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April 8, 2011

Second day in Boston MA

Today my boyfriend and I will be doing more walking around down town Boston. He said we will go to the Freedom of Trail, then check some of the shopping stores here. He wanted to go to Victoria Secret also so that he can buy me this very sexy miraculous push halter top and very sexy low rise bottom swim wear, for me wear when we go swimming to the pool here in the Hotel. He thinks It will look good on me since I loose 3 pounds 2 months ago and I lost another 5 pounds when i weight myself recently. Thats 8 pounds all and that is a lot to lose. Some of my co-worker wondered how I lose pounds that quick. They were also asking me if I am taking the adapexin-p because i look so skinny Minnie as what they called me Lol! Well, I was really not that big but when I'm wearing my scrub uniforms I look a little bit bigger and my belly was bulging Lol! But since i just lose 8 pounds, everything in me shrinks too Lol! including my chest and butt which I really hate when i Lost pounds. This is why I am really trying hard to do more exercise.

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