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December 28, 2010

New Years Resolution.

I promised to myself that on the year 2011 I’ll move out from my parents but I really have to focus my mind first on getting a license. So by February 2011 by hook or by crook I’ll get my DL, then I’ll do my next move. I honestly admit that I feel like I have no life. Well, don’t get me wrong I’m very happy and lucky that I live free here with my parents. But the more I’m depending to them the more I become so irresponsible. I’ll be turning 30 soon and I really want to build myself back.

It’s very nice that my parents are always there for me, but I have to think for my future. I want to be really responsible and stop depending on them. So since my father couldn’t really spend all of his time to teach on driving. My friend at work promised to help me, ( so nice of her). She also told me that she wont stop helping me until I’ll get my DL and I don’t need to pay her. She even told me that she is going to help find a cheap car insurance so that I can have my own and will stop depending to my parents. I’ve told her that my car has been on the road already coz papa Kevin included me to his insurance policy. My friend s=just shake her head because she couldn’t believe how dependent I am to my parents even though I have a good job that can support myself. That’s why I am really focusing myself to have MY own DL so that I can stop depending to my parents.

December 24, 2010

Christmas Tree

This is my recent picture. This was taken Last December 11th after our Fil-Am community party. I proudly say that our Christmas tree is very beautiful. I personally decorated it. I even spend almost $80 for all those Christmas ornaments and decorations. I asked my parents that I will be buying the ornaments and I will be the one to decorate our Christmas tree.

I am glad though that they both liked how I decorated our Christmas tree. I really had so much fun putting all those ornaments to our Christmas tree, I was like a kid.. This year I didn’t like to use all those old Christmas ornaments that my parents already had, that’s why even though my budget was limited I decide to buy new ones. I choose to use gold and red ornaments. I don’t know why I choose gold and red but it just come out with the idea of having a Christmas tree with red and gold ornaments.

They said many people use the decoration of the Christmas Tree as an expression of their own spirit. No one tree is ever decorated the quite the same. So anyway how much did you spend for your ornaments for your christmas tree?

I want A Non Slip Overshoe

Yes its winter is finally here and I’m not so happy about it because I have to deal with the cold weather and the icy road. I honestly was digging my winter wardrobe since November but I didn’t realize that one of the most important thing I should have get is a reusable non slip overshoe. I really would to have a pair, to protect my feet from snow and ice, while taking Lily out ( our dog ). Having a non slip overshoe is a great solution to my problem when I’m taking Lily out because it gets very slippery outside. That’s why I hardly take her out during because I slipped many times out there every time I take her out to do her business.

December 15, 2010

Acne Tips

Besides the obvious of good hygiene and using an acne skin treatment I have been controlling myself from touching and squeezing the acne on my face to avoid spreading the bacteria and to prevent from scarring my skin . I also maintained to drink lots of water everyday. This is just some of the easiest acne tips I learned from reading online.

I’ve learned my mistake before when I tried to squeeze so hard the acne on my face that only made it really worse and irritate the surrounding and become redder. I was so disappointed. But I’m glad that I learned my mistakes and avoid doing it again.

December 13, 2010

rfid blocking wallet as gifts

My boyfriend has an RFID card that grants him to access to doors via an RFID reader and any other important cards that has RFID chips that could be read from a distance. He keep all those things in his RFID wallet. Though his wallet is almost torn apart. I advised him to get a new wallet but he said he loves his wallet because it can protect his credit card and other information from being stolen. Now I am thinking that I should’ve had give him one of those rfid blocking wallets. I think it is very unique and he will definitely will love it.

December 9, 2010

Unfinished Shopping

Dang it! I thought I am finish with my Christmas shopping. I haven’t been able to finish my Christmas wrapping either. And now, I still have to find gifts for Tony and Melissa. Gosh! So many things to do so little time. Oh well, I’ll ask the parents if we could stop by at the mall after my hair appointment cause I‘ll be working the whole week next week and I will have no time to shop. Plus tomorrow after work we have a party to attend to. But if papa Kevin couldn’t take me today to the mall, then I have no choice but to shop online. I’m sure I could find different unique styles of whirlpool faucets. I am thinking to get them a new faucet since they need one anyway, and that will save me time to look gifts fore both of them.

Feeling Irritated

Having a sleepless night is so irritable. And I’m here up at this early because it only makes me frustrated trying so hard to get more hours of sleep. It seems like my brain is running everywhere and getting it to cooperate so that I can get a decent sleep is impossible. So might as well get up and do something useful. So here I am sitting in my computer chair and checking for some cheap industrial bearings that my father asked me to do for weeks now and I have been ignoring it. Well, at least today I am able to do it and who knows this could also help me feel sleepy.

December 2, 2010

Be Successful

Let me share with you one view that fall under the category of opinion, but for others its a fact. This point of view goes this way : If you want to get rich, start your own business. You are the boss, and you'll work under your own pace. There's no one to dictate you what to do but you should work hard in order to reach your goal ( to get wealthy).

There are many successful home businesses now a days that really worked according to the promises of the founder of such networking company. Many are convinced to get involved in this kind of business system. Good for those people who became successful. On the other hand, I pity for those who fell from fraud pyramid networking scheme who easily believed and put their money away for nothing. It is important to know first the backgraound and foundation of the network before entering. Most importantly, don't resign from your job without evidence that the network you want to get involved with is for real.

December 1, 2010


Probably most of us know that Eczema is an inflamed skin, an itchy rashes that can be very difficult to tolerate. It is also a chronic condition that form on any part of the body. For me this is a life threatening disease, it can be very uncomfortable and irritating too. I’m sure those people who are dealing with this type of problems are losing their self esteem. So if you are dealing with this type of problem and want to learn more about eczema do it now I’m sure there are lots of ways there how to get rid of this disease.