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May 26, 2009

It was difficult for me

It is better we are always prepared in everything we do no matter what, that’s why we also need to find a good life insurance protection. When Joe died I really had a hard time because I really never expect that he would leave me that so soon. I know that he is bottling with cancer for a year…but he was never so vocal about of what he feels. That’s why when his gone I tried to seek attention to anybody, that’s when I started to look for someone that I can really talk to. I started chatting with a person that I never thought I will fall in love that so soon. At first it was just a thought to divert my attention so that I won’t be as hurt as the first time. You know what it was the very first difficult experience I deal with because never in my family had died before (God Forbid). Even until now he is still in my thoughts, but I know he understand me and for sure he is happy right now wherever he is.

May 19, 2009

Acne problem?

Usually teenagers between 16 to 20 years old are having this kind of problem. It is like their worst nightmare…good thing I only get acne once in a while, but I still I didn’t like it. I hate it especially when it leaves a scar on my face and it would take for a while before it completely heals. Although I am very happy and satisfied with the acne treatment that I used right now cause it really smoothened my face. But to those who are having this kind of problem, worry no more just visit the website and you will find the best acne treatments that you would like to use for your acne problem.

May 13, 2009


Good morning guys! Hows your morming so far? as for me here brrrr its unbelievably freezing for me, oh well not for others who is already used for this kind of weather anyway. As what they said i am used to the jungle weather lols. I just hope that my body can get use to this kind of weatehr. For sure when it will be snowing here it will be a lot colder for me. But anyway do you guys are looking something to help you build muscle and to look physically fit? If you do then Stemulite is the right one for you. I know one person who has been taking this and he really loves it because it Dramatically increase strength and reduce soreness from exercise, helps him Increase his muscle tone and Increase endurance. So what are you waiting for? visit their website today.

My New Lipstick

The other day we drop by at the walgreens, so i thought of buying some of my person stuff like make up since i almost run out and i will not have enough time to order online. So while looking i fall inlove with this volume boost lipstick from rimmil. So far this is my most favorite lipstick.
This lipstick is a volume boost liquid, collagen effect liquid lip color. State-of-the-art lip plumping technology works instantly and over time to leave lips looking up to 40% fuller. Pump it up!

May 7, 2009

Her Story

Last Saturday we were invited to a birthday party, but then I decided not to go instead I went to the mall, did some window shopping and watch the movie that I have been waiting for. I did not regrets that I did not go to the party though cause when papa Kevin and mama got home they carried so many food from the party., so meaning I am still able to eat those food that they serve from the party. So anyway mama was excited to share her experienced that day. She told me that she was having an arguments with her friend Maritess because she did not stick to their plan and she blame it all to mama. Mom was so angry because she shouted her in front of many people. So now they are not in good terms lols, but any way that’s not all what she shared to me. She was also very amazed with so many different types of fitness equipments that she saw in her friends house. She said its like she is having her own gym in her house. They even planning to go back their next week to use her friends gym. Hmm well she is a nice person and she loves sharing her things.

May 6, 2009

I guess I don’t need it anymore

When I was in Louisiana I weight 120 pounds. A bit heavy huh! Well I am 5’6 and I eat a lot, mostly rice though lols. So that’s one of the fact why I gained so much in just a short time, plus I don’t really do a real exercise. Oh well once in a while I do hula hoop. But recently when I weight myself again I’m back to 110 pounds, Horaaay! But I’m wondering how I did it since we have been attending a lot of parties recently. Oh well it must be the weight loss pills that I have been taking since I was in Louisiana. So I guess I don’t need it anymore since I already reach the weight that I want.

Stressed Out

Recently i found myself so stressed that giving me so much pimples. My sleeping routine has change also. I used to go to bed at 10pm central time, but now I'm here in Louisiana, i mostly go to bed late which making me so tired and also giving me so much pimples. I was not really have an acne problem before but seems i am worrying about it now. I just hope that It wont stay long on my face cause i really hate having them. Plus the thing is it would definitely leave a scars.