the residents skin.

But sometimes I freak out thinking about it so here I am searching and reading some articles on how to treat eczema. At least in this way I’ll learn something.

October 26, 2010

Putting Our Christmas Tree Up

Mom starts digging our 6 feet artificial christmas tree in the attic and papa Kevin complains about it because it’s too early to put the Christmas tree up. Well, in the Philippines the people there starts putting all the Christmas decoration when the BER months starts. So this is not really too early at least for me and mama. Soon when our Christmas is already up, I will need to start buying Christmas gifts to put under the Christmas tree.

diet pills that are safe

With the holidays coming in I’m sure there will be lots of family gathering. Now I'm wondering and thinking which diet pills that are safe to take. I’m sure there are many of you out there who has the same questions like me when it comes to diet pills.

I honestly tried so many diet tea and diet pills before. Though I really did not maintain them seriously cause I think I really don’t need a pill coz I am not really that overweight but there are some few fats on my body that I need to get rid of.

October 19, 2010

sister's through thick and thin

I’m very thankful for having an awesome sister. Even though often times we argued but were still very opened and will always be there for each others. Last week I had problem with money because I had to pay for my car insurance. I was really broke. I was going to ask for a cash advance at work but I feel so embarrass. So I turned to my dear sister instead, I’m so glad that she didn’t hesitate for letting me borrow her money. I’m very thankful that despite of our differences she’s always be there for me.

No More Ugly Looking Zits

The day I start working my face never stop from having huge zits that really looks so ugly. Probably because of stress and not getting enough of sleep. It made me so upset and disgusted every time I looked at myself on the mirror. Thank Heavens! I finally found the best acne treatment that helps me from having them again. I usually gets a small bumps on my face when it’s time of the month but now since I start using these acne treatment , I should say my face is looking so nice and smooth now.

October 16, 2010

eager to get back her normal size

Mom is controlling herself for not eating too much. Sometimes she is also skipping meals, especially dinner. I told her that it’s not really a good idea and that is not the right way to loose weight. I told her that she really don’t need to starve herself. I believed that even she’s on diet she still can eat the foods that she like but just limit it. I know that to get a quick weight loss isn’t easy but we just have to be patient and do it slow and steady. I think we really don’t need to get it all off tomorrow, we just need to be motivated and get it off. You may think it’s so easy for me to say, but I honestly admit that I am also having hard time applying it to myself, though I am keeping myself to think positive cause I believed there’s no pain no beauty Lol!

day off

I and mom’s day off today, but instead of just staying in the house resting she prefer to go to the mall. I refuse to go with her because I know it will only going to give a big hole to my pocket and I really couldn’t afford that right now since I only have few dollars left and I hate using credit cards.

Wrap Your Way To Weight Loss

Mom wants me to search about this slimming body wraps she got so excited about this thing. I have no idea also where she get this information. She told me that it can give you a fit, trimmed, and toned body in every area, helping you to burn over 1200 calories in one 50 minute session, reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation, relieve pain and muscle stiffness, and eliminate acne and psoriasis in all one. In short, it is mainly meant to promote weight loss, but has various other additional benefits. I’m sure those woman out there (including me) wants to try on this product. It sounds very promising.

October 15, 2010

digital camera is number one on my wish list

I’m looking at these digital cameras on Amazon right now cause I think I badly need a camera Lol! My sister dropped my camera when we went to Lake Ontario. I was really upset when she broke my camera by dropping it, But I know she didn't do it in purpose so I tried to forget it. Though I bought a new one and my dear sister likes it. I couldn’t say no to so I just gave it to her.

I know that I still have few months to go before Christmas but I can’t stop thinking about it I tell you what, I already made a wish list, and one thing in my list is a digital camera. Actually A digital Camera is number one on my list. I really hope that I will be able to buy the camera that I have been eying to have.

webcam picture

Yeah, I know this is not the most flattering picture ever. It’s too bright and a little bit blurry too. This picture was taken from my webcam the other day before we go out to dinner on my mom’s birthday. The batteries of my mom’s camera was dying so I charged it.

Today I’m smiling because it’s the end of the week and I can stay up late and watched movie, or play games online because I don’t have to worry of getting up early tomorrow morning. If I am still living with my sister in Louisiana I bet me and my brother in-law will be playing his xbox 360. My brother in-law has so many collections of xbox 360 games because every time there is a new xbox 360 new release games he always buy it, the reason why I become so addicted to playing xbox because he has different types of games that suits for me.

So tomorrow, probably I'm going to download some free arcades game online while I will be doing my laundry at the same time.

October 14, 2010

wireless cctv cameras is what they need

I really get annoyed every morning when I heard complains from the PCA’S at work. They seems like stabbing each others. Maybe the management really needs to add some more wireless cctv cameras to monitor each workers, especially those ones who worked at night. They seems like not really doing their job and yet complains a lot with their other co-worker. In that case they will know how’s really not doing their job during their duties.

October 4, 2010

I don't know what to give her

Wow! I only have 8 days to prepare for mom’s birthday gift, and I‘m starting to panic. I still couldn’t think what to give her. However, I am thinking that It maybe a good idea to give her some kind of beauty products specifically for wrinkles. I heard her complaining at her self in the mirror the other day that she needs some kind of injection to straighten those lines on her chin and forehead., but it will cost her a fortune. I am not also quite sure which would be best for her, especially what I’ve heard and read online. They say that some of these products can really cause irritation, damage and rushes to the skin, and that is the last thing I would want to happen to my mom’s skin. So I guess I better read further and learn more about these product that in thing to purchase.

September 22, 2010

she always care for me

Mom bought me a big bottle of woman's multivitamin over the weekend and I have not touch it since. I told her that I really don't need it. She nag me to hell because she thinks I'm crazy Lol! She keeps reminding me to take it, especially now that I get so stress at work and have to get up super early because my work schedule has changed since I got promoted. She said I could use a good vitamins to keep me energize. She's right though! Ah! My mom really loves me so much, even though we often argue. She always think of me before herself which I am so grateful. So with that being said, I need to stop being hard headed and probably start listening to her and take the vitamins that she bought for me, so that she will know that I really appreciate her effort.


Hey guys! Do you know any about best weight loss supplements? If you you care to share it to me? I am just so desperate lately that I couldn't really find the right one online. Or let say I'm afraid to trust those diet weight loss product that I seen on TV and online. It could make a big difference when someone that you know suggested it to you because we can really sure that it will really work and it is not just a waste of money.

I look like a fidodido

I think I worry too much about gaining weight because I becoming so obsess of looking online for a weight loss program that can help me to get a flat stomach that I have been dying to have. But I wonder why all the people that I encounter everyday, including my parents thinks that I look just fine. I couldn't agree with them because every time I look at myself in the mirror I always see myself with a bulging belly . I also have been having a problems fitting my shorts and jeans, plus I weight myself lately in the nurse station at work and I awfully gained 8 pounds. They see me so skinny possibly because I have a long but skinny arms and legs that looks like fidodio Lol!

September 21, 2010

she thinks I look so skinny

At work earlier during lunch time one of the residence told me that I look like I have been losing weight. She said I look too skinny compared the last time that she saw me and that was before I left for my vacation to the Philippines. I answered her that I don't agree with her because I weigh myself previously and I gained 8 pounds In the last 3 weeks which is a lot. I even told her that I could use any best weight loss product to help me lose the pounds that I gained. She burst out to laugh, she thinks I'm crazy Lol. I told her that It might be because I am wearing a scrub, and that could really make a big difference. But She really insist that I really look so skinny, so to end the conversation...I just agree with her;)

I'm just lazy, I know!

Here I am again reading reviews for slimming tablets that really work for me. I know that I have been saying it a million times how badly I need to lose weight. Actually, mom don't agree with me that I should focus on looking for diet pills. She believes all i need is a time and motivation to do some work out. She said taking a diet pill is okay but not for me since I don't really look that big.

Well, i don't like seeing myself in the mirror anymore, even though lots of people keeps telling that I look sexy Lol! My arms and legs are tiny while my stomach is really out of the zone. I look like a pregnant woman honestly. I just thought that the best diet pill could really help me to get back my flat tummy with out doing any exercise. I am just too lazy to go to the gym as of the moment cause still don't get my normal sleeping hours and I get so tired after work. But in a month or so I promised myself to do my zumba class again, but for the meantime I need to find a slimming tablets to take.

September 20, 2010

I believe he needs a new car

2 weeks ago my boyfriend emailed me and telling how pissed he was. Someone hit his car while it was parked outside his place. The hit did some pretty bad damage to his car rear end. The guy just took off with out saying any words, good thing he got the guys plate numbers so my boyfriend called a police and reported what had happened. On the same day he filed an auto insurance claim so that he can fix his car cause it sure cost him a fortune to have it fix.But when I saw his car Last Wednesday, I told him that I think he needs a new car.

September 11, 2010

Job for You

Seeking a job right at this moment can be very hard due to competition among applicants. Most of them would want to get an administration job because of the great opportunity in handling the company or the employees. Whatever problems that may arise can give them a chance to figure out to solve the problem since them are in the position to control it. If you are one of them who aspire to get the position, good luck to you!

September 9, 2010

Personalized Gifts

When we opened the balikbayan box that we sent here in PI I thought the hand painted ceramic that I ordered online will not make it here in the Philippines because it's very fragile. Though I make sure that I wrap it well so that it wont break, thank GOD! It don't have even a single crack.

My Aunt Helen is very happy to receive all the personalized gifts that we gave to her. It is a portrait of her and my uncle with their kids painted on the ceramic platters. She love it so much. She said it's a unique gifts that she receives in her whole life. She keep saying that she never see like one before.

August 30, 2010

online auction

I promised my cousin that I'd give her the set of make up tools that I won from an online auction couple weeks ago. I was gonna keep it for myself especially that its in pink colors, my ultimate favorite color. But I guess I can bid another one when I get back from the Philippines. When I showed this things to her on the web-cam during our chats she never stops bugging me Lol! I'm sure she will be happier to receive all these gifts that I'm giving her. Ah! I was so lucky to be able to win these make up tools for a very reasonable price and guess what? I am starting to get so addicted bidding stuff at have so many nice stuff

August 26, 2010

My Pink Snow Boots

I got my very first snow boots last summer when mom was looking on a garage sale. When we found my pink snow boots I really didn't hesitate to get it. Oh I so love it because pink is my most favorite color. The snow boots was still very new and in good shape, actually it don't look like it has been used. It also matches my pink snow suit which makes it extra special. Honestly even though I don't like winter but I am looking forward to it, because my boyfriend promised to take me to Bear mountain. He likes to ski and snowboard, and he wanted me to try them since I told him I never done it before. I don't know if I can really do it though because just by looking some of the videos in You scares the hell out of me, but we will see maybe I will be brave enough to do it. Besides I know babe will be with me.

Oh by the way, the picture that you see above is me and Silver having fun playing the snow in our backyard. Gosh we had so much fun that day, though I had a terrible headache after, but it was all worth it.

August 8, 2010

New Hairstyle

I decided to get a haircut last week and its a shorter length. I was hesitant at first because its been a long time I had a very short hair and I'm not so use of having a shorter length hair. Plus my boyfriend ask me to really not cut my hair too short. Though before I decide to have my hair cut I showed him a picture of the hairstyle that I planned for my hair, he liked it so I go for it. I also decided to have a bangs this time but not too short. While I was at the salon I was very scared of the result but it came out really good. I was very happy and satisfied, so I gave the hairstylist a big tip that also make her happy. The people at work didn't recognize me when they saw me. They wonder who I was Lol! I heard so many compliment about my hair and they all love it too, they said it really look good on me and I'm glad.

Dying to have a Hunter ceiling fan

I just got home from work and oh so hot here in my bedroom. I forgot to turn on the window AC when I left to work this morning. Now both of my air-con and ceiling fan are running, though the ceiling fan isn't much of a help. it doesn't really blow much air. I guess its because it is very old and it needs to be upgraded. I really have been planning to upgrade it though I just couldn't afford it at the moment. On the 3rd week of September I heard that I will get a salary raise..Upgrading everything here in my bedroom specifically my ceiling fan would be my first project.

Oh I'm so dying to have one of these Hunter ceiling fans here in my bedroom. I'm sure it will look great. Ha! I can't wait, but time flies so fast I'll just need to keep my fingers cross that I will have other expences coming so that I can really do what I have been planning to do here in my bedroom. Oh1 I want my room to be so comfortable cause this is the only room here in the house where I can relax after work

July 30, 2010

I think I need to buy a whistle

I'm here in my bedroom right now feeling annoyed upon hearing my mom's voice. I just can't understand why she has to scream every time papa Kevin is having conversation with her. That is the reason why I'm always avoiding when she wants to have a conversation with me because I know that it will only lead to an argument that sometimes I find very nonsense. They are arguing right now about what size of the whole house water filter they will get. Gosh this is not really a big problem but seems like its really a big deal to my mother. I guess she is just too excited and too happy to see the low price of those water filters from

Planning to get a haircut

My sister and mother had their haircut a 2 weeks ago. I was going to get mine together with them but I was working. I wasn't sure also what hairstyle I wanted. The other day I was browsing online and search for a hairstyle that would really suits me. I don't want really wish to cut my hair really short that I will regret after, plus the boyfriend don't really want me to cut my hair really short. The picture attach is the hairstyle that captured my heart Lol! I showed it to my man and he loves it, so I decided to go for this style...I might color my hair the same in the picture too, not sure though but I will have to think about the color. Oh I can't wait to see what would be the result after I get my haircut. I hope it will really look good on me. Keep my fingers crossed.

July 23, 2010

the costume that I desire

Last Halloween party we were not able to attend, but this year we will definitely. I already know what kind of costumes that I would like to wear. But its because the costume is very sexy I'm getting so conscious about my fat belly if I will be able to lose it by November.

I really need to do my Zumba often so that I will have a flat belly that I desire. I like the Star wars Princess Leia slave costume. Its a rubber molded bra that form in a gold accentuates teal bra top beneath with a matching gold loin piece belt that embellished by a draping eggplant bikini bottom.

This costume is very sassy and I'm so dying to wear it. Do you think I will have the guts to wear it by November? Ha! I better start depriving myself from eating too much rice. But how can I do it? When I know that I really couldn't live with out rice, Plus the fact that I'll be flying to the Philippines soon. I know for sure I will be gaining weight when I get back here in the US. Ohhh! Well, I'll better double my effort of getting the flat belly so that I can have this costume.

Dusting time

Ha! It’s time to dust all these useless things that I have been saving on my computer for years. I realize that I have so much stuff saved on my computer which I really think its useless keeping those stuff that long, they only eats space on my computer which makes my computer slower.

Geez! I have thousands of pictures too that I didn’t bother to look again. I guess it’s really time for me to transfer all those pictures in a a CD and have them printed and put them on an album. I should have not deleted those pictures from my micro sd and just let it stay there since it has has a large capacity to store all my pictures. I know that If I keep downloading pictures from camera to my computer, my computer will definitely crash on me, which I really can’t afford that to happen.

What's really on FB?

This is my question every time I go on my computer and I find out myself already browsing Facebook. Supposedly I will be writing my opps not fb'ing. Hmmm! I should not open the Facebook page unless I'm finish all my assignments cause FB will only eats my time and I will never finish with the important things that I should be working on. Dang FB ur like a drugs that is so addicting LOL!

July 20, 2010


Had my Zumba class again yesterday and I planned to do it hopefully this coming Wednesday. I think its good if I can do this class trice a week. Zumba is also like a natural depression treatment that really helps me to release all those bad tension that I had been feeling lately and all those stressed. This morning I even didn't want to open my eyes when its time for me to get up and get ready for work. Gosh for the long time I'm able to sleep all through the night, which I really need to have.

July 14, 2010

she didn't know

When my sister was pregnant with her eldest child, she didn't know that she really needs to take prenatal vitamins. I think that is on e of the reason why Charles is premature. But with her second child she learns a lot of things. She took care of her self really good, eats lots of healty foods, drink milks for pregnant woman. and of course she started taking the her OGYN's advice to take a prenatal vitamins to make the baby healthy. She has really different experience during her two pregnancies. That also because during her first pregnancy she tried to hide it and no one can really device or help her. She didn't have any idea at first. She was also very stressed because she was working all the time, though now that my nephew is 5 years old, even though he was a preemie he is very active now and healthy.

best weight loss pills

Finding the best weight loss pills pills is really hard especially when there are thousands of diet pills out there. Some may say that their product is so effective though it only lighten your wallet and not your weight. I know its really tough to decide and choose which diet wills will actually work and which one are scams. So guys if you are one of those over weight person out there. You better keep your eye open and really dig deeper before you decide, I know you don't want to make a big hole of your packet.

she is something

I tell you, having acne can really be frustrating especially when you look at yourself in the mirror. But can effectively treated if you have the right treatment and appropriate application of topical treatment. I think I understand my mother now why she is so frustrated every time she look at herself in the mirror. A month ago she was really bothering papa Kevin to make an appointment to a dermatologist cause she really thinks she needs a treatment so bad.

She was happy when she finally got appointment 2 weeks ago, but seems like she is regretting from having it. She kept saying she dont see any result and the woman told her that she can't see the result yet in just one treatment. She has to finish the 10 session of treatment. They also gave her a $700 worth for her adult acne treatments that she can use everyday. She told us that she wanted to stop using it and will return the products cause she is not really satisfied. I kinda know that this will gong to happen cause she really never happy with all those skin care treatments that she used before. But she has no choice she can't get her money back if she will decide to stop with her treatment, so she has to keep having it until the last session. I hope that she will stop complaining thought and be patiently waiting for the result.

July 13, 2010

sat prep

Ugh! I really hate it when I take a nap. In the car, on our way home from work I took a short nap in the car. I couldn't keep my eyes open, I must be sooo tired, so i decided to close my eyes. Now I'm still dealing with this annoying headache. Though I'm very glad because I'm still able to do my work here in the house. Darn I couldn't understand why this is the effect when I take a short nap. Its one of the reason why I avoid taking nap after work cause every time I tried to take short naps, deal with headache. People should feel relax and rested after naps but not me. I don't like taking long naps either cause it prevent me from having a good sleep during the night. Argh! it really aggravates me. Okay I should stop talking about that nap. I'll better finish reading about this sat prep courses online. It sounds really interesting. Now that I'm done with my dental assisting class and only waiting for the certificate I am thinking to start looking for a new job when I get back from the Philippines then go back again to school. But this time I think I will just get a course through online for sure they have lots to offer for me. So who know is the answer.

My New Favorite

We have TFC (The Filipino Channel) here in our house, but I always watched my teleserye online because by the time I get home my show is over. Gladly there are so many websites out there who uploaded the daily episode of Magkaribal. I should say this my new Favorite teleserye now and I always look forward to it everyday.

Magkaribal is a Philippine primetime drama about love, fashion, and family 2010 on ABS-CBN. The series is the story of two women in the fashion world who discover they are sisters.

July 1, 2010

sleep aid?

These past weeks I have been experiencing bad nights. If I can't get a good night sleep I will be having nightmares. Especially during when I get so stress out that will be the time that I hardly get any sleep. I think I really have to seek some kind of sleeping aid. With my very busy schedule and stressful work finding the best sleep aid is the best option to take. I just wish that this would really help my problem and to sleep better every night!

natural vitamins

When I started working I started to lose few pounds and Mom keeps nagging me to take some natural vitamins that can help me and to avoid being so stress. I am glad though that I listen to her because It helps me relieve being so fatigue at the end of the day after working. Now I'm starting gaining back my weight. Though I know I have been complaining that my belly is starting to look soggy, but I'm sure once I started doing my Zumba class I wont be worrying too much about it.But at least the vitamins really helps me with lots of things, most especially getting enough of sleep.

So embarrasing

I am very happy that I am not suffering these embarrassing acne on my face anymore Although I felt bad because I get breakouts once on my head and back. Sometimes it can lose my self esteem especially during the time that I need to wear sexy clothes like back less or swim suit, the worse scenario is that it leaves a scars that is very visible to the people. So to those of you who also suffers from this embarrassing acne you may want to click here and check their websites for useful information that would really answers and help your problems.


Acnepril, Oh acnepril I'm sorry your too late but Im not really going to change my acne solution to you, no matter how effective and powerful acne pills you are. Coz I believe the saying that if I keep changing my skin care product it would only worsen my problem. Though I heard so many good feedback about you but sad to say I am contented and happy to what I have now. But definitely I will keep you in mind and refer you to some of the people I know who suffers really bad on acne.

June 23, 2010

mens ties

Ugh! How am I able to take a rest when the mother keeps bothering me. I'm here in my bedroom right now locking my door and trying ti hide from her Lol! Well I know that she will not stop bothering me unless she will get what she wants. She has been asking me to check for mens ties. She didn't know which style and best color that will fits for papa Kevin. She bought him a suit 3 months ago, but she didn't get a chance to buy the tie for the suit. Now she keeps bothering me to help her cause papa Kevin needs it this coming July for the engagement party of his Daughter. Oh well, I think I found the right one so I'll just have to show it to her and place her order.

relaxing at home

Ha! Finally I'm home. Its so nice to be able to go home and just relax. Though this week is really going to be a very very long week. I'm working straight this week till the first of July. Gladly when I ask a one week day off my manager just say yes. Bongacious coz I will be out of town on fourth of July.

relaxing at home

Ha! Finally I'm home. Its so nice to be able to go home and just relax. Though this week is really going to be a very very long week. I'm working straight this week till the first of July. Gladly when I ask a one week day off my manager just say yes. Bongacious coz I will be out of town on fourth of July.

June 5, 2010

me, forgetful

Dang! I forgot to bring my vitamin supplements that my mother gave me. I really need it right now. How can I forgot my vitamins? Hmm! I think I also need a some kind of brain memory vitamins since I have been really forgetful lately. Oh Lord this is a sign of getting old Lol! Ha I will turning 29 soon waaaa! I hate it but I have no choice, were all going there anyway. Thats why I'm very thankful that my mother always thinks of me. If its not because of her I will not be looking younger than my aged, as what people told me...that they cannot be;lieve that I will be turning 29 soon. Oh well, thats the secret of maintaining a vitamins that helps you look young wink! though I forgot it in Staatsburg though. Ha! I'll just have to remember it next time when I go away.

June 2, 2010

Happy And Satisfied

I should say that I finally found the best acne treatment in the market today. It's been two months already I didn't experience any blackheads or pimples since the day I started using this product. I am very satisfied and happy about it. Though I feel bad because my mom thinks there's no changes for her when she uses the same treatment that I'm using, she said her face is having more imples than before and it's getting darker. Honestly for me seems like the its working on her too, but I can't understand why she keeps saying her problem is really getting worse.

Yard Sale In Aeropostale

Yesterday before my Dental Class I went with my co-worker to the mall to cool down. She asked me to go with her to Aeropostale. Gosh I didn't plan to purchase another pair of swimsuit but I just cant help myself not getting a pair especially it was on sale. When I try on the swim suit it fits me so well and it looks like I have a bigger boobs Lol! Though I know that I still really need to do more ab workout. Ha! speaking of workout I better publish this post now and start doing my crunches. Who knows my bulging stomach will shrink a little more before the weekends gets here.

Free Stuff

OMG! I so love free stuff. This afternoon my Mary Kay beauty consultant called me while I was at work. She wanted to give me the free lipstick that she promised me. I am so happy because It saves me 14 bucks. I have been buying her all the skin care and cosmetics that I'm using now and I also gave her lots of costumer, so she said I deserved to get something from her for free. I am so especially I still have two more free from her. SO Happy!

May 31, 2010

Moen Kitchen Faucet

I'm just going to brag the shoes that I bought yesterday from a garage sale. You wont believe it how much I paid for this shoes. It's still new and still has the tag on it, never been use too and I only paid for 2 dollars. See great bargain isn't it? I hope I can also get a good bargain one of those Moen kitchen faucet that I found online. we definitely needs one our faucets are very outdated but papa Kevin has no budget for it. I hope I can find a good bargain cause I'm getting tired of how our faucets look like.

May 28, 2010

Can't sleep!

OMG! I think I need the most powerful sleeping pills tonight!!! Goodness! I have been tossing all over my bed for about an hour now and I still couldn't sleep. My body is so tired but my eyes are still so alive. Its already 11:27 at night and yet I'm still wide awake. Dang! I have to get up early tomorrow to go to work. Oh well, I guess I'll have to come in late. It's weekend anyway and I'll be assign in different field that has no bosses will monitor me. Though I will let them know that I will be late. Ha! I'll worry about it tomorrow. For now I should think some ways to make myself sleepy.

Us in Chicago

The picture attach was taken at the Bottom Rock Brewery in Chicago. It was the first place we visited when we arrived in Chicago. It was a very convenient place beacuase its just right across from the Hilton Hotel were we stayed. Anyway, my boyfriends keeps telling me to stop taking pictures because he doesn't like to look himself. He said that he just feel bad to see himself that his losing so much hair. He thinks that it makes him look a lot older, I told him that his wrong because the first he told me how old he was I couldn't even believe it. He looks a lot younger than his age even though his head is almost bald. I told him that if he feel embarrass for almost being bald he should start searching online about hair loss for men that will give him information...I know and believe that there are a lot of hair loss supplements that will help him prevent from keep lossing his hair.

Multi tasking is what I do best

I was about to go to bed since its past 8:00 pm but I felt hungry. All of a sudden I remember that I haven't eaten my dinner yet. So I went downstairs and look for something to it. Too bad mom eat all the vegetables that she cook and left me only the fried fish. Well, it was not too bad at least she left me something.

So for the meantime while I still have a full stomach I decide to go online and read something about a scanning software that really confuses me and at the same time watching Daybreakers. I'm happy that I found a free movie online because was so upset when me and my boyfriend missed to watched this movie. It was too late when we went to the theater and the movie was not showing anymore.

Two weeks ago my boyfriend told me that the movie is now on DVD. He then said to me that we can rent or buy a DVD of this movie and watch it together. Tonight I remembered that there is a websites who downloaded free movies and my brother has still have the link of the said website. I IM my brother and thankfully he still been using the website. So now here I am multi tasking, While watching Daybreaker I'm also composing this entry through my phone. I know that I should be in bed right now, but I hate going to bed with full stomach. Every time I do that I always experience nightmares lol! Okay I gotta finish my reading and the movie before it gets too late.

I think she break my ear drum lol!

On our way home all I hear from mom is complain. She keeps telling us how ugly she looks. She told me and papa Kevin that I'm wasting my money for buying those skin care products that I gave her for mothers day. OMG! I feel upset cause I thought I made her happy. Ha! I should have given her the money so that she can choose and buy what she like. I just thought she would appreciate and be happy for those skin care products. I was just thinking it was a great idea to give her the best wrinkle cream since she really needs it because she was looking so tired from working too much and for having more lines under her eyes. I just thought that when she start using those product it would make her stop from criticizing herself because its really effective. I have proven it to myself cause I have been using it too. Oh well, I'll just tell her to give me those and I'll use it so that the money wont go waste. It will prevent me from buying a new one when I run out of it.

eyes hurts

As soon as we got home I quickly installed my computer so that I can do my task online, now I'm still working. I can't stop myself even though my brain is tired and empty now, plus my eyes are hurting too from staring too much on my screen monitor. I just want to finish all my task here since tomorrow is going to be a long day for me at work. After at work we are going to attend a birthday party. Probably we wont be home till 9:00 pm. I'll be working straight start tomorrow till Friday and by that time all those task that has been assign to me will be expired and I don't want to do that. So here I am doing the best I can do my duty right. I am so thankful that I have been blessed with so many opportunity to have extra income, in able for me to pay my monthly phone bill with out taking money from my paycheck. I wish I can still think and right appropriate so that I will be able to finish those task before the due date. But for the meantime I should check the kitchen to see if Mom's already finish cooking our dinner. Ha! the worms in my stomach has been kicking me cause they are hungry Lol!

May 26, 2010

This is what he needs

I still remember how frustrated I was when I cooked for my boyfriend. I wanted to impress and show him that I can cook. But I failed because I choose to cook one of my favorite Filipino dish the "ESCABECHE" (SWEET AND SOUR FISH) that requires frying, Because it didn't turned out the way I wanted I end up crying in front of him. It was also his frying pan's fault Lol! because his pan is not a non stick pan. If he only have the all clad copper core cookware that will make things to move fast in the kitchen with out any headache and hassle, it would turn out good. My boyfriend really needs a cookware that also move quickly with him when he is cooking. This is the type of cookware that my boyfriend needs to have in his kitchen. Because All-Clad Copper Core cookware responds to your instruction like no other cookware, turn up the heat or turn it down quickly to avoid burning the Copper Core line of cookware is on the pulse of the kitchen. The collection of Copper Core Cookware was created from more than four decades of artisanship and culinary precision. Copper-Core combines the benefits of copper heat conduction with the cleaning ease of stainless steel, no other cookware in the world can compare. Copper Core for maximum and even heat conductivity, Long stay-cool handles, Lifetime limited warranty from All Clad, Low maintainece Polished Stainless steel exterior. Ha! now I have an idea what to give him on his birthday. For sure when I use this cookware the next time I cook for him I will be happy and proud of my cooking skills hehe.

May 20, 2010

i wanna be a sailor

Yes! I wanna be a sailor. When I visited one of my favorite website that also sales so many nice items Including very sexy costumes for the coming Halloween. And guess what? I already found the costume that I really really like. I wanted to buy it right away but I think its too early for that. Haha! I guess I'm too excited! Oh well, time flies anyway before we know it Halloween will be here. But once I get extra Money on my next paycheck I will definitely going to purchase it. It's not going to get bad anyway and I can keep it in my closet anytime.

nice warm weather

This afternoon when we got home from worked I hurriedly change clothes. I want to spend time outside since it was very nice out, warm and sunny which I prefer to be like that in the Philippines. Well, I grow up in a tropical weather. So anyway after I changed clothes I went outside and carried my PCA books, pillow, and blanket. Wow it was wonderful. Its a very good feeling to feel some fresh air, its healthy for the lungs too. Though! Ived check the weather for Saturday since its my day of but its going to be sucks! Oh well I still have Tomorrow to be able to enjoy the weather.

May 14, 2010

Smells good

Yay! I'm smelling the good food from the kitchen that Mom cook. Now I'm getting hungry. Ha! is this mean that I am going to dig in the Phentermine 37.5 that I found in one of my step sisters drawer. I guess It still good for me to use in case I'll be gaining weight? Opps! I think I'm just over thinking? Well, I know that I really never gain too much weight, not yet I guess??? Oh well if ever I think I can manage it. But right now all I can think of is eat those foods that I am smelling from the Kitchen. My Gosh! It's making me starve.

Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a great day and today is another wonderful day. Ha! even though I'm working the whole day but I'm loving the weather. Ohh! what a beautiful Day! I might going out and take Lily for a walk after reading about this apidexin scam. I also needs to finish my online task before the moon shows. Geez! I hate it when the weather gets so nice and I'm working. Nah! I shouldn't complain though and just enjoy it. I can't do anything about how the weather changes quickly anyway. Ah! I better start doing my task now so that I can get and enjoy this beautiful weather!!!

May 12, 2010

Arguments again!

I had a short arguments with my mother dear earlier at work! She keep asking me where I spend my money. Gosh! I don't think she needs to know everything. She knows that I am also paying my school every month plus I am also trying to save some for myself. Even though I have been working for almost a year now I still don't have enough savings. Especially that I only work part time with no benefits. That is why I have been thinking that I should start getting those things that I really need, like for example disability insurance. We never know what will going to happen in the future...its better to be prepared than to be sorry:)

April 30, 2010


Oh! Feeling so fresh! I just had a very relaxing hot shower! Now I can go to bed peacefully. Opps! Wait a minute kapeng ma init, I almost forget that I have to do some shopping for life insurance quotes before I put myself in the shop ( bed ) for repairs ( sleep ). I'm sure if I won't do it tonight I will not be able to do it at all since I will be out of town next week. I have been meaning to do it last weekend but I just let it slipped it in my mind. I was too occupied with all those DVD's I borrowed from work. Gosh what an irresponsible person I am. I know that this is a very important thing and I just ignore it. Oh well I should do it now. So guys I'll see you all in my next post. Thank you all for the fun tonight and I hope I will be fully functional tomorrow since its going to be another long day for me at work.

Inspired and Flattered!

Even though I don't get paid enough to the place where I work, I always look forward going to work. All the people there are so nice to me, especially with the residence. One time after lunch break my manager inform me that he heard so many compliments about me. I was shocked and didn't know how to response to him. I feel so flattered that the people there told him how good worker I am and how they like to see me everyday. They told my manager that I brightens up their day. Wow! I could not really express how happy I am upon hearing those nice words. It really made my liver expand lol!

April 25, 2010

i got her offended:(

I messaged my sister earlier to find out if she's still upset of me. The other day when I talked to her on the phone to greet her happy birthday she quoted that she is really getting old. So I jokingly answered her that she is old and she looks a lot older than me that's why people often thinks that she is my ate (an older sister), then all of a sudden she just logged off without telling me. I IM her to see if she is only disconnected but she never replied. I called her on their home phone too but only her husband who answered the phone cause she doesn't want to talk to to me. Ohh poor sissy I got her offended with my stupid joke. Don't worry sis I ordered you your favorite eye cream product, the prototype 37c as my peace offering. I know you run out of it and is not able to buy another one right now. It should come in mail tomorrow. Hopefully it will make you feel better. Mwaaah!

feeling weak

Gosh! I am so bored right now. When I woke up this morning I feel motivated, but later after few hours of chit chatting with friends I feel sluggard. Though I am able to load my dirty jeans in the washing machine. I would say that I think I prefer to be working when I am not out of town. Usually when I’m off from work I will go to the city and see my boyfriend or he will come up here with me. But he is busy with work, they are having towns event, so here I am stuck in the house. Oh well few more hours to wait and I’m back to work. I know for sure that I will complain again how tired I am especially I don’t have day off this coming week. What a life!

Meanwhile my attention is caught by hgh at www.besthghsupplements. I’ve read few of the reviews and that they carry the best high supplements on the market. Though I really need to read further to see if I am applicable to try on this product.

April 24, 2010

Very happy...

...with the result of the acne treatment that I bought from my beauty consultant months ago. I should say that after using that product it really stop my acne. Honestly before when I was only a stay home wife I rarely experience dealing with acne problem. But now I often have it this very annoying and ugly looking acne. Though I'm very much happy and satisfied to see my clear skin now. And for that matter I am also requesting my beauty consultant to find me the best adult acne treatments that I could give my mother on mothers day. She really needs it since she always have breakouts and experiencing having all those big pimples all over her face. So hoping that she would find the right one for ma.

Day Off

Oh I love it when it's my day off because I can stay in bed as long as I want, or go back to bed any time when I feel want to. But dang! I had a very wonderful sleep when my alarm clock wakes me up. Huh1 my bad though because I forgot to turn it off before I went to bed last night. Now it's only 7:40 in the morning I'm already wide awake. I wanted to get more sleep because I didn't able to sleep till after 1:26am. Hmmm! I hate it when I am so awake during my day off, though I can just be lazy the whole day and just be in bed. That is what I'm going to do later after I write all my online task

April 20, 2010

Designer Dresses

While I was in class my Mom texted me that she went to shopping early this afternoon and she bought me lots of Designer Dresses that was on sale. I was very excited to go home. This is what i love about mom, she always spoils me, Although sometimes she will ask me for a refund Lol! I just love it how she remembers me and my sister every time she go outs for shopping. After school I hurried home but to my disappointed because my mom hide the clothes in their bedroom that she was talking about and she is already sleeping. Duh I wanted to see them and fit them even though its late here already. Oh well I just have to wait till Thursday to see those things that she bought for me because tomorrow I'll be working till 10:00om and I will not be home till 11:00pm. Ha! I cant wait to those dresses and be able to wear them:)

April 15, 2010

Safe diet pills

I ask my friend why she never upload any pictures of her self on her face book. I only saw some pictures of her kids and husband. She confess to me that she is a bit embarrass because she gained so much weight after she gave birth to her youngest. She told me also that she really miss her skinny body before she gave birth. She wanted to go to the gym but she have no much time and patience for that. I advised her to just go online and search for the safe diet pills in the market that will really work best for her. I told her that she don’t need to be upset or feel depress because there are lots of solutions for her problem she just not to motivate herself and of course extend her patience.

April 14, 2010

Felty Bathroom

I have two hands the left and the right, so clean and bright. Yesterday on our way to school we got a flat tire. I was riding with my co-worker who goes to school with me every Tuesday. We stopped at by the gas station 5 miles a way from school. While Shakira was calling for her Boyfriend to help her change the spare tire I went inside to the gas stations bathroom. Gosh! I regret upon going to their bathroom because it was the filthiest bathroom I've seen in all the gas station here in Poughkeepsie. Hmmm! A facility like that should provide a clean bathroom for their costumers. Imagine they don't even have any kind of hand dryers or even just a towel that you can use to dry your hands. Mind you they did not also have any soap and hand sanitizer. Gladly I always carry a hand sanitizer on my bag. I will never go to that bathroom again.

Is not feeling

I'm home today, yes I decided to call in to work today. Since the other night I was not feeling right. I thought I will not be able to go to work yesterday but I did anyway. At night on my way to school I started feeling worse. The headache was not tolerable it feels like my skul is going to explode lol! I can't seems to understand why I always experience having frequent headache lately. Then It comes to my conclusions that the reasons behind all of this is because of my eyesight, I think I need to set an appoint and have my eyes check again. Its been long since I had it. And seems like my eye glasses is too strong for me as well cause everytime I wear it, it seems not right. It always gives me headache and blurry visions. Oh well, I will find out all of this once I see an eyes doctor.

My Hip Hop BOyfriend

Last weekend my boyfriend was not able to come up here in Staatsburg because his sister and nieces came from MS to visit him. They went to NYC to hang out together with their kids. At the end of the day he sent me bunch of pictures that he took from his phone on that day and one of those pictures is this one. I was not able to stop my self from laughing when I saw this picture because he look so different though he look a lot younger lol! He told me that his youngest bought a lot of hip hop clothes in NYC including this hat he wore in the picture. He told me that Mac stuck this in his head on their way home and he kinda like it. I told him that I like it better compared to the hat that he was going to buy when him and I went to Macy's 2 months ago, coz he looks like an elf lol! He agreed on me though;)

April 9, 2010

I dont understand

Why the computer I bought in the Philippines is always broke.My borther messaged me last night asking for money to buy a new computer memory. 3 weeks ago he was asking money for a new mother board. Hmm seems like we have been sending him too much money for that computer and it only gets broke. I think we should get him a Laptop. It seems to me that we are spending too much money to fix that computer than just buying him a new laptop.Gosh I don't want to spend too much money for that computer when it never gets fix.

April 8, 2010

trying to figure out

How I can upload pictures from my phone through here on blogger. Idk if I can do it or maybe I just have to wait later when I can use my computer when I get home. I wish that Blackberry have apps for blogger so that it is more convinient for me to maintain my blogging even I'm at work. Like this I am able to update this blog while I'm at the car going to work. Isn't it so nice when you get to do that? I've tried to search for apps for blogger but they didn't have. Oh well at least I can still update this blog when I'm away from my computer, though I just can't find a way how to copy and paste a url websites when I need to do that or when I need to submit my task.

April 2, 2010

Being a good girl lol!

While I was writing this entry I was in the kitchen cooking lunch. I'm being a good girl and I'm in the mood to prepare our lunch, so that the mother can't complain when she gets home from work coz her meal is prepared by me;). Since its my day off and it was lunch time and I haven't put anything on my stomach I decide to cook bisteak tagalog, so that I can have something delicious to feed to my growling stomach.


Okay after a half day of not doing anything I finally decide to make myself useful. I went downstairs and prepared something for lunch. After eating my lunch I went back here in my bedroom and do some cleaning and dusting. I also change my window curtains, and wipe my ceiling fan that look so outdated. I dusted it and is still so ugly. Ha! how I wish I can magically turn it like the Murray Feiss lightening that I saw online when I was surfing the net earlier. Though I know that I can really make this ceiling fan to look nicer but dang! before I can do that I have to spend a dime to make it to look nicer and modern looking. Well, I think the best thing that I should do is to let the parents know that there are some of the things in house that really needs some attention and upgrade.

March 31, 2010

I missed the group study

Shakira and Chelsea texted me earlier for a possible group study tonight. I replied and refuse because I’m not in the mood to go anywhere. I feel so sluggish and lazy. This morning I didn’t want to go to work, but I had to force myself because I don’t want to loose any money on my next paycheck. My throat was really bothering me I thought I was having tonsillitis but its gone now, though I’m having a terrible headache again. I guess just my monthly visitors is going to visit soon. At any rate to when I visited my sister in Louisiana I overheard my BIL and his friend talking about how much headache that his insurance policy for his trailer gave him. I was not going to interrupt but when I her talking about it I can’t stop myself interrupting them and suggest the guy to try the good sam extended service plan because they can put everything for them in under one umbrella. Good Sam is a manufacturer’s warranty that offers coverage for many different components which each with varying expiration dates and terms. This makes it extremely difficult for owners to stay on top of what’s covered and for how long. So that was it my BIL’s friend hurriedly go inside his house to go online and check about all the things I’ve told him. I bet I solve his problem then.


Phew! I’m glad that I am finally able to blog today. I was also trying to finish all my task last weekend but I got busy studying for our dental quiz last night. So today I hope I will be able to do all of them since I will also be working this weekend. So anyway I gotta statrt doing all my online assignments.

March 26, 2010

Yes I'm still awake

Its 11:19pm here already and yes I’m still awake. The parents are probably in dreamland already cause I don’t hear any noise except the noise I‘m making right now from tapping on my keyboard.. I’m still too full from our buffet dinner earlier. Gosh! I think eating too much is not really a good thing cause it does makes you feel weird. I was in bed like a half hour and really couldn’t shut my eyes so I was thinking I better do something useful. I don’t really need to wake up early tomorrow since I am off from work. So I’m here online enjoying my search for some new digital cameras because I feel in love on Hazel Holbrook’s digital touch screen camera. Gosh she really have a nice camera compared to what I have now, and her camera really takes good pictures. Now I’m so eager to really save some money so that I can update my old canon camera. Though my digi cam can really take good picture but the thing I don’t like about it is that it’s a little heavy and bulky. Plus it is uses double-A sized batteries.

I Ate Too Much!!

I just had a wonderful dinner with parents at a Chinese Buffet tonight and I think I ate too much cause my stomach feels like is going to explode and my head hurts. This week my mom didn’t feel like cooking dinner for the 3 of us, so we have been going out to eat for the last 4 days. Now I am thinking am I really going to gain few more pounds because I have been eating a lot lately since the past two weeks? Hmm I doubt it! Though I know that I really need to do lots of crunches. I may not going to be fat but my tummy will surely look like I’m pregnant and that is the thing that I don’t want to happen. Most especially I can see summer is already peeking. That will ruin my plan of wearing bikini in our Florida escapade with my boyfriend

In the other hand I should not be on this computer and should be studying my dental assisting notes so that I can get perfect score for our quiz next week. But guess what? As soon as I entered the house I run up here in my bed room and turned on my computer and got hooked with Austin job search website that I found in my inbox. I see so many dental assisting job offers from this website and it makes me want to try it. Our teacher told us that we can now start applying for dental assisting even though we are not finish. Hmmm! I told my parents about it but papa Kevin suggested that I should wait a little bit longer like maybe after two months cause I just started the class. Well his right though! But I know there's no harm if I'm going to try and apply one of those they advertise in this website. Who knows I get lucky! We will see!

March 25, 2010

More Power to you!

I’m so overwhelmed today cause sheriff is so kind to me and showered me more blessings. For that I should do my very best to really do good on all my postings. Though sometimes I feel frustrated when I get mentally blocked and my brain is going somewhere and couldn’t think straight. Thank you so much sheriff and more power to you. I’m so thankful and blessed!

The long hard winter is over

I must say that I’m very happy that the snow has stop covering our driveway and any other places outside our house. Finally the temperature has gotten better. Oh I love it! I must say that the long hard winter is over! And the temperature today is in the high sixties and it makes me so alive. I am planning to get my bike in our basement later today and go biking nearby. I think it would be a great exercise to do before the day gets end. Oh I wish the weather here in NY is always nice like this because we can do a lot of outdoor activities. Too bad it don’t work that way, I know before we know it the next winter will be peeking into our door. With that being said I should tell papa Kevin to really work on our fireplace in the living room downstairs since its not really working right. I was looking online for electric fireplaces the other night and I found some great deals. I also found so many different styles that is not too heavy in his pocket. So I must suggest to him to better get an electric one. I think it’s a great way for us to add some warmth in the house since we are living in the middle of no where lol1 I mean in the country with so many tress in the surroundings that it makes the temperature cooler.

March 23, 2010

she needs to

When I visited my sister last weekend I take her to shopping. She was so frustrated every time she tried to fit the clothes that she likes because she is really gaining weight. Seems like no matter how stressful her daily life. She always wakes up early every since she is now a working mom. Well, she cooks all the time and she really cooks good too which is one of the reason why she and her husband can’t stop from gaining weight cause they moth love to eat even late at night. I suggested to her to get some kind of diet supplements to help her and her husband to control their food intake and of course to get back her normal size before she gave birth. I don’t know if she is taking my advice seriously but I’m crossing my fingers cross that she listen to me cause, she really need to take stop gaining weight.

March 17, 2010

why oh why?

I just cant seem to understand why my brain get so active tonight when my body is so tired already. I’ve tried hard to get a good night sleep tonight, but its not really working. The more I force myself to sleep the active my brain gets. Do you think this is the atro phex side effects? or its just me? Or maybe it’s the daylight saving time? Ugh! I relly hate this situation that we always have to adjust our clocks. I’m sure that by the time I get use to this new time it would be about time to change the clock back. Its really frustrating. Well, my main concern right now is that I hope I will get a good sleep tonight. So after this entry I will go back to bed and start counting the sheep, maybe that would help me. I gotta need to get sleep cause its already 11:00pm and I still have to wake up early tomorrow for work, gosh!

Busy! busy! busy!

Oh yes its really a busy week for me. I already mentioned it to my other blog how my life become so hectic lately. Last Monday since I didn’t go home. I don’t want to be sleeping alone in this house since its like this is located in middle of no where lol! I say middle of no where its because the only thing you see around here are trees. You can’t hardly see neighbors unless you will walk few miles. Sounds scary right? So anyway I decided to stay our Filipino friends who happens to live closer to my work. I am very fortunate that they let me stay in their house and take me to work as well.

So On Monday afternoon after I get out from work my friends and I went to the store for grocery shopping and buy food for the whole week, after we pick up some of my clothes that I need on the next day. We went back to the store again before heading to their house because she forgot to buy her prenatal vitamins. I believe we get to their place like around 6:30pm. Imagine I get out at work at about 2:30 pm. Gosh I was very exhausted and from that day till up to now I still didn’t get enough of rest and guess what? I’m still wide awake. After talking to my boyfriend on the phone earlier I went to bed but I struggled myself to get some sleep. So I decide to just turn on my computer and do my online thing, this way it would help me to feel sleepy. I hope! Cause I really need to get a good rest since on Friday 2am in the morning will be traveling and I don’t want to feel so lousy on that day.


I must say that shopping and finding for the right car insurance is really a burden. This past few weeks every time I get on my computer I never failed to visit carinsurancelist Just to see some option that I can choose when I’m ready to get one cause my hopes was so high that I will pass the road test. Of course I wanted everything to be ready when I get my “DL”. Too bad I didn’t pass though, but at least now I already have some ideas what or where I can get my car insurance in the future because at has listed some of the most affordable price of car insurance with out any hassle. But first I should focus my driving and pass my road test.

March 7, 2010

Ugh! I hate it!

I think I’m allergic to our new laundry detergent bar. I washed my clothes yesterday and I wear my tees today and all I do is scratching here and there. I believe it could be the laundry detergent bar that I used to wash my clothes. Actually mom just bought it last weekend, and this is not really the kind of brand that we have been using and I don’t understand why she suddenly switched to a different brand. I guess she is just trying to get the cheapest one to save some money. But now that I find this brand not so good, I will have to tell her that we need to switch back to the brand that we have been using for years. Ohh I just hate it when I wear my clothes and feel so uncomfortable because I feel so itched and I have to scratch here and there.

My favorite clothing online store.

Once in a while when I feel like I need to relax, all I DO is browse their website and check for clearance. They usually listed so many good items everyday. It’s one of the reason why I become so addicted buying clothes and shoes from them. Not only because they look good, but also because for the price that I find very reasonable, and most especially for the free shipping when you purchase more than 50 dollar. Oh where can you beat that? The most important thing is that I will hear from my boyfriend how good those clothes in me and I look sexy lol!

Anyway earlier while I was at the mall, I can't stop myself to visit one of my favorite clothing store, since its been months I went out to shop because I shop most of the time online. So I bought me another summer dress that really made my day. but for the main time to those who owned a retailer store you might probably want to own once of this Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner that has a wealth of usability features and a durable scan engine to create a truly reliable, yet affordable handheld laser barcode scanner for retail, healthcare, education, and light industrial applications. So what are you waiting for? try to visit their website at

March 5, 2010

northeast philly jobs

Early this afternoon mom fly to Louisiana to visit my sister and my nephews. So our manager asked me to work today for mom’s hours since we are working in the same place. Supposed to be it’s my day off, but our manager told me that I can only work until 12:30 in the afternoon since I9 am also having a driving lessons at 1:00pm. I must say that I really like the place where I work right cause my schedule is very flexible and every time I need to take an off when I need to they always let me with out any problem. But I am not really so satisfied with the salary. It is not really enough for all of my expenses since I a, trying to save for a and I am also paying for my dental class tuition fee. This is all the reason why I am really so eager to find a better job. I just wish that northeast philly jobs has a good paying job listed that is close where I live now, but I am happy to Know that they can connect me with some employer from NJ which is I planned to move in. I think A year from now when I have enough savings and I can manage to live by myself I really like to move to NJ.

I’ve learned from my friend that she got her job from their website and she is really happy and satisfied with her paycheck every 2 weeks. The northweast philly jobs online can connect with the top local employer from Center City to Main Line,

February 26, 2010

Shimmer eyeshadows

Last Tuesday I went online shopping and I find this make u8p from coastal scents. I decide to buy this one since I was really planning to get another shimmer shadows. And I've learn that this is really good product I;m very excited to receieve my package , so that I can try it. Many people says that this the colors stay all day, You can even sleep with it on and it will stay.

February 19, 2010

Bob stroller

Wow time really flies. My nephews birthdays is coming. I guess its about time for me to start thinking what gifts to give to my two adorable nephews. But I was thinking that since baby Matt is turning 1 year old and his really gotten so big maybe the Bob stroller that I found online would be a perfect gift for him. I think I’m not going to give him toys this time cause he already have so many toys from mamita and I don’t think clothes would be a good idea as well since he grow so fast. By giving him a stroller my sister would be grateful as well cause she will have something to use to put him on when they will go for a walk. Now that its almost summer I’m sure my sister would love to do her routine every afternoon. She loves to go for a walk in their neighborhood with her kids during afternoon.

February 18, 2010

severe acne

Having severe acne can really affect to a person personality. I have a cousin who is experiencing this kind of problem. She doesn’t like to go out much and mingle with other people because she feel so embarrass about her appearance. She feel so uncomfortable when other people will look at her. In fact she doesn’t have so much friends at school because she tries to avoid them. I don’t even think that she has a social life because after school she will go straight home and go to her room and just open her books. I feel pity for her cause she has a boring life just because of her problem with acne. I really want to help her. I am thinking maybe I will look for the right acne product for her and buy her one. In this way I can make her happy and make her feel special, so I guess I better start looking now.


I’m home again today because I still don’t have much energy to go to work. Although since I don’t get paid for my two days absent I’m really trying to write all these blessings that sheriff showered me. I hope I will be able to write them all before Saturday comes.

Another boring day here at home…

…yes I’m home again today. I told my mom yesterday to tell our manager that I cant work today since I’m still sick. I want to be really well before I go back to work cause its fun being sick and working at the same time. It would only make my sickness even worse. Although I’m feeling a little better today, my body is not that too heavy anymore, and my sneezing is not too bad anymore and I can breath now. Last night I slept well and thanks to the night quill that I took, it really helps a lot. In fact I just woke up 20 minutes ago and decided to log on here on my computer and start doing my online task and submit my websites to a free directories to drive more traffic since I have been neglecting to do my EC dropping. I know that by doing this I can drive more traffic to my website without any hassle. So to those of you who like to drive more traffics to your website then you better click here to learn more. They can surely help you gain more visitors because they really works! So what are you waiting for?

February 17, 2010

I will never complain again

Every Wednesday mom and I work together as a partner at the nursing home where we both employed. As a matter of fact I am supposed to be working with her today but since I am sick I have to call out. I hate to be not working today because it will be less money for the next paycheck but my body is too heavy and I really don’t feel good. I don’t want to jeopardize my health, especially since I start working I also start losing weight now I know that I don’t need any kind of slimming pills. It makes me so worry though why I have been losing so much weight lately even though I’m a big eater. I really want to get back my weight before when I just moved in here in NYC from Louisiana and I promise I will never complain about how much weight I gained.

her secret

As you all know mom and I work at the same place every Wednesday we work together as a partner. When I first started working there mom and I always heard some comments that we look the same, some are asking us if we are related to each others. So mom and I told them that we are mother and daughter lol! The residents at my work place couldn’t believe that because they said my mom looks really young and we just look like sisters. That comment really give my mom a big smile. I then whispered to her that, that is the secret of the anti wrinkle cream that she always apply to her face everyday. It makes me proud too every time I heard such compliments like that.

February 15, 2010

My first time

To receive a diamond jewelry on hearts day. I usually always receive flowers, cards, and chocolate or teddy bears on Valentines day. But this year I am very surprised and I honestly didn't expect it. My boyfriend got me a heart shape white gold diamond necklace. Although for me it really didn't matter what he gave me, but I am so overwhelmed when he surprised me with this very beautiful gift.In the picture attach I am wearing the necklace and the blouse he gave me for Valentines day. The picture was taken when I had dinner with the parents yesterday when I came home from spending 4 days in Jersey with my baby. Wasn't able to go with me here in Staatsburg since its a long way for him to drive back and fort. All in all I still had a very awesome Valentines day!